Validation Results for HL7Terminology

Generated Wed Sep 14 06:38:48 MDT 2022, FHIR version 4.0.1 for hl7.terminology#4.0.0 (canonical = (history)). See Full QA Report

Quality Checks
Publisher Version:IG Publisher Version: v1.2.0, which is out of date. The current version is v1.2.1 Download Latest
Publication Code:n/a . PackageId = hl7.terminology, Canonical =
Realm Check for n/a:
  • n/a
Version Check:4.0.0 = ok. Step release in sequence Publications, to be published at (subdir = 4.0.0)
Supressed Messages:47 Suppressed Issues
Dependency Checks:
PackageVersionFHIR ReleaseCanonicalWeb BaseComment
.. hl7.terminology4. Packages must have an id that starts with hl7.fhir.
Templates: hl7.utg.template#current -> hl7.base.template#current -> fhir.base.template#current
Dependent IGs:4 guides
Publication Rules:Code = n/a. All OK (path -

The copyrightYear parameter ('2020+') in the IG resource is good
HTA Analysis:UTG is exempt from terminology dependency analysis
R5 Dependencies:
Modifier Extensions:(none)
Previous Version Comparison: Comparison with version 3.1.0
IPA Comparison: n/a
Summary: errors = 0, warn = 0, info = 0, broken links = 0
Build Errors000

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Suppressed Messages (Warnings, hints, broken links)

Don't error on case-sensitive for now

HL7 code systems that have not (yet) had their hierarchyMeaning element set

Not HTML tags.

These value sets are supposed to exist

We don't care about any of these - and they create noise

to be investigated

value sets based on external code systems where we do not have access to the content

value sets based on versions of code systems prior to their inclusion in THO.

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