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Defining URL:http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v2-0550
Content:All the concepts defined by the code system are included in the code system resource

HL7-defined code system of concepts specifying the part of the body. Used in HL7 Version 2 messaging in the RXR segment.

Publisher:HL7, Inc
Committee:Orders and Observations
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.18.356 (for OID based terminology systems)
Content Mode:Complete
Value Set:http://terminology.hl7.org/ValueSet/v2-0550 ( is the value set for all codes in this code system)

Copyright HL7. Licensed under creative commons public domain

Source Resource:XML / JSON / Turtle

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:


HL7-defined code system of concepts specifying the part of the body. Used in HL7 Version 2 messaging in the RXR segment.

Copyright Statement: Copyright HL7. Licensed under creative commons public domain


statushttp://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#statusStatus of the conceptcode
deprecatedhttp://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#v2-table-deprecatedVersion of HL7 in which the code was deprecatedcode

This code system http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v2-0550 defines the following codes:

CodeDisplayDefinitionV2 Table Statusdeprecated
JUGE Jugular, ExternalJugular, ExternalA
ADB AbdomenAbdomenA
ACET AcetabulumAcetabulumA
ACHIL AchillesAchillesA
ADE AdenoidsAdenoidsA
ADR AdrenalAdrenalA
AMN Amniotic fluidAmniotic fluidA
AMS Amniotic SacAmniotic SacA
ANAL AnalAnalA
ANKL AnkleAnkleA
ANTEC AntecubitalAntecubitalA
ANTECF Antecubital FossaAntecubital FossaA
ANTR AntrumAntrumA
ANUS AnusAnusA
AORTA AortaAortaA
AR Aortic RimAortic RimA
AV Aortic ValveAortic ValveA
APDX AppendixAppendixA
AREO AreolaAreolaA
ARTE ArteryArteryA
ASCIT AscitesAscitesA
ASCT Ascitic FluidAscitic FluidA
ATR AtriumAtriumA
AURI AuricularAuricularA
AXI AxillaAxillaA
BACK BackBackA
BARTD Bartholin DuctBartholin DuctA
BARTG Bartholin GlandBartholin GlandA
BRTGF Bartholin Gland FluidBartholin Gland FluidA
BPH BasophilsBasophilsA
BID Bile DuctBile DuctA
BIFL Bile fluidBile fluidA
BLAD BladderBladderA
BLOOD BloodBloodA
BLDA Blood, ArterialBlood, ArterialA
BLDC Blood, CapillaryBlood, CapillaryA
BLDV Blood, VenousBlood, VenousA
CBLD Blood, CordBlood, CordA
BLD Blood, WholeBlood, WholeA
BDY Body, WholeBody, WholeA
BON BoneBoneA
BMAR Bone marrowBone marrowA
BOWEL BowelBowelA
BOWLA Bowel, LargeBowel, LargeA
BOWSM Bowel, SmallBowel, SmallA
BRA BrachialBrachialA
BRAIN BrainBrainA
BCYS Brain Cyst FluidBrain Cyst FluidA
BRST BreastBreastA
BRSTFL Breast fluidBreast fluidA
BRO BronchialBronchialA
BROCH Bronchiole/BronchiolarBronchiole/BronchiolarA
BRONC Bronchus/BronchialBronchus/BronchialA
BRV BroviacBroviacA
BUCCA BuccalBuccalA
BURSA BursaBursaA
BURSF Bursa FluidBursa FluidA
BUTT ButtocksButtocksA
CALF CalfCalfA
CANAL CanalCanalA
CANLI CanaliculisCanaliculisA
CNL CannulaCannulaA
CANTH CanthusCanthusA
CDM Cardiac MuscleCardiac MuscleA
CARO CarotidCarotidA
CARP CarpalCarpalA
CAVIT CavityCavityA
CHE Cavity, ChestCavity, ChestA
CECUM Cecum/CecalCecum/CecalA
CSF Cerebral Spinal FluidCerebral Spinal FluidA
CVX CervixCervixA
CERVUT Cervix/UterusCervix/UterusA
CHEEK CheekCheekA
CHES ChestChestA
CHEST Chest TubeChest TubeA2.9
CHEST  Chest TubeChest TubeA
CHIN ChinChinA
CIRCU Circumcision SiteCircumcision SiteA
CLAVI Clavicle/ClavicularClavicle/ClavicularA
CLITO ClitoralClitoralA
CLIT ClitorisClitorisA
COCCG CoccygealCoccygealA
COCCY CoccyxCoccyxA
COLON ColonColonA
COLOS ColostomyColostomyA
COS Colostomy StomaColostomy StomaA
CDUCT Common DuctCommon DuctA
CONJ ConjunctivaConjunctivaA
CORAL CoralCoralA
COR CordCordA
CORD Cord BloodCord BloodA
CORN CorneaCorneaA
CRANE Cranium, ethmoidCranium, ethmoidA
CRANF Cranium, frontalCranium, frontalA
CRANO Cranium, occipitalCranium, occipitalA
CRANP Cranium, parietalCranium, parietalA
CRANS Cranium, sphenoidCranium, sphenoidA
CRANT Cranium, temporalCranium, temporalA
CUBIT CubitusCubitusA
CUFF CuffCuffA
CULD Cul De SacCul De SacA
CULDO CuldocentesisCuldocentesisA
DELT DeltoidDeltoidA
DENTA DentalDentalA
DEN Dental GingivaDental GingivaA
DIAF Dialysis FluidDialysis FluidA
DPH DiaphragmDiaphragmA
DIGIT DigitDigitA
DISC DiscDiscA
DORS Dorsum/DorsalDorsum/DorsalA
DUFL Duodenal FluidDuodenal FluidA
DUODE Duodenum/DuodenalDuodenum/DuodenalA
DUR DuraDuraA
EARBI Ear bone, incusEar bone, incusA
EARBM Ear bone, malleusEar bone, malleusA
EARBS Ear bone,stapesEar bone,stapesA
EARLO Ear LobeEar LobeA
ELBOW ElbowElbowA
ELBOWJ Elbow JointElbow JointA
ENDC EndocardiumEndocardiumA
EC EndocervicalEndocervicalA
EOLPH endolpthamitisendolpthamitisA
ENDM EndometriumEndometriumA
ET EndotrachealEndotrachealA
EUR EndourethralEndourethralA
EOS EosinophilsEosinophilsA
EPICA EpicardialEpicardialA
EPICM EpicardiumEpicardiumA
EPD EpididymisEpididymisA
EPIDU EpiduralEpiduralA
EPIGL EpiglottisEpiglottisA
ESOPG EsophagealEsophagealA
ESO EsophagusEsophagusA
ETHMO EthmoidEthmoidA
  External JugularExternal JugularA2.9
  External JugularExternal JugularA
BROW EyebrowEyebrowA
EYELI EyelidEyelidA
FACE FaceFaceA
FBINC Facial bone, inferior nasal conchaFacial bone, inferior nasal conchaA
FBLAC Facial bone, lacrimalFacial bone, lacrimalA
FBMAX Facial bone, maxillaFacial bone, maxillaA
FBNAS Facial bone, nasalFacial bone, nasalA
FBPAL Facial bone, palatineFacial bone, palatineA
FBVOM Facial bone, vomerFacial bone, vomerA
FBZYG Facial bone, zygomaticFacial bone, zygomaticA
FALLT Fallopian TubeFallopian TubeA
FEMOR FemoralFemoralA
FMH Femoral HeadFemoral HeadA
FEMUR FemurFemurA
FET FetusFetusA
FIBU FibulaFibulaA
FING FingerFingerA
FINGN Finger NailFinger NailA
FOL FollicleFollicleA
FOOT FootFootA
FOREA ForearmForearmA
FOREH ForeheadForeheadA
FORES ForeskinForeskinA
FOURC FourchetteFourchetteA
GB Gall BladderGall BladderA
GEN GenitalGenitalA
GVU Genital - VulvaGenital - VulvaA
GENC Genital CervixGenital CervixA
GL Genital LesionGenital LesionA
GENL Genital LochiaGenital LochiaA
GLAND GlandGlandA
GLANS GlansGlansA
GLUTE GlutealGlutealA
GLUT GluteusGluteusA
GLUTM Gluteus MediusGluteus MediusA
GROIN GroinGroinA
HAR HairHairA
HAL HalluxHalluxA
HAND HandHandA
HEAD HeadHeadA
HART HeartHeartA
HV Heart ValveHeart ValveA
HVB Heart Valve, BicuspidHeart Valve, BicuspidA
HVT Heart Valve, TricuspidHeart Valve, TricuspidA
HEEL HeelHeelA
HEM HemorrhoidHemorrhoidA
HIPJ Hip JointHip JointA
HUMER HumerusHumerusA
HYMEN HymenHymenA
ILC Ileal ConduitIleal ConduitA
ILE Ileal LoopIleal LoopA
ILEOS IleostomyIleostomyA
ILEUM IleumIleumA
ILIAC IliacIliacA
ILCR Iliac CrestIliac CrestA
ILCON Ilical ConduitIlical ConduitA
INGUI InguinalInguinalA
JUGI Jugular, InternalJugular, InternalA
INT IntestineIntestineA
ICX IntracervicalIntracervicalA
INASA IntranasalIntranasalA
INTRU IntrauterineIntrauterineA
INTRO IntroitusIntroitusA
ISCHI IschiumIschiumA
KIDN KidneyKidneyA2.9
KIDN  KidneyKidneyA
KNEE KneeKneeA
KNEEF Knee FluidKnee FluidA
KNEEJ Knee JointKnee JointA
LABIA LabiaLabiaA
LABMA Labia MajoraLabia MajoraA
LABMI Labia MinoraLabia MinoraA
LACRI LacrimalLacrimalA
LAM LamellaLamellaA
INSTL Intestine, LargeIntestine, LargeA
LARYN LarynxLarynxA
LENS LensLensA
WBC LeukocytesLeukocytesA
LING LingualLingualA
LINGU LingulaLingulaA
STOOLL Liquid StoolLiquid StoolA
LIVER LiverLiverA
LOBE LobeLobeA
LOCH LochiaLochiaA
ISH Loop, IshialLoop, IshialA
LUMBA LumbarLumbarA
LMN LumenLumenA
LUNG LungLungA
LN Lymph NodeLymph NodeA
LNG Lymph Node, GroinLymph Node, GroinA
LYM LymphocytesLymphocytesA
MAC MacrophagesMacrophagesA
MALLE MalleolusMalleolusA
MANDI Mandible/MandibularMandible/MandibularA
MAR MarrowMarrowA
MAST MastoidMastoidA
MAXIL Maxilla/MaxillaryMaxilla/MaxillaryA
MAXS Maxillary SinusMaxillary SinusA
MEATU MeatusMeatusA
MEC MeconiumMeconiumA
MEDST MediastinumMediastinumA
MEDU MedullaryMedullaryA
MOU MembraneMembraneA
MPB MeningesMeningesA
METAC MetacarpalMetacarpalA
METAT MetatarsalMetatarsalA
MILK Milk, BreastMilk, BreastA
MITRL Mitral ValveMitral ValveA
MOLAR MolarMolarA
MP Mons PubisMons PubisA
MONSU Mons UreterisMons UreterisA
MONSV Mons Veneris(Mons Pubis)Mons Veneris(Mons Pubis)A
MOUTH MouthMouthA
MRSA2 Mrsa:Mrsa:A
MYO MyocardiumMyocardiumA
NAIL NailNailA
NAILB Nail BedNail BedA
NAILF Nail, FingerNail, FingerA
NAILT Nail, ToeNail, ToeA
NARES NaresNaresA
NASL NasalNasalA
NSS Nasal SeptumNasal SeptumA
NLACR NasolacrimalNasolacrimalA
NP Nasopharyngeal/NasopharynxNasopharyngeal/NasopharynxA
NTRAC NasotrachealNasotrachealA
NAVEL NavelNavelA
NECK NeckNeckA
NERVE NerveNerveA
NIPPL NippleNippleA
NOS Nose (Nasal Passage)Nose (Nasal Passage)A
NOSE Nose/Nose(outside)Nose/Nose(outside)A
NOSTR NostrilNostrilA
OCCIP OccipitalOccipitalA
OLECR OlecranonOlecranonA
OMEN OmentumOmentumA
ORBIT Orbit/OrbitalOrbit/OrbitalA
ORO OropharynxOropharynxA
OSCOX Os coxa (pelvic girdle)Os coxa (pelvic girdle)A
OVARY OvaryOvaryA
PALAT PalatePalateA
PLATH Palate, HardPalate, HardA
PLATS Palate, SoftPalate, SoftA
PALM PalmPalmA
PANCR PancreasPancreasA
PAFL Pancreatic FluidPancreatic FluidA
PAS ParasternalParasternalA
PARAT ParatrachealParatrachealA
PARIE ParietalParietalA
PARON ParonychiaParonychiaA
PAROT Parotid/Parotid GlandParotid/Parotid GlandA
PATEL PatellaPatellaA
PELV PelvisPelvisA
PENSH Penile ShaftPenile ShaftA
PENIS PenisPenisA
PANAL Perianal/PerirectalPerianal/PerirectalA
PERI Pericardial FluidPericardial FluidA
PCARD PericardiumPericardiumA
PCLIT PericlitoralPericlitoralA
PERIH PerihepaticPerihepaticA
PNEAL PerinealPerinealA
PERIN Perineal AbscessPerineal AbscessA
PNEPH PerinephricPerinephricA
PNM PerineumPerineumA
PORBI PeriorbitalPeriorbitalA
PERRA PerirectalPerirectalA
PERIS PerisplenicPerisplenicA
PER PeritonealPeritonealA
PERT Peritoneal FluidPeritoneal FluidA
PERIT PeritoneumPeritoneumA
PTONS PeritonsillarPeritonsillarA
PERIU PeriurethalPeriurethalA
PERIV PerivesicularPerivesicularA
PHALA PhalanyxPhalanyxA
PILO PilonidalPilonidalA
PINNA PinnaPinnaA
PLC PlacentaPlacentaA
PLACF Placenta (Fetal Side)Placenta (Fetal Side)A
PLACM Placenta (Maternal Side)Placenta (Maternal Side)A
PLANT PlantarPlantarA
PLEUR PleuraPleuraA
PLEU Pleural FluidPleural FluidA
PLR Pleural Fluid (Thoracentesis Fld)Pleural Fluid (Thoracentesis Fld)A
POPLI PoplitealPoplitealA
PREAU PreauricularPreauricularA
PRERE PrerenalPrerenalA
PRST Prostate GlandProstate GlandA
PROS Prostatic FluidProstatic FluidA
PUBIC PubicPubicA
PUL Pulmonary ArteryPulmonary ArteryA
RADI RadialRadialA
RADIUS RadiusRadiusA
RECTL RectalRectalA
RECTU RectumRectumA
RBC Red Blood CellsRed Blood CellsA
RENL RenalRenalA
RNP Renal PelvisRenal PelvisA
RPERI RetroperitonealRetroperitonealA
SACRA SacralSacralA
SACRO SacrococcygealSacrococcygealA
SACIL SacroiliacSacroiliacA
SACRU SacrumSacrumA
SALGL Salivary GlandSalivary GlandA
SCALP ScalpScalpA
SCAPU Scapula/ScapularScapula/ScapularA
SCLER ScleraScleraA
SCROT Scrotum/ScrotalScrotum/ScrotalA
SEMN SemenSemenA
SEM Seminal FluidSeminal FluidA
SEPTU Septum/SeptalSeptum/SeptalA
SEROM SeromaSeromaA
SHIN ShinShinA
SHOLJ Sholder JointSholder JointA
SHOL ShoulderShoulderA
SIGMO SigmoidSigmoidA
SINUS SinusSinusA
SKM Skeletal MuscleSkeletal MuscleA
SKENE Skene's GlandSkene's GlandA
SKULL SkullSkullA
INSTS Intestine, SmallIntestine, SmallA
SOLE SoleSoleA
SPRM SpermatozoaSpermatozoaA
SPHEN SphenoidSphenoidA
SPCOR Spinal CordSpinal CordA
SPLN SpleenSpleenA
STER Sternum/SternalSternum/SternalA
STOM StomaStomaA
USTOM Stoma, UrinaryStoma, UrinaryA
STOMA StomachStomachA
STUMP StumpStumpA
SCLV Sub ClavianSub ClavianA
SDP SubdiaphramaticSubdiaphramaticA
SUB SubduralSubduralA
SUBD Subdural FluidSubdural FluidA
SGF Subgaleal FluidSubgaleal FluidA
SUBM SubmandibularSubmandibularA
SUBX SubmaxillarySubmaxillaryA
SUBME SubmentalSubmentalA
SUBPH SubphrenicSubphrenicA
SPX Supra CervicalSupra CervicalA
SCLAV Supraclavicle/SupraclavicularSupraclavicle/SupraclavicularA
SUPRA SuprapubicSuprapubicA
SUPB Suprapubic SpecimenSuprapubic SpecimenA
SWT SweatSweatA
SWTG Sweat GlandSweat GlandA
SYNOL SynovialSynovialA
SYN Synovial FluidSynovial FluidA
SYNOV SynoviumSynoviumA
TARS TarsalTarsalA
TDUCT Tear DuctTear DuctA
TEAR TearsTearsA
TEMPL TempleTempleA
TEMPO TemporalTemporalA
TML Temporal LobeTemporal LobeA
TESTI Testicle(Testis)Testicle(Testis)A
THIGH ThighThighA
THORA Thorax/Thoracic/ThoracentesisThorax/Thoracic/ThoracentesisA
THRB ThroatThroatA
THUMB ThumbThumbA
TNL ThumbnailThumbnailA
THM ThymusThymusA
THYRD ThyroidThyroidA
TIBIA TibiaTibiaA
TOEN Toe NailToe NailA
TONG TongueTongueA
TONS TonsilTonsilA
TOOTH ToothToothA
TSK Tooth SocketTooth SocketA
TRCHE Trachea/TrachealTrachea/TrachealA
TBRON TransbronchialTransbronchialA
TCN Transcarina AspTranscarina AspA
ULNA Ulna/UlnarUlna/UlnarA
UMB Umbilical BloodUmbilical BloodA
UMBL Umbilicus/UmbilicalUmbilicus/UmbilicalA
URET UreterUreterA
URTH UrethraUrethraA
UTERI UterineUterineA
SAC Uterine Cul/De/SacUterine Cul/De/SacA
UTER UterusUterusA
VAGIN Vagina/VaginalVagina/VaginalA
VCUFF Vaginal CuffVaginal CuffA
VGV Vaginal VaultVaginal VaultA
VAL ValveValveA
VAS Vas DeferensVas DeferensA
VASTL Vastus LateralisVastus LateralisA
VAULT VaultVaultA
VEIN VeinVeinA
VENTG VentraglutealVentraglutealA
VCSF Ventricular CSFVentricular CSFA
VERMI Vermis CerebelliVermis CerebelliA
VERTC Vertebra, cervicalVertebra, cervicalA
VERTL Vertebra, lumbarVertebra, lumbarA
VERTT Vertebra, thoracicVertebra, thoracicA
VESI VesicleVesicleA
VESCL VesicularVesicularA
VESFLD Vesicular FluidVesicular FluidA
VESTI Vestibule(Genital)Vestibule(Genital)A
VITR Vitreous FluidVitreous FluidA
VOC Vocal CordVocal CordA
VULVA VulvaVulvaA
WRIST WristWristA


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