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CodeSystem: X12 Service Type Codes

Official URL: https://x12.org/codes/service-type-codes Version: 1.0.0
Active as of 2023-06-14 Responsible: Washington Publishing Company (WPC) Computable Name: X12ServiceTypeCodes

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“X12, chartered by the American National Standards Institute for more than 40 years, develops and maintains EDI standards and XML schemas which drive business processes globally. X12’s diverse membership includes technologists and business process experts in health care, insurance, transportation, finance, government, supply chain and other industries.”

The X12 Service Type Codes identify business groupings for health care services or benefits. These codes are listed within an X12 implementation guide (TR3) and maintained by X12.

External code lists maintained by X12 and external code lists maintained by others and distributed by WPC on behalf of the maintainer can be found here: https://x12.org/codes

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This case-sensitive code system https://x12.org/codes/service-type-codes defines codes, but no codes are represented here


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