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CodeSystem: equipmentState

Official URL: http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v2-0365 Version: 2.3.0
Active as of 2019-12-01 Responsible: HL7, Inc Computable Name: EquipmentState
Other Identifiers: : urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883.18.223

Copyright/Legal: Copyright HL7. Licensed under creative commons public domain

HL7-defined code system of concepts that identify the status the equipment was in at the time the transaction was initiated. Used in HL7 Version 2.x messaging in the EQU segment.

Underlying Master Code System for V2 table 0365 (Equipment State)

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:


statushttp://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#statuscodeStatus of the concept
deprecatedhttp://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#v2-table-deprecatedcodeVersion of HL7 in which the code was deprecated

This code system http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v2-0365 defines the following codes:

IN InitializingSoftware is ready, hardware not yet
CO ConfiguringConfiguring
PU Powered UpSoftware and hardware are not yet ready
RS Ready to startSoftware and hardware are ready, but user action is required to start
ID IdleSuccessfully started, new orders can be accepted, currently no orders are present
OP Normal OperationSuccessfully started, new orders can be accepted
CL ClearingClearing
PA PausingPausing
PD PausedUser action is required to continue
ES E-stoppedError, remaining orders can be finished, new orders cannot be accepted
(null) No state change(null) No state change2.9
TS Transport stoppedTransport stopped
SS Sampling stoppedSampling stopped
SD Shutting downShutting down
DI DiagnoseDiagnose
... (null) No state change(null) No state change2.9
MA MaintenanceMaintenance
FL FailureFailure, remaining orders are aborted, new orders cannot be accepted
UNK UnknownUnknown
LT Limited test menuFor diagnostic instruments: some test types are unavailable


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