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          .description**Definition:**An observation that is considered to be desirable to occur in the future. The essential feature of a goal is that if it occurs it would be considered as a marker of a positive outcome or of progress towards a positive outcome. **Examples:**Target weight below 80Kg, Stop smoking, Regain ability to walk, goal is to administer thrombolytics to candidate patients presenting with acute myocardial infarction. **Discussion:** INT (intent) reflects a plan for the future, which is a declaration to do something. This contrasts with goal which doesn't represent an intention to act, merely a hope for an eventual result. A goal is distinct from the intended actions to reach that goal. "I will reduce the dose of drug x to 20mg" is an intent. "I hope to be able to get the patient to the point where I can reduce the dose of drug x to 20mg" is a goal. EXPEC (expectation) reflects a prediction rather than a hope. RSK (risk) reflects a potential negative event rather than a hope.
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