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          .description**Description:**The type and scope of legal and/or professional responsibility taken-on by the performer of the Act for a specific subject of care as described by an agency for credentialing individuals.
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                                ._ActCredentialedCareProvisionPersonCodeact credentialed care provision peron
                                  .CACCcertified anatomic pathology and clinical pathology care
                                    .CAICcertified allergy and immunology care
                                      .CAMCcertified aerospace medicine care
                                        .CANCcertified anesthesiology care
                                          .CAPCcertified anatomic pathology care
                                            .CBGCcertified clinical biochemical genetics care
                                              .CCCCcertified clinical cytogenetics care
                                                .CCGCcertified clinical genetics (M.D.) care
                                                  .CCPCcertified clinical pathology care
                                                    .CCSCcertified colon and rectal surgery care
                                                      .CDECcertified dermatology care
                                                        .CDRCcertified diagnostic radiology care
                                                          .CEMCcertified emergency medicine care
                                                            .CFPCcertified family practice care
                                                              .CIMCcertified internal medicine care
                                                                .CMGCcertified clinical molecular genetics care
                                                                  .CNECcertified neurology care
                                                                    .CNMCcertified nuclear medicine care
                                                                      .CNQCcertified neurology with special qualifications in child neurology care
                                                                        .CNSCcertified neurological surgery care
                                                                          .COGCcertified obstetrics and gynecology care
                                                                            .COMCcertified occupational medicine care
                                                                              .COPCcertified ophthalmology care
                                                                                .COSCcertified orthopaedic surgery care
                                                                                  .COTCcertified otolaryngology care
                                                                                    .CPECcertified pediatrics care
                                                                                      .CPGCcertified Ph.D. medical genetics care
                                                                                        .CPHCcertified public health and general preventive medicine care
                                                                                          .CPRCcertified physical medicine and rehabilitation care
                                                                                            .CPSCcertified plastic surgery care
                                                                                              .CPYCcertified psychiatry care
                                                                                                .CROCcertified radiation oncology care
                                                                                                  .CRPCcertified radiological physics care
                                                                                                    .CSUCcertified surgery care
                                                                                                      .CTSCcertified thoracic surgery care
                                                                                                        .CURCcertified urology care
                                                                                                          .CVSCcertified vascular surgery care
                                                                                                            .LGPClicensed general physician care