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          .descriptionThe action of coming into sufficient physical proximity to allow physical or chemical interaction. Examples include: exposure to radiation, inhalation of peanut aerosol or viral particles. This includes intended exposure (e.g. administering a drug product) as well as accidental or environmental exposure. Actual vs. potential exposure can be differentiated using Act.uncertaintyCode. The agent to which the subject was exposed is conveyed as a *Direct* participation or specialization there-of. *Constraints:* The following Participations should be used with the following Roles and Entities to distinguish the specific entities: * The ***exposed entity*** is the entity of interest that is the recipient of the exposure and potentially affected. This is conveyed through the subject (SBJ) Participation. * An entity that has carried the agent transmitted in the exposure is the "***exposure source***" (EXSRC). For example: * a person or animal who carried an infectious disease and interacts (EXSRC) with another person or animal (SBJ) transmitting the disease agent; or * a place or other environment (EXSRC) and a person or animal (SBJ) who is exposed in the presence of this environment. * When it is unknown whether a participating entity is the source of the agent (EXSRC) or the target of the transmission (SBJ), also known as "***exposure contact***", the "participant" (PART) is used. * The substance to which the subject is exposed that carries the exposure agent or the chemical substance of interest itself, participates as a "consumable" (CSM). There are at least two configurations: (a) the player of the Role that participates as CSM is the chemical or biological substance mixed or carried by the scoper-entity of the Role (e.g., ingredient role); or (b) the player of the Role that participates as CSM is a mixture known to contain the chemical, radiological or biological substance of interest. * The device specifically used to administer the substance is associated using the device (DEV) Participation. This may be a device intentionally used (such as applicator device) or it may be a thing that accidentally carried this substance; for instance, an infected needle or knife. The same entity may be related in the act as both EXSRC and DEV.
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                                  .AEXPOSacquisition exposure
                                    .TEXPOStransmission exposure