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          .descriptionAn observation identifying a potential adverse outcome as a result of an Act or combination of Acts. *Examples:* Detection of a drug-drug interaction; Identification of a late-submission for an invoice; Requesting discharge for a patient who does not meet hospital-defined discharge criteria. *Discussion:* This class is commonly used for identifying 'business rule' or 'process' problems that may result in a refusal to carry out a particular request. In some circumstances it may be possible to 'bypass' a problem by modifying the request to acknowledge the issue and/or by providing some form of mitigation. *Constraints:* the Act or Acts that may cause the the adverse outcome are the target of a subject ActRelationship. The subbtypes of this concept indicate the type of problem being detected (e.g. drug-drug interaction) while the Observation.value is used to repesent a specific problem code (e.g. specific drug-drug interaction id).
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