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          .descriptionAn **Act** that of taking on whole or partial responsibility for, or attention to, safety and well-being of a subject of care. *Discussion:* A **care provision** event may exist without any other care actions taking place. For example, when a patient is assigned to the care of a particular health professional. In **request** (RQO) mood **care provision** communicates a referral, which is a request: * from one party (linked as a **participant** of type **author** (AUT)), * to another party (linked as a **participant** of type **performer** (PRF), * to take responsibility for a scope specified by the code attribute, * for an entity (linked as a **participant** of type **subject** (SBJ)). The scope of the care for which responsibility is taken is identified by *code* attribute. In **event** (EVN) mood **care provision** indicates the effective time interval of a specified scope of responsibility by a **performer** (PRF) or set of **performers** (PRF) for a **subject** (SBJ). *Examples:* 1. Referral from GP to a specialist. 2. Assignment of a patient or group of patients to the case list of a health professional. 3. Assignment of inpatients to the care of particular nurses for a working shift.
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