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          .descriptionValue Set of codes specifying the priority for a shipment.
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                                  .AASAP - As soon as possible, next highest priority after stat
                                    .CRCallback results - filler should contact the placer as soon as results are available, even for preliminary results
                                      .CSCallback for scheduling - Filler should contact the placer (or target) to schedule the service.
                                        .CSPCallback placer for scheduling - filler should contact the placer to schedule the service
                                          .CSRContact recipient for scheduling - Filler should contact the service recipient (target) to schedule the service
                                            .ELElective - Beneficial to the patient but not essential for survival.
                                              .EMEmergency - An unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action
                                                .PPreop - Used to indicate that a service is to be performed prior to a scheduled surgery. When ordering a service and using the pre-op priority, a check is done to see the amount of time that must be allowed for performance of the service. When the order
                                                  .PRNAs needed - An "as needed" order should be accompanied by a description of what constitutes a need. This description is represented by an observation service predicate as a precondition.
                                                    .RRoutine - Routine service, do at usual work hours
                                                      .RRRush reporting - A report should be prepared and sent as quickly as possible
                                                        .SStat - With highest priority (e.g. emergency).
                                                          .TTiming critical - It is critical to come as close as possible to the requested time (e.g. for a through antimicrobial level).
                                                            .UDUse as directed - Drug is to be used as directed by the prescriber.
                                                              .URUrgent - Calls for prompt action