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          .descriptionConcepts specifying an identification of a test battery, an entire functional procedure or study, a single test value (observation), multiple test batteries or functional procedures as an orderable unit (profile), or a single test value (observation) calculated from other independent observations, typically used as an indicator for Master Files.
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                                  .PProfile or battery consisting of many independent atomic observations (e.g., SMA12, electrolytes), usually done at one instrument on one specimen
                                    .FFunctional procedure that may consist of one or more interrelated measures (e.g., glucose tolerance test, creatinine clearance), usually done at different times and/or on different specimens
                                      .AAtomic service/test/observation (test code or treatment code)
                                        .SSuperset-a set of batteries or procedures ordered under a single code unit but processed as separate batteries (e.g., routines = CBC, UA, electrolytes)<p>This set indicates that the code being described is used to order multiple service/test/observation b
                                          .CSingle observation calculated via a rule or formula from other independent observations (e.g., Alveolar-arterial ratio, cardiac output)