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      .copyrightCopyright HL7. Licensed under creative commons public domain
          .descriptionValue Set of codes which specify the kind of information that is required to satisfy a query request. The values define the type of transaction inquiry.
                    .publisherHL7, Inc




                                    .ANUNursing unit lookup (returns patients in beds, excluding empty beds)
                                      .APNPatient name lookup
                                        .APPPhysician lookup
                                          .ARNNursing unit lookup (returns patients in beds, including empty beds)
                                            .APMMedical record number query, returns visits for a medical record number
                                              .APAAccount number query, return matching visit
                                                .CANCancel. Used to cancel a query
                                                      .GIDGenerate new identifier
                                                          .MRIMost recent inpatient
                                                            .MROMost recent outpatient
                                                              .NCKNetwork clock
                                                                .NSCNetwork status change
                                                                  .NSTNetwork statistic
                                                                              .RARPharmacy administration information
                                                                                .RERPharmacy encoded order information
                                                                                  .RDRPharmacy dispense information
                                                                                    .RGRPharmacy give information
                                                                                      .MFQMaster file query
                                                                                        .RORPharmacy prescription information
                                                                                          .SALAll schedule related information, including open slots, booked slots, blocked slots
                                                                                            .SBKBooked slots on the identified schedule
                                                                                              .SBLBlocked slots on the identified schedule
                                                                                                .SOFFirst open slot on the identified schedule after the start date/tiem
                                                                                                  .SOPOpen slots on the identified schedule between the begin and end of the start date/time range
                                                                                                    .SSATime slots available for a single appointment
                                                                                                      .SSRTime slots available for a recurring appointment
                                                                                                          .VXIVaccine Information
                                                                                                            .XIDGet cross-referenced identifiers