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            .descriptionInternet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Mime Media Types. Identifies the type of the encapsulated data and identifies a method to interpret or render the data. The IANA defined domain of media types is established by the Internet standard RFC 2045 \[\] and 2046 \[\]. RFC 2046 defines the media type to consist of two parts: 1. top level media type, and 2. media subtype However, this HL7 datatypes specification treats the entire media type as one atomic code symbol in the form defined by IANA, i.e., top level type followed by a slash "/" followed by media subtype. Currently defined media types are registered in a database \[\] maintained by IANA. Currently several hundred different MIME media types are defined, with the list growing rapidly. In general, all those types defined by the IANA MAY be used.
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