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        .copyrightCopyright HL7. Licensed under creative commons public domain
            .descriptionHL7-defined code system of concepts used to record event observations regarding what may have caused a product related event. Used in HL7 Version 2.x messaging in the PCR segment.
                      .publisherHL7, Inc
                        .purposeUnderlying Master Code System for V2 table 0252 (Causality Observations)


                                    .AWAbatement of event after product withdrawnAA
                                      .BEEvent recurred after product reintroducedAA
                                        .LILiterature reports association of product with eventAA
                                          .INEvent occurred after product introducedAA
                                            .EXAlternative explanations for the event availableAA
                                              .PLEffect observed when patient receives placeboAA
                                                .TCToxic levels of product documented in blood or body fluidsAA
                                                  .DRDose response observedAA
                                                    .SESimilar events in past for this patientAA
                                                      .OEOccurrence of event was confirmed by objective evidenceAA