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            .description**Description:** This code system contains all HL7 artifacts of type TE (Trigger Event) that are created by HL7 or its affiliates or their designates using the realm namespacing rules approved by HL7. Local implementations who create trigger events outside of these namespacing rules, (e.g. using the ZZ realm code) must register their own code system. The specific list of legal codes can be found by consulting the HL7 publications (editions, ballots, implementation guides, etc.) published by HL7 Inc. and by the various HL7 affiliates and their designates. Codes shall be expressed in upper case, with separator as shown in HL7 publications with no version id. E.g. PORX\_TE123456UV.
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                          .titleTrigger Event ID


                                  .POLB_TE004000UVResult Status2267422674activeactive
                                    .POLB_TE004001UVResult Confirm2266822668activeactive
                                      .POLB_TE004002UVResult Reject2267222672activeactive
                                        .POLB_TE004007UVResult Tracking2267322673activeactive
                                          .POLB_TE004100UVResult in Progress2267022670activeactive
                                            .POLB_TE004102UVResult Activate2266522665activeactive
                                              .POLB_TE004200UVResult Complete with Fulfillment2266722667activeactive
                                                .POLB_TE004201UVResult Corrected2266922669activeactive
                                                  .POLB_TE004202UVResult Complete2266622666activeactive
                                                    .POLB_TE004301UVResult Abort2266422664activeactive
                                                      .POLB_TE004500UVResult Nullify2267122671activeactive