HL7 Unified Terminology

UTG Terminology Release of HL7 CDA Terminology

This is the page for browsing and downloading a version of the released and published HL7 CDA Terminology to support CDA ballots and published Implementation Guides. Note that this does NOT contain the C-CDA Terminology objects that are maintained by VSAC (the US National Library of Medicine). For more information for these, please see the External Terminologies pages. Note that this page is still under construction, and will change frequently.

The release is triggered by an HL7 need for a 'release' of the terminology, usually driven by a ballot or a publication of a Standard that uses the terminology. There is a link to browse the release, and to download the release.

Release 1.0 September 29, 2018 Demonstration Prototype
Content: UTG CDA Support Terminology

Release triggered by: Demonstration of Initial Prototype at HL7 Baltimore WGM

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