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CodeSystem: Service type

Official URL: http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/service-type Version: 1.1.1
Active as of 2024-07-21 Maturity Level: 1 Responsible: Health Level Seven International Computable Name: ServiceType
Other Identifiers: OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.1.1145

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This value set defines an example set of codes of service-types.

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:

Generated Narrative: CodeSystem service-type

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This case-sensitive code system http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/service-type defines the following codes:

1 Adoption/Permanent Care Info/Support Adoption & permanent care information/support
2 Aged Care Assessment Aged care assessment
3 Aged Care Information/Referral Aged Care information/referral
4 Aged Residential Care Aged Residential Care
5 Case Management for Older Persons Case management for older persons
6 Delivered Meals (Meals On Wheels) Delivered meals (meals on wheels)
7 Friendly Visiting Friendly visiting
8 Home Care/Housekeeping Assistance Home care/housekeeping assistance
9 Home Maintenance and Repair Home maintenance and repair
10 Personal Alarms/Alerts Personal alarms/alerts
11 Personal Care for Older Persons Personal care for older persons
12 Planned Activity Groups Planned activity groups
13 Acupuncture Acupuncture
14 Alexander Technique Therapy Alexander technique therapy
15 Aromatherapy Aromatherapy
16 Biorhythm Services Biorhythm services
17 Bowen Therapy Bowen therapy
18 Chinese Herbal Medicine Chinese herbal medicine
19 Feldenkrais Feldenkrais
20 Homoeopathy Homoeopathy
21 Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy
22 Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy
23 Kinesiology Kinesiology
24 Magnetic Therapy Magnetic therapy
25 Massage Therapy Massage therapy
26 Meditation Meditation
27 Myotherapy Myotherapy
28 Naturopathy Naturopathy
29 Reflexology Reflexology
30 Reiki Reiki
31 Relaxation Therapy Relaxation therapy
32 Shiatsu Shiatsu
33 Western Herbal Medicine Western herbal medicine
34 Family Day care Family day care
35 Holiday Programs Holiday programs
36 Kindergarten Inclusion Support Kindergarten inclusion support for children with a disability
37 Kindergarten/Preschool Kindergarten/preschool
38 Long Day Child Care Long day child care
39 Occasional Child Care Occasional child care
40 Outside School Hours Care Outside school hours care
41 Children's Play Programs Children's play programs
42 Parenting/Family Support/Education Parenting & family management support/education
43 Playgroup Playgroup
44 School Nursing School nursing
45 Toy Library Toy library
46 Child Protection/Child Abuse Report Child protection/child abuse report
47 Foster Care Foster care
48 Residential/Out-of-Home Care Residential/ out of home care
49 Support - Young People Leaving Care Support for young people leaving care
50 Audiology Audiology
51 Blood Donation Blood donation
52 Chiropractic Chiropractic
53 Dietetics Dietetics
54 Family Planning Family planning
55 Health Advocacy/Liaison Service Health advocacy/Liaison service
56 Health Information/Referral Health information/referral
57 Immunization Immunization
58 Maternal & Child Health Maternal & child health
59 Nursing Nursing
60 Nutrition Nutrition
61 Occupational Therapy Occupational therapy
62 Optometry Optometry
63 Osteopathy Osteopathy
64 Pharmacy Pharmacy
65 Physiotherapy Physiotherapy
66 Podiatry Podiatry
67 Sexual Health Sexual health
68 Speech Pathology/Therapy Speech pathology/therapy
69 Bereavement Counselling Bereavement counselling
70 Crisis Counselling Crisis counselling
71 Family Counselling/Therapy Family counselling and/or family therapy
72 Family Violence Counselling Family violence counselling
73 Financial Counselling Financial counselling
74 Generalist Counselling Generalist counselling
75 Genetic Counselling Genetic counselling
76 Health Counselling Health counselling
77 Mediation Mediation
78 Problem Gambling Counselling Problem gambling counselling
79 Relationship Counselling Relationship counselling
80 Sexual Assault Counselling Sexual assault counselling
81 Trauma Counselling Trauma counselling
82 Victims of Crime Counselling Victims of crime counselling
83 Cemetery Operation Cemetery operation
84 Cremation Cremation
85 Death Service Information Death service information
86 Funeral Services Funeral services
87 Endodontic Endodontic
88 General Dental General dental
89 Oral Medicine Oral medicine
90 Oral Surgery Oral surgery
91 Orthodontic Orthodontic
92 Paediatric Dentistry Paediatric Dentistry
93 Periodontic Periodontic
94 Prosthodontic Prosthodontic
95 Acquired Brain Injury Info/Referral Acquired brain injury information/referral
96 Disability Advocacy Disability advocacy
97 Disability Aids & Equipment Disability aids & equipment
98 Disability Case Management Disability case management
99 Disability Day Programs/Activities Disability day programs & activities
100 Disability Information/Referral Disability information/referral
101 Disability Support Packages Disability support packages
102 Disability Supported Accommodation Disability supported accommodation
103 Early Childhood Intervention Early childhood intervention
104 Hearing Aids & Equipment Hearing aids & equipment
105 Drug and/or Alcohol Counselling Drug and/or alcohol counselling
106 Drug/Alcohol Information/Referral Drug and/or alcohol information/referral
107 Needle & Syringe Exchange Needle & Syringe exchange
108 Non-resid. Alcohol/Drug Treatment Non-residential alcohol and/or drug dependence treatment
109 Pharmacotherapy Pharmacotherapy (eg. methadone) program
110 Quit Program Quit program
111 Residential Alcohol/Drug Treatment Residential alcohol and/or drug dependence treatment
112 Adult/Community Education Adult/community education
113 Higher Education Higher education
114 Primary Education Primary education
115 Secondary Education Secondary education
116 Training & Vocational Education Training & vocational education
117 Emergency Medical Emergency medical
118 Employment Placement and/or Support Employment placement and/or support
119 Vocational Rehabilitation Vocational Rehabilitation
120 Work Safety/Accident Prevention Workplace safety and/or accident prevention
121 Financial Assistance Financial assistance
122 Financial Information/Advice Financial information/advice
123 Material Aid Material aid
124 General Practice General Practice/GP (doctor)
125 Accommodation Placement/Support Accommodation placement and/or support
126 Crisis/Emergency Accommodation Crisis/emergency accommodation
127 Homelessness Support Homelessness support
128 Housing Information/Referral Housing information/referral
129 Public Rental Housing Public rental housing
130 Interpreting/Multilingual Service Interpreting/Multilingual/Language service
131 Juvenile Justice Juvenile Justice
132 Legal Advocacy Legal advocacy
133 Legal Information/Advice/Referral Legal information/advice/referral
134 Mental Health Advocacy Mental health advocacy
135 Mental Health Assess/Triage/Crisis Response Mental health assessment/triage/crisis response
136 Mental Health Case Management Mental health case management/continuing care
137 Mental Health Information/Referral Mental health information/referral
138 Mental Health Inpatient Services Mental health inpatient services (hospital psychiatric unit) - requires referral
139 Mental Health Non-residential Rehab Mental health non-residential rehabilitation
140 Mental Health Residential Rehab/CCU Mental health residential rehabilitation/community care unit
141 Psychiatry (Requires Referral) Psychiatry (requires referral)
142 Psychology Psychology
143 Martial Arts Martial arts
144 Personal Fitness Training Personal fitness training
145 Physical Activity Group Physical activity group
146 Physical Activity Programs Physical activity programs
147 Physical Fitness Testing Physical fitness testing
148 Pilates Pilates
149 Self-Defence Self defence
150 Sporting Club Sporting club
151 Yoga Yoga
152 Food Safety Food safety
153 Health Regulatory /Inspection /Cert. Health regulatory, inspection and/or certification
154 Work Health/Safety Inspection/Cert. Workplace health and/or safety inspection and/or certification
155 Carer Support Carer support
156 Respite Care Respite care
157 Anatomical Pathology Anatomical Pathology (including Cytopathology & Forensic Pathology)
158 Pathology - Clinical Chemistry Pathology - Clinical Chemistry
159 Pathology - General Pathology - General
160 Pathology - Genetics Pathology - Genetics
161 Pathology - Haematology Pathology - Haematology
162 Pathology - Immunology Pathology - Immunology
163 Pathology - Microbiology Pathology - Microbiology
164 Anaesthesiology - Pain Medicine Anaesthesiology - Pain Medicine
165 Cardiology Cardiology
166 Clinical Genetics Clinical Genetics
167 Clinical Pharmacology Clinical Pharmacology
168 Dermatology Dermatology
169 Endocrinology Endocrinology
170 Gastroenterology & Hepatology Gastroenterology & Hepatology
171 Geriatric Medicine Geriatric medicine
172 Immunology & Allergy Immunology & Allergy
173 Infectious Diseases Infectious diseases
174 Intensive Care Medicine Intensive care medicine
175 Medical Oncology Medical Oncology
176 Nephrology Nephrology
177 Neurology Neurology
178 Occupational Medicine Occupational Medicine
179 Palliative Medicine Palliative Medicine
180 Public Health Medicine Public Health Medicine
181 Rehabilitation Medicine Rehabilitation Medicine
182 Rheumatology Rheumatology
183 Sleep Medicine Sleep Medicine
184 Thoracic Medicine Thoracic medicine
185 Gynaecological Oncology Gynaecological Oncology
186 Obstetrics & Gynaecology Obstetrics & Gynaecology
187 Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility
188 Urogynaecology Urogynaecology
189 Neonatology & Perinatology Neonatology & Perinatology
190 Paediatric Cardiology Paediatric Cardiology
191 Paediatric Clinical Genetics Paediatric Clinical Genetics
192 Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology
193 Paediatric Endocrinology Paediatric Endocrinology
194 Paed. Gastroenterology/Hepatology Paediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatology
195 Paediatric Haematology Paediatric Haematology
196 Paediatric Immunology & Allergy Paediatric Immunology & Allergy
197 Paediatric Infectious Diseases Paediatric Infectious diseases
198 Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine Paediatric intensive care medicine
199 Paediatric Medical Oncology Paediatric Medical Oncology
200 Paediatric Medicine Paediatric Medicine
201 Paediatric Nephrology Paediatric Nephrology
202 Paediatric Neurology Paediatric Neurology
203 Paediatric Nuclear Medicine Paediatric Nuclear Medicine
204 Paediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Paediatric Rehabilitation Medicine
205 Paediatric Rheumatology Paediatric Rheumatology
206 Paediatric Sleep Medicine Paediatric Sleep Medicine
207 Paediatric Surgery Paediatric Surgery
208 Paediatric Thoracic Medicine Paediatric Thoracic Medicine
209 Diag. Radiology /Xray /CT /Fluoroscopy Diagnostic Radiology/Xray/CT/Fluoroscopy
210 Diagnostic Ultrasound Diagnostic Ultrasound
211 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
212 Nuclear Medicine Nuclear Medicine
213 Obstetric/Gynaecological Ultrasound Obstetric & Gynaecological Ultrasound
214 Radiation Oncology Radiation oncology
215 Cardiothoracic Surgery Cardiothoracic surgery
216 Neurosurgery Neurosurgery
217 Ophthalmology Ophthalmology
218 Orthopaedic Surgery Orthopaedic surgery
219 Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery
220 Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
221 Surgery - General Surgery - General
222 Urology Urology
223 Vascular Surgery Vascular surgery
224 Support Groups Support groups
225 Air ambulance Air ambulance
226 Ambulance Ambulance
227 Blood Transport Blood transport
228 Community Bus Community bus
229 Flying Doctor Service Flying doctor service
230 Patient Transport Patient transport
231 A&E A&E
232 A&EP A&EP
233 Abuse Abuse
235 Access Access
236 Accident Accident
237 Acute Inpatient Serv Acute Inpatient Service's
238 Adult Day Programs Adult Day Programs
239 Adult Mental Health Services Adult Mental Health Services
240 Advice Advice
241 Advocacy Advocacy
242 Aged Persons Mental Aged Persons Mental Health Residential Units
243 Aged Persons Mental Aged Persons Mental Health Services
244 Aged Persons Mental Aged Persons Mental Health Teams
245 Aids Aids
246 Al-Anon Al-Anon
247 Alcohol Alcohol
248 Al-Teen Al-Teen
249 Antenatal Antenatal
250 Anxiety Anxiety
251 Arthritis Arthritis
252 Assessment Assessment
253 Assistance Assistance
254 Asthma Asthma
256 Attendant Care Attendant Care
257 Babies Babies
258 Bathroom Modificatio Bathroom Modification
259 Behavior Behavior
260 Behavior Interventi Behavior Intervention
261 Bereavement Bereavement
262 Bipolar Bipolar
263 Birth Birth
264 Birth Control Birth Control
265 Birthing Options Birthing Options
267 Blood Blood
268 Bone Bone
269 Bowel Bowel
270 Brain Brain
271 Breast Feeding Breast Feeding
272 Breast Screen Breast Screen
273 Brokerage Brokerage
274 Cancer Cancer
275 Cancer Support Cancer Support
276 Cardiovascular Disea Cardiovascular Disease
277 Care Packages Care Packages
278 Carer Carer
279 Case Management Case Management
280 Casualty Casualty
281 Centrelink Centrelink
282 Chemists Chemists
283 Child And Adolescent Child And Adolescent Mental Health Services
284 Child Care Child Care
285 Child Services Child Services
286 Children Children
287 Children's Services Children's Services
288 Cholesterol Cholesterol
289 Clothing Clothing
290 Community Based Acco Community Based Accommodation
291 Community Care Unit Community Care Unit
292 Community Child And Community Child And Adolescent Mental Health Services
293 Community Health Community Health
294 Community Residentia Community Residential Unit
295 Community Transport Community Transport
296 Companion Visiting Companion Visiting
297 Companionship Companionship
298 Consumer Advice Consumer Advice
299 Consumer Issues Consumer Issues
300 Continuing Care Serv Continuing Care Services
301 Contraception Inform Contraception Information
302 Coordinating Bodies Coordinating Bodies
303 Correctional Service Correctional Services
304 Council Environmenta Council Environmental Health
305 Counselling Counselling
306 Criminal Criminal
307 Crises Crises
308 Crisis Assessment An Crisis Assessment And Treatment Services (Cats)
309 Crisis Assistance Crisis Assistance
310 Crisis Refuge Crisis Refuge
311 Day Program Day Program
312 Deaf Deaf
313 Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene
314 Dentistry Dentistry
315 Dentures Dentures
316 Depression Depression
317 Detoxification Detoxification
318 Diabetes Diabetes
319 Diaphragm Fitting Diaphragm Fitting
320 Dieticians Dieticians
321 Disabled Parking Disabled Parking
322 District Nursing District Nursing
323 Divorce Divorce
324 Doctors Doctors
325 Drink-Drive Drink-Drive
326 Dual Diagnosis Servi Dual Diagnosis Services
327 Early Choice Early Choice
328 Eating Disorder Eating Disorder
330 Emergency Relief Emergency Relief
331 Employment And Train Employment And Training
332 Environment Environment
333 Equipment Equipment
334 Exercise Exercise
335 Facility Facility
336 Family Choice Family Choice
337 Family Law Family Law
338 Family Options Family Options
339 Family Services Family Services
341 Financial Aid Financial Aid
342 Fitness Fitness
343 Flexible Care Packag Flexible Care Packages
344 Food Food
345 Food Vouchers Food Vouchers
346 Forensic Mental Heal Forensic Mental Health Services
347 Futures Futures
348 Futures For Young Ad Futures For Young Adults
349 General Practitioner General Practitioners
350 Grants Grants
351 Grief Grief
352 Grief Counselling Grief Counselling
354 Heart Disease Heart Disease
355 Help Help
356 High Blood Pressure High Blood Pressure
357 Home Help Home Help
358 Home Nursing Home Nursing
359 Homefirst Homefirst
360 Hospice Care Hospice Care
361 Hospital Services Hospital Services
362 Hospital To Home Hospital To Home
364 Hostel Hostel
365 Hostel Accommodation Hostel Accommodation
366 Household Items Household Items
367 Hypertension Hypertension
368 Illness Illness
369 Independent Living Independent Living
370 Information Information
371 Injury Injury
372 Intake Intake
373 Intensive Mobile You Intensive Mobile Youth Outreach Services (Imyos)
374 Intervention Intervention
375 Job Searching Job Searching
376 Justice Justice
377 Leisure Leisure
378 Loans Loans
379 Low Income Earners Low Income Earners
380 Lung Lung
381 Making A Difference Making A Difference
382 Medical Services Medical Services
383 Medical Specialists Medical Specialists
384 Medication Administr Medication Administration
385 Menstrual Informatio Menstrual Information
386 Methadone Methadone
387 Mobile Support And T Mobile Support And Treatment Services (MSTS)
388 Motor Neurone Motor Neurone
389 Multiple Sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis
390 Neighbourhood House Neighbourhood House
391 Nursing Home Nursing Home
392 Nursing Mothers Nursing Mothers
393 Obesity Obesity
394 Occupational Health Occupational Health & Safety
395 Optometrist Optometrist
396 Oral Hygiene Oral Hygiene
397 Outpatients Outpatients
398 Outreach Service Outreach Service
400 Pain Pain
401 Pap Smear Pap Smear
402 Parenting Parenting
403 Peak Organizations Peak Organizations
404 Personal Care Personal Care
405 Pharmacies Pharmacies
406 Phobias Phobias
407 Physical Physical
408 Physical Activity Physical Activity
409 Postnatal Postnatal
410 Pregnancy Pregnancy
411 Pregnancy Tests Pregnancy Tests
412 Preschool Preschool
413 Prescriptions Prescriptions
414 Primary Mental Healt Primary Mental Health And Early Intervention Teams
415 Property Maintenance Property Maintenance
416 Prostate Prostate
417 Psychiatric Psychiatric
418 Psychiatric Disabili Psychiatric Disability Support Services - Home-Based Outreach
419 Psychiatric Disabili Psychiatric Disability Support Services - Planned Respite
420 Psychiatric Disabili Psychiatric Disability Support Services - Residential Rehabilitation
421 Psychiatric Disabili Psychiatric Disability Support Services Home-Based Outreach
422 Psychiatric Disabili Psychiatric Disability Support Services Mutual Support And Self Help
423 Psychiatric Support Psychiatric Support
424 Recreation Recreation
425 Referral Referral
426 Refuge Refuge
427 Rent Assistance Rent Assistance
428 Residential Faciliti Residential Facilities
429 Residential Respite Residential Respite
430 Respiratory Respiratory
431 Response Response
432 Rooming Houses Rooming Houses
433 Safe Sex Safe Sex
434 Secure Extended Care Secure Extended Care Inpatient Services
435 Self Help Self Help
436 Separation Separation
437 Services Services
438 Sex Education Sex Education
439 Sexual Abuse Sexual Abuse
440 Sexual Issues Sexual Issues
441 Sexually Transmitted Sexually Transmitted Diseases
443 Social Support Social Support
444 Socialisation Socialisation
445 Special Needs Special Needs
446 Speech Therapist Speech Therapist
447 Splinting Splinting
448 Sport Sport
449 Statewide And Specia Statewide And Specialist Services
452 Stillbirth Stillbirth
453 Stomal Care Stomal Care
454 Stroke Stroke
455 Substance Abuse Substance Abuse
456 Support Support
457 Syringes Syringes
458 Teeth Teeth
459 Tenancy Advice Tenancy Advice
460 Terminal Illness Terminal Illness
461 Therapy Therapy
462 Transcription Transcription
463 Translating Services Translating Services
464 Translator Translator
465 Transport Transport
466 Vertebrae Vertebrae
467 Violence Violence
468 Vocational Guidance Vocational Guidance
469 Weight Weight
470 Welfare Assistance Welfare Assistance
471 Welfare Counselling Welfare Counselling
472 Wheelchairs Wheelchairs
473 Wound Management Wound Management
474 Young People At Risk Young People At Risk
475 Further Desc. - Community Health Care Further Description - Community Health Care
476 Library Library
477 Community Hours Community Hours
478 Further Desc. - Specialist Medical Further Description - Specialist Medical
479 Hepatology Hepatology
480 Gastroenterology Gastroenterology
481 Gynaecology Gynaecology
482 Obstetrics Obstetrics
483 Further Desc. - Specialist Surgical Further Description - Specialist Surgical
484 Placement Protection Placement Protection
485 Family Violence Family Violence
486 Integrated Family Services Integrated Family Services
488 Diabetes Educator Diabetes Educator
489 Kinship Care Kinship Care
490 General Mental Health Services General Mental Health Services
491 Exercise Physiology Exercise Physiology
492 Medical Research Medical Research
493 Youth Youth
494 Youth Services Youth Services
495 Youth Health Youth Health
496 Child and Family Ser Child and Family Services
497 Home Visits Home Visits
498 Mobile Services Mobile Services
500 Before and/or After Before and/or After School Care
501 Cancer Services Cancer Services
502 Integrated Cancer Se Integrated Cancer Services
503 Multidisciplinary Se Multidisciplinary Services
504 Multidisciplinary Ca Multidisciplinary Cancer Services
505 Meetings Meetings
506 Blood pressure monit Blood pressure monitoring
507 Dose administration Dose administration aid
508 Medical Equipment Hi Medical Equipment Hire
509 Parenting/Family Support/Education Parenting & family support/education
510 Deputising Service Deputising Service
513 Cancer Support Groups Cancer Support Groups
514 Community Cancer Services Community Cancer Services
530 Disability Care Transport Disability Care Transport
531 Aged Care Transport Aged Care Transport
532 Diabetes Education s Diabetes Education service
533 Cardiac Rehabilitati Cardiac Rehabilitation Service
534 Young Adult Diabetes Young Adult Diabetes services (YADS)
535 Pulmonary Rehabilita Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service
536 Art therapy Art therapy
537 Medication Reviews Medication Reviews
538 Telephone Counselling Telephone Counselling
539 Telephone Help Line Telephone Help Line
540 Online Service Online Service
541 Crisis - Mental Health Crisis - Mental Health
542 Youth Crisis Youth Crisis
543 Sexual Assault Sexual Assault
544 GPAH Other GPAH Other
545 Paediatric Dermatology Paediatric Dermatology
546 Veterans Services Veterans Services
547 Veterans Veterans
548 Food Relief/Food/Meals Food Relief/food/meals
550 Dementia Care Dementia Care
551 Alzheimer Alzheimer
552 Drug and/or Alcohol Support Groups Drug and/or alcohol support groups
553 1-on-1 Support /Mentoring /Coaching One on One Support/Mentoring/Coaching
554 Chronic Disease Management Chronic Disease Management
555 Liaison Services Liaison Services
556 Walk-in Centre /Non-Emergency Walk in Centre / non emergency
557 Inpatients Inpatients
558 Spiritual Counselling Spiritual Counselling
559 Women's Health Women's Health
560 Men's Health Men's Health
561 Health Education/Awareness Program Health education/Health awareness program
562 Test Message Test Message
563 Remedial Massage Remedial Massage
564 Adolescent Mental Health Services Adolescent Mental Health Services
565 Youth Drop In/Assistance/Support Youth drop in/assistance/support
566 Aboriginal Health Worker Aboriginal Health Worker
567 Women's Health Clinic Women's Health Clinic
568 Men's Health Clinic Men's Health Clinic
569 Migrant Health Clinic Migrant Health Clinic
570 Refugee Health Clinic Refugee Health Clinic
571 Aboriginal Health Clinic Aboriginal Health Clinic
572 Nurse Practitioner Lead Clinic/s Nurse Practitioner lead Clinic/s
573 Nurse Lead Clinic/s Nurse lead Clinic/s
574 Culturally Tailored Support Groups Culturally tailored support groups
575 Culturally Tailored Health Promotion Culturally tailored health promotion
576 Rehabilitation Rehabilitation
577 Education Information/Referral Education information/referral
580 Social Work Social Work
581 Haematology Haematology
582 Maternity Shared Car Maternity Shared Care
583 Rehabilitation Servi Rehabilitation Service
584 Cranio-sacral Therapy Cranio-Sacral Therapy
585 Prosthetics & Orthotics Prosthetics & Orthotics
589 Home Medicine Review Home Medicine Review
590 GPAH - Medical GPAH - Medical
591 Music Therapy Music Therapy
593 Falls Prevention Falls Prevention
599 Accommodation/Tenancy Accommodation/Tenancy
600 Assess-Skill, Ability, Needs Assess-Skill, Ability, Needs
601 Assist Access/Maintain Employ Assist Access/Maintain Employ
602 Assist Prod-Pers Care/Safety Assist Prod-Pers Care/Safety
603 Assist-Integrate School/Ed Assist-Integrate School/Ed
604 Assist-Life Stage, Transition Assist-Life Stage, Transition
605 Assist-Personal Activities Assist-Personal Activities
606 Assist-Travel/Transport Assist-Travel/Transport
607 Assistive Equip-General Tasks Assistive Equip-General Tasks
608 Assistive Equip-Recreation Assistive Equip-Recreation
609 Assistive Prod-Household Task Assistive Prod-Household Task
610 Behavior Support Behavior Support
611 Comms & Info Equipment Comms & Info Equipment
612 Community Nursing Care Community Nursing Care
613 Daily Tasks/Shared Living Daily Tasks/Shared Living
614 Development-Life Skills Development-Life Skills
615 Early Childhood Supports Early Childhood Supports
616 Equipment Special Assess Setup Equipment Special Assess Setup
617 Hearing Equipment Hearing Equipment
618 Home Modification Home Modification
619 Household Tasks Household Tasks
620 Interpret/Translate Interpret/Translate
621 Other Innovative Supports Other Innovative Supports
622 Participate Community Participate Community
623 Personal Mobility Equipment Personal Mobility Equipment
624 Physical Wellbeing Physical Wellbeing
625 Plan Management Plan Management
626 Therapeutic Supports Therapeutic Supports
627 Training-Travel Independence Training-Travel Independence
628 Vehicle modifications Vehicle modifications
629 Vision Equipment Vision Equipment


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