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CodeSystem: Dentition

Official URL: http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v3-Dentition Version: 2.1.0
Active as of 2019-03-20 Responsible: HL7 Computable Name: Dentition
Other Identifiers: id: urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883.5.1080


This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:


This code system defines the following properties for its concepts

SpecializesCodingThe child code is a more narrow version of the concept represented by the parent code. I.e. Every child concept is also a valid parent concept. Used to allow determination of subsumption. Must be transitive, irreflexive, antisymmetric.
GeneralizesCodingInverse of Specializes. Only included as a derived relationship.
internalIdhttp://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#v3-internal-idcodeThe internal identifier for the concept in the HL7 Access database repository.
statushttp://hl7.org/fhir/concept-properties#statuscodeDesignation of a concept's state. Normally is not populated unless the state is retired..
notSelectablehttp://hl7.org/fhir/concept-properties#notSelectablebooleanIndicates that the code is abstract - only intended to be used as a selector for other concepts


This code system http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v3-Dentition defines the following codes:

LvlCodeDisplayDefinitioninternalIdstatusNot Selectable
1ArtificialDentition Artificial dentitionArtificial dentition, artificial subsitutes for the natural dentition19523active
2  TID10a 10aMaxillary left lateral incisor abutment19673active
2  TID10i 10iMaxillary left lateral incisor implant19533active
2  TID10p 10pMaxillary left lateral incisor prosthesis19596active
2  TID10pd 10pdMaxillary left lateral incisor distal prosthesis19597active
2  TID10pm 10pmMaxillary left lateral incisor mesial prosthesis19595active
2  TID11a 11aMaxillary left canine abutment19674active
2  TID11i 11iMaxillary left canine implant19534active
2  TID11p 11pMaxillary left canine prosthesis19599active
2  TID11pd 11pdMaxillary left canine distal prosthesis19600active
2  TID11pm 11pmMaxillary left canine mesial prosthesis19598active
2  TID12a 12aMaxillary left first premolar abutment19675active
2  TID12i 12iMaxillary left first premolar implant19535active
2  TID12p 12pMaxillary left first premolar prosthesis19602active
2  TID12pd 12pdMaxillary left first premolar distal prosthesis19603active
2  TID12pm 12pmMaxillary left first premolar mesial prosthesis19601active
2  TID13a 13aMaxillary left second premolar abutment19676active
2  TID13i 13iMaxillary left second premolar implant19536active
2  TID13p 13pMaxillary left second premolar prosthesis19605active
2  TID13pd 13pdMaxillary left second premolar distal prosthesis19606active
2  TID13pm 13pmMaxillary left second premolar mesial prosthesis19604active
2  TID14a 14aMaxillary left first molar abutment19677active
2  TID14i 14iMaxillary left first molar implant19537active
2  TID14p 14pMaxillary left first molar prosthesis19608active
2  TID14pd 14pdMaxillary left first molar distal prosthesis19609active
2  TID14pm 14pmMaxillary left first molar mesial prosthesis19607active
2  TID15a 15aMaxillary left second molar abutment19678active
2  TID15i 15iMaxillary left second molar implant19538active
2  TID15p 15pMaxillary left second molar prosthesis19611active
2  TID15pd 15pdMaxillary left second molar distal prosthesis19612active
2  TID15pm 15pmMaxillary left second molar mesial prosthesis19610active
2  TID16a 16aMaxillary left third molar abutment19679active
2  TID16i 16iMaxillary left third molar implant19539active
2  TID16p 16pMaxillary left third molar prosthesis19614active
2  TID16pd 16pdMaxillary left third molar distal prosthesis19615active
2  TID16pm 16pmMaxillary left third molar mesial prosthesis19613active
2  TID17a 17aMandibular left third molar abutment19680active
2  TID17ad 17adMandibular left third molar abutment distal hemisection19682active
2  TID17am 17amMandibular left third molar abutment mesial hemisection19681active
2  TID17i 17iMandibular left third molar implant19540active
2  TID17id 17idMandibular left third molar implant distal hemisection19542active
2  TID17im 17imMandibular left third molar implant mesial hemisection19541active
2  TID17p 17pMandibular left third molar prosthesis19617active
2  TID17pd 17pdMandibular left third molar distal prosthesis19616active
2  TID17pm 17pmMandibular left third molar mesial prosthesis19618active
2  TID18a 18aMandibular left second molar abutment19683active
2  TID18ad 18adMandibular left second molar abutment distal hemisection19685active
2  TID18am 18amMandibular left second molar abutment mesial hemisection19684active
2  TID18i 18iMandibular left second molar implant19543active
2  TID18id 18idMandibular left second molar implant distal hemisection19545active
2  TID18im 18imMandibular left second molar implant mesial hemisection19544active
2  TID18p 18pMandibular left second molar prosthesis19620active
2  TID18pd 18pdMandibular left second molar distal prosthesis19619active
2  TID18pm 18pmMandibular left second molar mesial prosthesis19621active
2  TID19a 19aMandibular left first molar abutment19686active
2  TID19ad 19adMandibular left first molar abutment distal hemisection19688active
2  TID19am 19amMandibular left first molar abutment mesial hemisection19687active
2  TID19i 19iMandibular left first molar implant19546active
2  TID19id 19idMandibular left first molar implant distal hemisection19548active
2  TID19im 19imMandibular left first molar implant mesial hemisection19547active
2  TID19p 19pMandibular left first molar prosthesis19623active
2  TID19pd 19pdMandibular left first molar distal prosthesis19622active
2  TID19pm 19pmMandibular left first molar mesial prosthesis19624active
2  TID1a 1aMaxillary right third molar abutment19664active
2  TID1i 1iMaxillary right third molar implant19524active
2  TID1p 1pMaxillary right third molar prosthesis19569active
2  TID1pd 1pdMaxillary right third molar distal prosthesis19568active
2  TID1pm 1pmMaxillary right third molar mesial prosthesis19570active
2  TID20a 20aMandibular left second premolar abutment19689active
2  TID20i 20iMandibular left second premolar implant19549active
2  TID20p 20pMandibular left second premolar prosthesis19626active
2  TID20pd 20pdMandibular left second premolar distal prosthesis19625active
2  TID20pm 20pmMandibular left second premolar mesial prosthesis19627active
2  TID21a 21aMandibular left first premolar abutment19690active
2  TID21i 21iMandibular left first premolar implant19550active
2  TID21p 21pMandibular left first premolar prosthesis19629active
2  TID21pd 21pdMandibular left first premolar distal prosthesis19628active
2  TID21pm 21pmMandibular left first premolar mesial prosthesis19630active
2  TID22a 22aMandibular left canine abutment19691active
2  TID22i 22iMandibular left canine implant19551active
2  TID22p 22pMandibular left canine prosthesis19632active
2  TID22pd 22pdMandibular left canine distal prosthesis19631active
2  TID22pm 22pmMandibular left canine mesial prosthesis19633active
2  TID23a 23aMandibular left lateral incisor abutment19692active
2  TID23i 23iMandibular left lateral incisor implant19552active
2  TID23p 23pMandibular left lateral incisor prosthesis19635active
2  TID23pd 23pdMandibular left lateral incisor distal prosthesis19634active
2  TID23pm 23pmMandibular left lateral incisor mesial prosthesis19636active
2  TID24a 24aMandibular left central incisor abutment19693active
2  TID24i 24iMandibular left central incisor implant19553active
2  TID24p 24pMandibular left central incisor prosthesis19638active
2  TID24pd 24pdMandibular left central incisor distal prosthesis19637active
2  TID24pm 24pmMandibular left central incisor mesial prosthesis19639active
2  TID25a 25aMandibular right central incisor abutment19694active
2  TID25i 25iMandibular right central incisor implant19554active
2  TID25p 25pMandibular right central incisor prosthesis19641active
2  TID25pd 25pdMandibular right central incisor distal prosthesis19642active
2  TID25pm 25pmMandibular right central incisor mesial prosthesis19640active
2  TID26a 26aMandibular right lateral incisor abutment19695active
2  TID26i 26iMandibular right lateral incisor implant19555active
2  TID26p 26pMandibular right lateral incisor prosthesis19644active
2  TID26pd 26pdMandibular right lateral incisor distal prosthesis19645active
2  TID26pm 26pmMandibular right lateral incisor mesial prosthesis19643active
2  TID27a 27aMandibular right canine abutment19696active
2  TID27i 27iMandibular right canine implant19556active
2  TID27p 27pMandibular right canine prosthesis19647active
2  TID27pd 27pdMandibular right canine distal prosthesis19648active
2  TID27pm 27pmMandibular right canine mesial prosthesis19646active
2  TID28a 28aMandibular right first premolar abutment19697active
2  TID28i 28iMandibular right first premolar implant19557active
2  TID28p 28pMandibular right first premolar prosthesis19650active
2  TID28pd 28pdMandibular right first premolar distal prosthesis19651active
2  TID28pm 28pmMandibular right first premolar mesial prosthesis19649active
2  TID29a 29aMandibular right second premolar abutment19698active
2  TID29i 29iMandibular right second premolar implant19558active
2  TID29p 29pMandibular right second premolar prosthesis19653active
2  TID29pd 29pdMandibular right second premolar distal prosthesis19654active
2  TID29pm 29pmMandibular right second premolar mesial prosthesis19652active
2  TID2a 2aMaxillary right second molar abutment19665active
2  TID2i 2iMaxillary right second molar implant19525active
2  TID2p 2pMaxillary right second molar prosthesis19572active
2  TID2pd 2pdMaxillary right second molar distal prosthesis19571active
2  TID2pm 2pmMaxillary right second molar mesial prosthesis19573active
2  TID30a 30aMandibular right first molar abutment19699active
2  TID30ad 30adMandibular right first molar abutment distal hemisection19701active
2  TID30am 30amMandibular right first molar abutment mesial hemisection19700active
2  TID30i 30iMandibular right first molar implant19559active
2  TID30id 30idMandibular right first molar implant distal hemisection19561active
2  TID30im 30imMandibular right first molar implant mesial hemisection19560active
2  TID30p 30pMandibular right first molar prosthesis19656active
2  TID30pd 30pdMandibular right first molar distal prosthesis19657active
2  TID30pm 30pmMandibular right first molar mesial prosthesis19655active
2  TID31a 31aMandibular right second molar abutment19702active
2  TID31ad 31adMandibular right second molar abutment distal hemisection19704active
2  TID31am 31amMandibular right second molar abutment mesial hemisection19703active
2  TID31i 31iMandibular right second molar implant19562active
2  TID31id 31idMandibular right second molar implant distal hemisection19564active
2  TID31im 31imMandibular right second molar implant mesial hemisection19563active
2  TID31p 31pMandibular right second molar prosthesis19659active
2  TID31pd 31pdMandibular right second molar distal prosthesis19660active
2  TID31pm 31pmMandibular right second molar mesial prosthesis19658active
2  TID32a 32aMandibular right third molar abutment19705active
2  TID32ad 32adMandibular right third molar abutment distal hemisection19707active
2  TID32am 32amMandibular right third molar abutment mesial hemisection19706active
2  TID32i 32iMandibular right third molar implant19565active
2  TID32id 32idMandibular right third molar implant distal hemisection19567active
2  TID32im 32imMandibular right third molar implant mesial hemisection19566active
2  TID32p 32pMandibular right third molar prosthesis19662active
2  TID32pd 32pdMandibular right third molar distal prosthesis19663active
2  TID32pm 32pmMandibular right third molar mesial prosthesis19661active
2  TID3a 3aMaxillary right first molar abutment19666active
2  TID3i 3iMaxillary right first molar implant19526active
2  TID3p 3pMaxillary right first molar prosthesis19575active
2  TID3pd 3pdMaxillary right first molar distal prosthesis19574active
2  TID3pm 3pmMaxillary right first molar mesial prosthesis19576active
2  TID4a 4aMaxillary right second premolar abutment19667active
2  TID4i 4iMaxillary right second premolar implant19527active
2  TID4p 4pMaxillary right second premolar prosthesis19578active
2  TID4pd 4pdMaxillary right second premolar distal prosthesis19577active
2  TID4pm 4pmMaxillary right second premolar mesial prosthesis19579active
2  TID5a 5aMaxillary right first premolar abutment19668active
2  TID5i 5iMaxillary right first premolar implant19528active
2  TID5p 5pMaxillary right first premolar prosthesis19581active
2  TID5pd 5pdMaxillary right first premolar distal prosthesis19580active
2  TID5pm 5pmMaxillary right first premolar mesial prosthesis19582active
2  TID6a 6aMaxillary right canine abutment19669active
2  TID6i 6iMaxillary right canine implant19529active
2  TID6p 6pMaxillary right canine prosthesis19584active
2  TID6pd 6pdMaxillary right canine distal prosthesis19583active
2  TID6pm 6pmMaxillary right canine mesial prosthesis19585active
2  TID7a 7aMaxillary right lateral incisor abutment19670active
2  TID7i 7iMaxillary right lateral incisor implant19530active
2  TID7p 7pMaxillary right lateral incisor prosthesis19587active
2  TID7pd 7pdMaxillary right lateral incisor distal prosthesis19586active
2  TID7pm 7pmMaxillary right lateral incisor mesial prosthesis19588active
2  TID8a 8aMaxillary right central incisor abutment19671active
2  TID8i 8iMaxillary right central incisor implant19531active
2  TID8p 8pMaxillary right central incisor prosthesis19590active
2  TID8pd 8pdMaxillary right central incisor distal prosthesis19589active
2  TID8pm 8pmMaxillary right central incisor mesial prosthesis19591active
2  TID9a 9aMaxillary left central incisor abutment19672active
2  TID9i 9iMaxillary left central incisor implant19532active
2  TID9p 9pMaxillary left central incisor prosthesis19593active
2  TID9pd 9pdMaxillary left central incisor distal prosthesis19594active
2  TID9pm 9pmMaxillary left central incisor mesial prosthesis19592active
1PermanentDentition Permanent dentitionPermanent dentition, the natural teeth of adulthood that replace or are added to the deciduous teeth19404active
2  TID1 1Maxillary right third molar19405active
2  TID10 10Maxillary left lateral incisor19414active
2  TID11 11Maxillary left canine19415active
2  TID12 12Maxillary left first premolar19416active
2  TID13 13Maxillary left second premolar19417active
2  TID14 14Maxillary left first molar19418active
2  TID15 15Maxillary left second molar19419active
2  TID16 16Maxillary left third molar19420active
2  TID17 17Mandibular left third molar19421active
2  TID17d 17dMandibular left third molar distal hemisection19423active
2  TID17m 17mMandibular left third molar mesial hemisection19422active
2  TID18 18Mandibular left second molar19424active
2  TID18d 18dMandibular left second molar distal hemisection19426active
2  TID18m 18mMandibular left second molar mesial hemisection19425active
2  TID19 19Mandibular left first molar19427active
2  TID19d 19dMandibular left first molar distal hemisection19429active
2  TID19m 19mMandibular left first molar mesial hemisection19428active
2  TID2 2Maxillary right second molar19406active
2  TID20 20Mandibular left second premolar19430active
2  TID21 21Mandibular left first premolar19431active
2  TID22 22Mandibular left canine19432active
2  TID23 23Mandibular left lateral incisor19433active
2  TID24 24Mandibular left central incisor19434active
2  TID25 25Mandibular right central incisor19435active
2  TID26 26Mandibular right lateral incisor19436active
2  TID27 27Mandibular right canine19437active
2  TID28 28Mandibular right first premolar19438active
2  TID29 29Mandibular right second premolar19439active
2  TID3 3Maxillary right first molar19407active
2  TID30 30Mandibular right first molar19440active
2  TID30d 30dMandibular right first molar distal hemisection19442active
2  TID30m 30mMandibular right first molar mesial hemisection19441active
2  TID31 31Mandibular right second molar19443active
2  TID31d 31dMandibular right second molar distal hemisection19445active
2  TID31m 31mMandibular right second molar mesial hemisection19444active
2  TID32 32Mandibular right third molar19446active
2  TID32d 32dMandibular right third molar distal hemisection19448active
2  TID32m 32mMandibular right third molar mesial hemisection19447active
2  TID4 4Maxillary right second premolar19408active
2  TID5 5Maxillary right first premolar19409active
2  TID6 6Maxillary right canine19410active
2  TID7 7Maxillary right lateral incisor19411active
2  TID8 8Maxillary right central incisor19412active
2  TID9 9Maxillary left central incisor19413active
1PrimaryDentition Primary dentitionPrimary dentition, the first teeth to errupt and usually replaced with permanent dentition19502active
2  TIDA AMaxillary right second primary molar19503active
2  TIDB BMaxillary right first primary molar19504active
2  TIDC CMaxillary right primary canine19505active
2  TIDD DMaxillary right lateral primary incisor19506active
2  TIDE EMaxillary right central primary incisor19507active
2  TIDF FMaxillary left central primary incisor19508active
2  TIDG GMaxillary left lateral primary incisor19509active
2  TIDH HMaxillary left primary canine19510active
2  TIDI IMaxillary left first primary molar19511active
2  TIDJ JMaxillary left second primary molar19512active
2  TIDK KMandibular left second primary molar19513active
2  TIDL LMandibular left first primary molar19514active
2  TIDM MMandibular left primary canine19515active
2  TIDN NMandibular left lateral primary incisor19516active
2  TIDO OMandibular left central primary incisor19517active
2  TIDP PMandibular right central primary incisor19518active
2  TIDQ QMandibular right lateral primary incisor19519active
2  TIDR RMandibular right primary canine19520active
2  TIDS SMandibular right first primary molar19521active
2  TIDT TMandibular right second primary molar19522active
1SupernumeraryTooth Supernumerary ToothSupernumerary tooth, any tooth in addition to the normal permanent and primary dentition19449active
2  TID10s 10sSupernumerary maxillary left lateral incisor19459active
2  TID11s 11sSupernumerary maxillary left canine19460active
2  TID12s 12sSupernumerary maxillary left first premolar19461active
2  TID13s 13sSupernumerary maxillary left second premolar19462active
2  TID14s 14sSupernumerary maxillary left first molar19463active
2  TID15s 15sSupernumerary maxillary left second molar19464active
2  TID16s 16sSupernumerary maxillary left third molar19465active
2  TID17s 17sSupernumerary mandibular left third molar19466active
2  TID18s 18sSupernumerary mandibular left second molar19467active
2  TID19s 19sSupernumerary mandibular left first molar19468active
2  TID1s 1sSupernumerary maxillary right third molar19450active
2  TID20s 20sSupernumerary mandibular left second premolar19469active
2  TID21s 21sSupernumerary mandibular left first premolar19470active
2  TID22s 22sSupernumerary mandibular left canine19471active
2  TID23s 23sSupernumerary mandibular left lateral incisor19472active
2  TID24s 24sSupernumerary mandibular left central incisor19473active
2  TID25s 25sSupernumerary mandibular right central incisor19474active
2  TID26s 26sSupernumerary mandibular right lateral incisor19475active
2  TID27s 27sSupernumerary mandibular right canine19476active
2  TID28s 28sSupernumerary mandibular right first premolar19477active
2  TID29s 29sSupernumerary mandibular right second premolar19478active
2  TID2s 2sSupernumerary maxillary right second molar19451active
2  TID30s 30sSupernumerary mandibular right first molar19479active
2  TID31s 31sSupernumerary mandibular right second molar19480active
2  TID32s 32sSupernumerary mandibular right third molar19481active
2  TID3s 3sSupernumerary maxillary right first molar19452active
2  TID4s 4sSupernumerary maxillary right second premolar19453active
2  TID5s 5sSupernumerary maxillary right first premolar19454active
2  TID6s 6sSupernumerary maxillary right canine19455active
2  TID7s 7sSupernumerary maxillary right lateral incisor19456active
2  TID8s 8sSupernumerary maxillary right central incisor19457active
2  TID9s 9sSupernumerary maxillary left central incisor19458active
2  TIDAs AsSupernumerary maxillary right second primary molar19482active
2  TIDBs BsSupernumerary maxillary right first primary molar19483active
2  TIDCs CsSupernumerary maxillary right primary canine19484active
2  TIDDs DsSupernumerary maxillary right lateral primary incisor19485active
2  TIDEs EsSupernumerary maxillary right central primary incisor19486active
2  TIDFs FsSupernumerary maxillary left central primary incisor19487active
2  TIDGs GsSupernumerary maxillary left lateral primary incisor19488active
2  TIDHs HsSupernumerary maxillary left primary canine19489active
2  TIDIs IsSupernumerary maxillary left first primary molar19490active
2  TIDJs JsSupernumerary maxillary left second primary molar19491active
2  TIDKs KsSupernumerary mandibular left second primary molar19492active
2  TIDLs LsSupernumerary mandibular left first primary molar19493active
2  TIDMs MsSupernumerary mandibular left primary canine19494active
2  TIDNs NsSupernumerary mandibular left lateral primary incisor19495active
2  TIDOs OsSupernumerary mandibular left central primary incisor19496active
2  TIDPs PsSupernumerary mandibular right central primary incisor19497active
2  TIDQs QsSupernumerary mandibular right lateral primary incisor19498active
2  TIDRs RsSupernumerary mandibular right primary canine19499active
2  TIDSs SsSupernumerary mandibular right first primary molar19500active
2  TIDTs TsSupernumerary mandibular right second primary molar19501active
1_ArtificialDentition ArtificialDentition21296retiredtrue
1_Dentition Dentition21297retiredtrue
1_PermanentDentition PermanentDentition21298retiredtrue
1_PrimaryDentition PrimaryDentition21299retiredtrue
1_SupernumeraryTooth SupernumeraryTooth21300retiredtrue


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