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ValueSet: SNOMED International Global Patient Set (GPS)

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SNOMED International Global Patient Set (GPS) value set. The value set includes all of the codes from the SNOMED International Global Patient Set (GPS) subset of SNOMED CT. The current version of the value set contains all concepts (26,158) from the September 2020 release of the GPS (based on the July 2020 SNOMED CT International Edition release).

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Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 31-Jul 2020

All codes in this table are from the system http://snomed.info/sct

109006Anxiety disorder of childhood OR adolescence (disorder)
111002Parathyroid structure (body structure)
125001Ferrous (59-Fe) sulfate (substance)
140004Chronic pharyngitis (disorder)
187006Cyanocobalamin (57-Co) (substance)
219006Current drinker of alcohol (finding)
252000Acinetobacter johnsonii (organism)
270002Female first cousin (person)
271003Bone plate, device (physical object)
281004Dementia associated with alcoholism (disorder)
283001Structure of central axillary lymph node (body structure)
286009Czech (ethnic group)
290006Melnick-Fraser syndrome (disorder)
297009Acute myringitis (disorder)
300004Miniature schnauzer (organism)
315003Skin structure of umbilicus (body structure)
317006Reactive hypoglycemia (disorder)
330007Occipital headache (finding)
345000Atrioventricular bundle structure (body structure)
359007Kernicterus due to isoimmunization (disorder)
368009Heart valve disorder (disorder)
385006Secondary peripheral neuropathy (disorder)
400003Pinzgauer cattle breed (organism)
409002Food allergy diet (finding)
432003Carminic acid stain (substance)
439007Therapeutic radioisotope (product)
461002Structure of lateral corticospinal tract (body structure)
485005Transverse colon structure (body structure)
507002Standard poodle (organism)
524008Multifocal (qualifier value)
54800413p partial trisomy syndrome (disorder)
563001Nystagmus (disorder)
568005Tic disorder (disorder)
583000Wirehaired vizsla (organism)
589001Interventricular septum structure (body structure)
596004Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (disorder)
606003Terrier (organism)
638008Legionella oakridgensis (organism)
661005Jaw region structure (body structure)
684003Pygmy goat (organism)
739006Bicycle ergometer, device (physical object)
774007Structure of head and/or neck (body structure)
787001Rheumatic mitral stenosis with regurgitation (disorder)
788006Disease-related diet (finding)
792004Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease (disorder)
795002Deep (qualifier value)
796001Product containing digoxin (medicinal product)
805002Pneumoconiosis caused by silica (disorder)
811004Flail motion (finding)
813001Ankle instability (finding)
815008Episcleritis (disorder)
832007Moderate major depression (disorder)
834008Chair-seated facing coital position (finding)
865004Hyperalimentation formula for ileus (finding)
873008Urethan (substance)
891003Suicide by self-administered drug (event)
909007Mycobacterium parafortuitum (organism)
919001Pseudohomosexual state (finding)
925002Sodium iodipamide (substance)
932006Flat affect (finding)
944009Brown Welsh cattle breed (organism)
955009Bronchial structure (body structure)
965003Toxic amblyopia (disorder)
967006Medication education (procedure)
976004Structure of ovarian vein (body structure)
1006005Percheron horse (organism)
1023001Apnea (finding)
1048003Capillary specimen collection (procedure)
1055001Stenosis of precerebral artery (disorder)
1085006Candidiasis of vulva (disorder)
1101003Cranial cavity structure (body structure)
1107004Early latent syphilis, positive serology, negative cerebrospinal fluid, with relapse after treatment (disorder)
1118004Viking horse (organism)
1145003Developmental speech disorder (disorder)
1166006Titanium (substance)
1182007Hypotensive agent (product)
1193009Structure of teres major muscle (body structure)
1194003Disease condition determination, well controlled (finding)
1201005Benign essential hypertension (disorder)
1202003Mastication (observable entity)
1210002Struck by falling lumber (event)
1211003Treadmill, device (physical object)
1231004Meninges structure (body structure)
1239002Congenital anteversion of femur (disorder)
1240000Prone body position (finding)
1247002Clydesdale horse (organism)
1250004Decreased (qualifier value)
1261007Fracture of multiple ribs (disorder)
1290001Mycoplasma hominis (organism)
1305003Double (qualifier value)
1307006Glottis structure (body structure)
1335005Induratio penis plastica (disorder)
1340002Malays (ethnic group)
1346008Blue shade eosin stain (substance)
1366004Inhalation therapy procedure (procedure)
1368003Iodine-131 (substance)
1376001Obsessive compulsive personality disorder (disorder)
1380006Agoraphobia without history of panic disorder with limited symptom attacks (disorder)
1386000Intracranial hemorrhage (disorder)
1402001Fear (finding)
1415005Lymphangitis (disorder)
1420005German longhaired pointer (organism)
1439000Structure of paravesicular lymph node (body structure)
1451003Greeks (ethnic group)
1475003Herpes labialis (disorder)
1482004Cyst of meibomian gland (disorder)
1483009Angular (qualifier value)
1489008Hordeolum externum (disorder)
1507005Mycobacterium kansasii (organism)
1514007Bedlington terrier (organism)
1522000Plaque (morphologic abnormality)
1532007Viral pharyngitis (disorder)
1539003Acquired trigger finger (disorder)
1542009Omphalocele with obstruction (disorder)
1563006Protein S deficiency disease (disorder)
1658003Closed fracture of acromial end of clavicle (disorder)
1663004G2 grade (finding)
1679003Arthritis associated with another disorder (disorder)
1686006Sedative, hypnotic AND/OR anxiolytic-induced anxiety disorder (disorder)
1705000Closed fracture of base of neck of femur (disorder)
1710001Uric acid (substance)
1732005Thoracic duct structure (body structure)
1742007Female hypererotism (finding)
1748006Thrombophlebitis of deep femoral vein (disorder)
1755008Old myocardial infarction (disorder)
1759002Assessment of nutritional status (procedure)
1761006Biliary cirrhosis (disorder)
1776003Renal tubular acidosis (disorder)
1789009Trakehner horse (organism)
1807002Forceps delivery failed (situation)
1809004Rex cat breed (organism)
1816003Panic disorder with agoraphobia, severe agoraphobic avoidance AND mild panic attacks (disorder)
1829003Microcephalus (disorder)
1847009Endophthalmitis (disorder)
1855002Developmental academic disorder (disorder)
1857005Congenital rubella syndrome (disorder)
1860003Fluid volume disorder (disorder)
1881003Increased nutritional requirement (finding)
1896004Ectopic breast tissue (disorder)
1902009Skin structure of ear (body structure)
1910005Entire ear (body structure)
1912002Fall (event)
1918003Structure of suprarenal aorta (body structure)
1919006Egyptians (ethnic group)
1929004Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, no International Classification of Diseases for Oncology subtype (morphologic abnormality)
1963002Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (disorder)
1974006Retriever (organism)
1985008Vomitus (substance)
1993008Operation of a transportation device, function (observable entity)
2008008Gallium-67 (substance)
2032001Cerebral edema (disorder)
2043009Alcoholic gastritis (disorder)
2048000Lingual tonsil structure (body structure)
2055003Recurrent erosion of cornea (disorder)
2059009Skin structure of ear lobule (body structure)
2062007Dachshund superbreed of dog (organism)
2070002Burning sensation in eye (finding)
2073000Delusions (finding)
2088005Page blue G-90 stain (substance)
2089002Osteitis deformans (disorder)
2092003Malignant melanoma, no International Classification of Diseases for Oncology subtype (morphologic abnormality)
2095001Nasal sinus structure (body structure)
2099007Hemangioma, no International Classification of Diseases for Oncology subtype (morphologic abnormality)
2109003Isolated somatotropin deficiency (disorder)
2124007Rambouillet sheep (organism)
2145000Anal penetration (finding)
2159007Azorubin S stain (substance)
2160002Structure of ligamentum arteriosum (body structure)
2177002Postherpetic neuralgia (disorder)
2237002Pleuritic pain (finding)
2268003Victim of homosexual aggression (finding)
2272004Half-sister (person)
2282003Prosthetic breast implant (physical object)
2304001Discitis (disorder)
2309006Gold (substance)
2314005Unprotected sexual intercourse (finding)
2321005Delivery by Ritgen maneuver (procedure)
2334006Structure of calyx (body structure)
2339001Sexual overexposure (finding)
2400006Structure of permanent mandibular left first premolar tooth (body structure)
2403008Psychoactive substance dependence (disorder)
2415007Lumbosacral radiculopathy (disorder)
2423009Chikungunya virus (organism)
2424003Sarcoma, no International Classification of Diseases for Oncology subtype (morphologic abnormality)
2435008Ascariasis (disorder)
2472002Anuria (finding)
2477008Superficial thrombophlebitis (disorder)
2492009Nutritional disorder (disorder)
2506003Early onset dysthymia (disorder)
2528003Viremia (finding)
2556008Periodontal disease (disorder)
2576002Trachoma (disorder)
2606006Furuncle of perineum (disorder)
2615004Follicular cyst of ovary (disorder)
2617007Fall from scaffold (event)
2622007Infected ulcer of skin (disorder)
2651006Closed traumatic dislocation of elbow joint (disorder)
2667000Absent (qualifier value)
2688009Tristan da Cunhans (ethnic group)
2705002Arsenic-72 (substance)
2720008Hututu (ethnic group)
2733002Heel pain (finding)
2739003Endometrial structure (body structure)
2748008Spinal cord structure (body structure)
2776000Delirium (disorder)
2785000Genus Enterococcus (organism)
2799001Methylbenzethonium chloride (substance)
2812003Structure of head of femur (body structure)
2815001Sexual pyromania (disorder)
2841007Structure of renal artery (body structure)
2852001Bhutanese (ethnic group)
2858002Puerperal sepsis (disorder)
2861001Entire gland (organ) (body structure)
2864009Rotavirus group E (organism)
2869004Acetic acid (substance)
2897005Immune thrombocytopenia (disorder)
2901004Melena (disorder)
2904007Male infertility (disorder)
2910007Discharge from penis (finding)
2929001Occlusion of artery (disorder)
2942001Carbon (14-C) xylose (substance)
2985005Paget's disease, mammary (morphologic abnormality)
2999009Injury of ear (disorder)
3006004Disturbance of consciousness (finding)
3027009Barium-133 (substance)
3040004Technetium (99m-Tc) disofenin (substance)
3058005Peripheral nervous system structure (body structure)
3092008Staphylococcus aureus (organism)
3099004Romney marsh sheep (organism)
3110003Acute otitis media (disorder)
3120008Pleural membrane structure (body structure)
3128001Legionella israelensis (organism)
3133002Patient discharge, deceased, autopsy (procedure)
3135009Otitis externa (disorder)
3158007Panic disorder with agoraphobia, agoraphobic avoidance in partial remission AND panic attacks in partial remission (disorder)
3159004Structure of costocervical trunk (body structure)
3194006Endocardium of right atrium (body structure)
3199001Sprain of shoulder (disorder)
3200003Sacrocoxalgia (finding)
3216001Lincoln red cattle breed (organism)
3218000Mycosis (disorder)
3227004Left coronary artery main stem (body structure)
3228009Closed fracture of shaft of radius (disorder)
3236000Structure of posterior segment of right upper lobe of lung (body structure)
3238004Pericarditis (disorder)
3243006Structure of parametrial lymph node (body structure)
3253007Discoloration of skin (finding)
3260001Duroc pig (organism)
3282008Welders' keratitis (disorder)
3289004Anisometropia (disorder)
3291007Closed fracture of two ribs (disorder)
3305006Disorder of lymphatic vessel (disorder)
3321001Renal abscess (disorder)
3325005Lipopolysaccharide (substance)
3345002Idiopathic osteoporosis (disorder)
3347005Dandie Dinmont terrier (organism)
3351007Genus Anaplasma (organism)
3353005Pueblo (ethnic group)
3354004Havana brown cat (organism)
3415004Cyanosis (finding)
3418002Chondrectomy of spine (procedure)
3424008Tachycardia (finding)
3430008Radiation therapist (occupation)
3457005Patient referral (procedure)
3468005Neonatal infective mastitis (disorder)
3502005Cervical lymphadenitis (disorder)
3515001Replacement of electronic heart device, pulse generator (procedure)
3528008Restricted carbohydrate fat controlled diet (finding)
3545003Diastolic dysfunction (finding)
3548001Brachial plexus disorder (disorder)
3566006Southdown sheep (organism)
3577000Retinal lattice degeneration (disorder)
3583002Caudal (qualifier value)
3589003Syphilitic pericarditis (disorder)
3653002Balinese cat (organism)
3674001Siberian huskie (organism)
3677008Academic problem (finding)
3696007Nonulcer dyspepsia (disorder)
3698008Micronesians (ethnic group)
3699000Transverse deficiency of upper limb (disorder)
3704008Diffuse endocapillary proliferative glomerulonephritis (disorder)
3713005Release for de Quervain's tenosynovitis of hand (procedure)
3716002Goiter (disorder)
3723001Arthritis (disorder)
3738000Viral hepatitis (disorder)
3744001Hyperlipoproteinemia (disorder)
3754002Dysplasia of vagina (disorder)
3818007Senegalese (ethnic group)
3829006Iron (substance)
3839000Lipid-rich carcinoma (morphologic abnormality)
3855007Disorder of pancreas (disorder)
3885002ABO isoimmunization affecting pregnancy (disorder)
3895009Application of dressing (procedure)
3898006Neoplasm, benign (morphologic abnormality)
3900008Mixed sensory-motor polyneuropathy (disorder)
3903005Traumatic pneumothorax without open wound into thorax (disorder)
3916005Structure of occipital lymph node (body structure)
3921008Airedale terrier (organism)
3924000Structure of pericardiophrenic artery (body structure)
3932008Copper-64 (substance)
3937002Structure of entorhinal cortex (body structure)
3951002Proctitis (disorder)
3954005Lacrimal sac structure (body structure)
3960005Olfactory tract structure (body structure)
3972004Primary insomnia (disorder)
3974003Contact with sharp leaves (event)
3995008Manx (organism)
3997000Pony (organism)
4009004Lower urinary tract infectious disease (disorder)
4019005Structure of posterior commissure of labia majora (body structure)
4042003Somali cat (organism)
4046000Degenerative spondylolisthesis (disorder)
4064007Specimen aliquoting (procedure)
4073004Palauans (ethnic group)
4082005Syphilitic myocarditis (disorder)
4103001Complex partial seizure with impairment of consciousness (disorder)
4106009Rotator cuff syndrome (disorder)
4120002Bronchiolitis (disorder)
4127004Prostatic obstruction (disorder)
4147007Mass (morphologic abnormality)
419900918p partial trisomy syndrome (disorder)
4210003Ocular hypertension (disorder)
4223005Parkinsonism caused by drug (disorder)
4241002Listeriosis (disorder)
4258007Structure of posterior tibial vein (body structure)
4264000Chronic pericoronitis (disorder)
4273008Closed posterior dislocation of elbow (disorder)
4298009Shigella sonnei (organism)
4299001Marathas (ethnic group)
4307007Pregestational diabetes mellitus AND/OR impaired glucose tolerance, modified White class F (disorder)
4317002Structure of spinalis muscle (body structure)
4322002Military field hospital (environment)
4356008Gingival recession (disorder)
4373005Clubbing of nail (disorder)
4382004Centrally acting hypotensive agent (product)
4386001Bronchospasm (finding)
4406004Congenital anomaly of male genital system (disorder)
4412009Injury of digital nerve (disorder)
4432005Structure of ductus arteriosus (body structure)
4447001Autopsy, gross and microscopic examination, stillborn or newborn without central nervous system (procedure)
4473006Migraine with aura (disorder)
4483005Syphilitic punched out ulcer (disorder)
4506002Educational problem (finding)
4512007Group sex play (finding)
4521008Fall from cliff (event)
4525004Emergency department patient visit (procedure)
4550001Special infant formula (finding)
4554005Intraventricular conduction defect (disorder)
4556007Gastritis (disorder)
4557003Preinfarction syndrome (disorder)
4563007Hospital admission, transfer from other hospital or health care facility (procedure)
4568003Retrosternal pain (finding)
4574003Shropshire sheep (organism)
4578000Skin structure of posterior surface of thigh (body structure)
4596009Laryngeal structure (body structure)
4598005Osteomalacia (disorder)
4619009Generalized-onset seizures (disorder)
4625008Apical pulse taking (procedure)
4631006Tubular adenocarcinoma (morphologic abnormality)
4649006Toxoplasma gondii (organism)
4656000Alcian blue 8GX stain (substance)
4658004Skin structure of nuchal region (body structure)
4661003Calculus of bile duct with obstruction (disorder)
4668009Genus Yersinia (organism)
4683004Living condition (observable entity)
4693006Chromium (51-Cr) albumin (substance)
4711003Congenital anomaly of bile ducts (disorder)
4716008Entamoeba histolytica (organism)
4740000Herpes zoster (disorder)
4751000Leisure physical activity (observable entity)
4754008Gynecomastia (disorder)
4770005Colporrhaphy for repair of urethrocele (procedure)
4776004Lichen planus (disorder)
4779006Cryptosporidium muris (organism)
4787007Fetal or neonatal effect of breech delivery and extraction (disorder)
4788002Closed fracture of zygoma (disorder)
4800001Pyuria (finding)
4821001Contusion of cheek (disorder)
4832001Technetium (99m-Tc) mebrofenin (substance)
4834000Typhoid fever (disorder)
4851007Chronic endocarditis (disorder)
4853005Dry coitus (finding)
4854004Acquired hemolytic anemia (disorder)
4855003Retinopathy due to diabetes mellitus (disorder)
4886009Premature birth of newborn male (finding)
4927003Acute anterior uveitis (disorder)
4932002Panic disorder with agoraphobia, moderate agoraphobic avoidance AND mild panic attacks (disorder)
4942000Lower limb lymph node structure (body structure)
4958002Amygdaloid structure (body structure)
4960000Peruvian Paso horse (organism)
4969004Sinus headache (finding)
4970003Venography (procedure)
4996001Hypophosphatemia (disorder)
4997005Thyrotoxicosis factitia (disorder)
5043000Erythrosin Y stain (substance)
5048009External cephalic version with tocolysis (procedure)
5049001Abnormal angle of erection (finding)
5050001Senile angioma (disorder)
5056007Mycoplasma genitalium (organism)
5076001Structure of infrasternal angle (body structure)
5084002Primary female infertility (disorder)
5085001Gonococcemia (disorder)
5132005Keratosis pilaris (disorder)
5140004Structure of maxillary right first molar tooth (body structure)
5148006Hypertensive heart disease with congestive heart failure (disorder)
5158005Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome (disorder)
5164003Montdale sheep (organism)
5187006Prune belly syndrome (disorder)
5210005Rubella virus (organism)
5217008Stiff-man syndrome (disorder)
5227002Oxford sandy block pig (organism)
5244003Intraductal papilloma (morphologic abnormality)
5247005Bordetella pertussis (organism)
5272005Skin structure of lateral portion of neck (body structure)
5291005Hypocalcemia (disorder)
5294002Developmental disorder (disorder)
5296000Structure of anterior mediastinal lymph node (body structure)
5306005Manchester terrier superbreed (organism)
5313005Derangement of posterior horn of medial meniscus (disorder)
5318001Posterior subcapsular polar senile cataract (disorder)
5366008Hippocampal structure (body structure)
5368009Drug-induced diabetes mellitus (disorder)
5370000Atrial flutter (disorder)
5394000Structure of uterine paracervical lymph node (body structure)
5405008Cobalt-60 (substance)
5413009Abnormal male sexual function (finding)
5438004French alpine goat (organism)
5441008Tinea capitis (disorder)
5442001Page blue 83 stain (substance)
5447007Transfusion (procedure)
5467003Normal respiratory rhythm (finding)
5505005Acute bronchiolitis (disorder)
5509004Panic disorder with agoraphobia AND severe panic attacks (disorder)
5510009Organic delusional disorder (disorder)
5540006Calcium (substance)
5549007Living in temporary quarters (finding)
5552004Disorder of ovary (disorder)
5556001Manually assisted spontaneous delivery (procedure)
5587004Corneal dystrophy (disorder)
5595000Salmonella enterica subspecies enterica serovar Typhi (organism)
5602001Opioid abuse (disorder)
5609005Sinus arrest (disorder)
5619004Bardet-Biedl syndrome (disorder)
5639000Late tooth eruption (disorder)
5660006Volitional phonation (observable entity)
5662003Contusion of hand (disorder)
5665001Retinal structure (body structure)
5689008Chronic periodontitis (disorder)
5692007Cyanocobalamin (58-Co) (substance)
5712003Sessile (qualifier value)
5713008Submandibular triangle structure (body structure)
5727003Structure of anterior cervical lymph node (body structure)
5758002Bacteremia (finding)
5781000Operation on nasal septum (procedure)
5785009Forensic autopsy (procedure)
5794003Country dweller (finding)
5798000Diaphragm structure (body structure)
5851001Corynebacterium diphtheriae (organism)
5856006N3 category (finding)
5874002Anticipatory anxiety, severe (finding)
5876000Acquired pancytopenia (disorder)
5880005Physical examination procedure (procedure)
5883007Physiological change of voice, function (observable entity)
5885000Mycobacterium flavescens (organism)
5888003Keratitis (disorder)
5902003History and physical examination, complete (procedure)
5913000Fracture of neck of femur (disorder)
5916008Dalmatian dog (organism)
5928000Great cardiac vein structure (body structure)
5931004Technetium (99m-Tc) sulfur colloid (substance)
5935008Oral contraception (finding)
5969009Diabetes mellitus associated with genetic syndrome (disorder)
5972002Delay when starting to pass urine (finding)
5984000Fetal or neonatal effect of malpresentation, malposition and/or disproportion during labor and/or delivery (disorder)
6012004Hearing aid, device (physical object)
6020002Tinea pedis (disorder)
6025007Laparoscopic appendectomy (procedure)
6041008Flat (qualifier value)
6053007Dekalb hybrid pig line 33 (organism)
6055000Burn of upper limb (disorder)
6058003Residual foreign body in soft tissue (disorder)
6062009Structure of deciduous mandibular right canine tooth (body structure)
6064005Topical route (qualifier value)
6072007Bleeding from anus (disorder)
6077001Foot-drop (finding)
6096002Breech presentation (finding)
6103004Jack Russell terrier dog breed (organism)
6112002Meusse-Rhine-Ijssel cattle breed (organism)
6118003Demyelinating disease of central nervous system (disorder)
6141006Retinal edema (disorder)
6142004Influenza (disorder)
6154004Open wound of forearm with tendon involvement (disorder)
6185008Helicobacter-associated disease (disorder)
6199007Mycobacterium diernhoferi (organism)
6208003Clonic seizure (finding)
6215006Acute cholangitis (disorder)
6217003Structure of piriform recess (body structure)
6220006Galiceno horse (organism)
6229007Lacrimal bone structure (body structure)
6234006Second degree perineal laceration (disorder)
6240004Operative procedure on knee (procedure)
6246005Treponema pallidum ss. pertenue (organism)
6257000Sodium (22-Na) chloride (substance)
6273006Priapism (disorder)
6284004Abscess of neck (disorder)
6285003Tachyarrhythmia (disorder)
6300007Exposed to noise (event)
6301006Tantalum-178 (substance)
6329009Lean meat exchange list (finding)
6334008Cervical inunction (finding)
6373008Choco (ethnic group)
6374002Bundle branch block (disorder)
6383007Premature labor (finding)
6387008Vibrio furnissii (organism)
6400008Xanthoma of eyelid (disorder)
6413002Structure of presymphysial lymph node (body structure)
6415009Human respiratory syncytial virus (organism)
6423006Supraspinatus muscle structure (body structure)
6425004Product containing histamine receptor antagonist (product)
6431001Leicester sheep (organism)
6456007Supraventricular tachycardia (disorder)
6461009Amygdalolith (disorder)
6471006Suicidal thoughts (finding)
6475002Primary degenerative dementia of the Alzheimer type, presenile onset, uncomplicated (disorder)
6497000Decreased body mass index (finding)
6511003Structure of distal portion of circumflex branch of left coronary artery (body structure)
6516008Indium (111-In) ferric hydroxide (substance)
6525002Dependent drug abuse (disorder)
6530003Structure of cardiac valve leaflet (body structure)
6533001Structure of colonic haustra (body structure)
6538005Structure of thyrocervical trunk (body structure)
6552007Lactose free infant formula (finding)
6574001Necrosis (morphologic abnormality)
6631009Thrombocytosis (disorder)
6654000Acquired hallux rigidus (disorder)
6655004Acute laryngitis (disorder)
6660000Atypical intraductal hyperplasia (morphologic abnormality)
6698000Closed trimalleolar fracture (disorder)
6701008Lissamine fast red B stain (substance)
6703006Breast lobule hyperplasia (disorder)
6706003Transrectal approach (qualifier value)
6708002Intrauterine cordocentesis (procedure)
6725000Methylene blue stain (substance)
6736007Moderate (severity modifier) (qualifier value)
6738008Female infertility (disorder)
6740003Cystic fibroadenosis of breast (disorder)
6744007Painful bladder spasm (finding)
6797001Mean blood pressure (observable entity)
6832004Atherectomy (procedure)
6836001Injury of brachial plexus (disorder)
6849006Rupture of quadriceps tendon (disorder)
6858004Capsulitis (disorder)
6866008Structure of habenular commissure (body structure)
6871001Structure of visceral pericardium (body structure)
6893006First stage of labor (finding)
6895004Tahyna virus (organism)
6929003Urethral caruncle (disorder)
6934004Permanent (qualifier value)
6936002Cleft lip sequence (disorder)
6942003Level of consciousness (observable entity)
6962006Hypertensive retinopathy (disorder)
6973004Chromium (51-Cr) chloride (substance)
6990005Fracture of shaft of tibia (disorder)
6996004Congenital absence of pulmonary valve (disorder)
7006003Clumsiness (finding)
7011001Hallucinations (finding)
7033004Petit mal status (disorder)
7058009Noncompliance with treatment (finding)
7087005Intermittent (qualifier value)
7093002Renal colic (finding)
7121006Structure of maxillary right second molar tooth (body structure)
7140000Radiographic contrast media (product)
7163005Urinary tract obstruction (disorder)
7180009Meningitis (disorder)
7183006Anophthalmos (disorder)
7199000Tuberous sclerosis syndrome (disorder)
7200002Alcoholism (disorder)
7231009Bullous dermatosis (disorder)
7281000Technetium (99m-Tc) lidofenin (substance)
7285009Milk free infant formula (finding)
7292004Product containing indocyanine green (medicinal product)
7293009Heavy-for-dates at birth regardless of gestation period (disorder)
7297005Generalized seborrheic dermatitis of infants (disorder)
7305005Coarctation of aorta (disorder)
7339009Polyneuropathy caused by drug (disorder)
7349007Yodelling (observable entity)
7389001Time frame (qualifier value)
7393007Disorder of nasal sinus (disorder)
7426009Central corneal ulcer (disorder)
7434003Erythrosin B stain (substance)
7456000Poisoning caused by wasp sting (disorder)
7476006Special care of dentures (regime/therapy)
7484005Double outlet right ventricle (disorder)
7487003200 milligram calcium diet (finding)
7510005Color vision examination (procedure)
7520000Pyrexia of unknown origin (finding)
7527002Genus Legionella (organism)
7542004Personal status (observable entity)
7550008Transitory tachypnea of newborn (disorder)
7551007Closed fracture of neck of metacarpal bone (disorder)
7562007Radioisotope study of endocrine system (procedure)
7564008Liquid cardiac diet (finding)
7569003Finger structure (body structure)
7573000Classical phenylketonuria (disorder)
7620006Crohn's disease of large bowel (disorder)
7623008American paint horse (organism)
7631003Infant formula with medium chain triglycerides (finding)
7632005Dermatographic urticaria (disorder)
7653001Self-feeding deficit (finding)
7657000Structure of femoral artery (body structure)
7668000Pseudomasturbation (finding)
7674000Greater trochanteric pain syndrome (disorder)
7678002Cytomegaloviral pneumonia (disorder)
7695005Germans (ethnic group)
7699004Adhesive middle ear disease (disorder)
7725007Radiation nephritis (disorder)
7751009Visual discomfort (finding)
7757008Genus Acinetobacter (organism)
7765006Epidermal burn of scalp (disorder)
7770004Strontium-89 (substance)
7771000Left (qualifier value)
7791007Soy protein (substance)
7792000Placenta previa without hemorrhage (disorder)
7832008Abdominal aorta structure (body structure)
7843000Horned Hereford (organism)
7844006Sternoclavicular joint structure (body structure)
7847004Cheilitis (disorder)
7890003Contracture of joint (disorder)
7895008Poisoning caused by drug AND/OR medicinal substance (disorder)
7916009Alcoholic polyneuropathy (disorder)
7919002Impaired skin integrity (finding)
7934008Passive physical exercise (observable entity)
7947003Product containing aspirin (medicinal product)
7951001Tailor's bunion (disorder)
7964000Congenital listeriosis (disorder)
7973008Abnormal vision (finding)
7991003Skin structure of glans penis (body structure)
7996008Fetal intrauterine distress first noted during labor AND/OR delivery in liveborn infant (finding)
8001006Structure of mucous membrane of tongue (body structure)
8004003Teething syndrome (finding)
8009008Nocturnal enuresis (finding)
8011004Dysarthria (finding)
8012006Structure of anterior communicating artery (body structure)
8014007Brow presentation (finding)
8017000Structure of inflow tract of right ventricle (body structure)
8034008Painful penile erection (finding)
8069005Implantation of tricuspid valve prosthesis or synthetic device (procedure)
8089006Welsh walking horse (organism)
8098009Sexually transmitted infectious disease (disorder)
8124001West Africans (ethnic group)
8128003Supraaortic valve area structure (body structure)
8147000Legionella wadsworthii (organism)
8180007Fiberoptic colonoscopy through colostomy (procedure)
8185002Panic disorder with agoraphobia AND moderate panic attacks (disorder)
8186001Cardiomegaly (disorder)
8202008Potassium-43 (substance)
8205005Wrist region structure (body structure)
8217007Arachnoiditis (disorder)
8218002Chronic hypertension complicating AND/OR reason for care during childbirth (disorder)
8220004Endocervical polyp (disorder)
8225009Accessory atrioventricular bundle (body structure)
8227001Ruthenium-106 (substance)
8229003Vasomotor rhinitis (disorder)
8317005At risk for deficient parenting (finding)
8334002Structure of lumbar lymph node (body structure)
8342001Brilliant cresyl blue stain (substance)
8348002Product containing cyclopentolate (medicinal product)
8349005Sexual exposure (finding)
8351009Smooth fox terrier (organism)
8356004Structure of colic lymph node (body structure)
8357008Reduced libido (finding)
8359006Automated (qualifier value)
8360001Pleomorphic adenoma (morphologic abnormality)
8367003Clipping nails of patient (procedure)
8378006Trimming (procedure)
8386006Clostridium botulinum, type E (organism)
8392000Non-smoker (finding)
8414002Abscess of nose (disorder)
8419007Domestic longhaired cat (organism)
8422009Destruction of hemorrhoids by sclerotherapy (procedure)
8429000Brilliant orange stain (substance)
8442000Purulent rhinitis (disorder)
8467002Dengue virus, type 3 (organism)
8483002Structure of mesial surface of tooth (body structure)
8493009Chronic gastritis (disorder)
8499008Pulse, function (observable entity)
8510008Reduced mobility (finding)
8516002Dekalb hybrid pig line 51 (organism)
8517006Ex-smoker (finding)
8522006Klismaphilia (disorder)
8555001Syphilis of lung (disorder)
8592001Irrigation following insertion of catheter (procedure)
8598002Vestibulocochlear nerve structure (body structure)
8616005Rhinocheiloplasty repair for cleft lip (procedure)
8619003Infertile (finding)
8625004Legal status (observable entity)
8629005Structure of superior right pulmonary vein (body structure)
8635005Alcohol withdrawal delirium (disorder)
8644006Epigastric fullness (finding)
8666004Supernumerary teeth (disorder)
8672004Coccidioides (organism)
8686000Cocaine-induced sexual dysfunction (finding)
8715000Hospital admission, elective (procedure)
8722008Aortic valve disorder (disorder)
8762007Chronic hypertension in obstetric context (disorder)
8763002German landrace pig (organism)
8765009Hematemesis (disorder)
8782006Radical perineal prostatectomy (procedure)
8801005Secondary diabetes mellitus (disorder)
8821006Structure of peroneal artery (body structure)
8836009Gallocyanine stain (substance)
8847002Spondylosis (disorder)
8858006Strontium (85-Sr) nitrate (substance)
8873007Structure of permanent mandibular right second premolar tooth (body structure)
8874001Arthroscopy of knee with medial and lateral meniscectomy (procedure)
8887007Structure of brachiocephalic vein (body structure)
8889005Excisional biopsy (procedure)
8900005Hypoproteinemia (disorder)
8913004Primary physiologic amenorrhea (finding)
8920006Repair of retina for retinal detachment (procedure)
8926000Azure B stain (substance)
8928004Inguinal lymph node structure (body structure)
8931003Structure of coracoid process of scapula (body structure)
8943002Weight gain (finding)
8948006Assisted ventilation therapy, pressure or volume preset, initiation and management (procedure)
8954007Sequestrum of jaw bone (disorder)
8970009French landrace pig (organism)
8971008Psychalgia (finding)
8989009Ayrshire cattle breed (organism)
8993003Structure of hepatic vein (body structure)
8997002Ventricular systole, function (observable entity)
9009001Low compliance bladder (disorder)
9010006Methyl blue stain (substance)
9014002Psoriasis (disorder)
9015001Brain injury without open intracranial wound (disorder)
9021002Carbaryl (substance)
9040008Ascending colon structure (body structure)
9041007Campylobacter hyointestinalis (organism)
9061001Check artificial pacemaker (procedure)
9078005Polyp of vocal cord (disorder)
9083002Pedophilia, opposite sex (disorder)
9097005Stigma (finding)
9126005Menstrual spotting (finding)
9131007Standard Manchester terrier (organism)
9135003OIC pig (organism)
9158000Liberians (ethnic group)
9166009Injection of anesthetic substance, diagnostic, subarachnoid, continuous (procedure)
9177003Histiocytic vasculitis of skin (disorder)
9190005Product containing tropicamide (medicinal product)
9194001Jamestown Canyon virus (organism)
9209005Acute abdomen (disorder)
9230001Camarron goat (organism)
9241004Gonococcal heart disease (disorder)
9265001Specimen processing (procedure)
9277006Polled Hereford (organism)
9283009Second degree uterine prolapse (disorder)
9351000Palladium-103 (substance)
9389005Herpes simplex keratitis (disorder)
9414007Impaired glucose tolerance (disorder)
9418005Necrobiosis lipoidica (disorder)
9427006Autopsy review (procedure)
9431000Phase of life problem (finding)
9454009Structure of subclavian vein (body structure)
9468002Closed fracture of carpal bone (disorder)
9528004Flat-coated retriever (organism)
9533000Dutch (ethnic group)
9560007Crushing injury of upper limb (disorder)
9617008Hyperlipoproteinemia diet, type I (finding)
9631008Ankylosing spondylitis (disorder)
9642004Left superior vena cava (body structure)
9651007Long QT syndrome (disorder)
9659009Infraclavicular lymph node (body structure)
9679001Mycobacterium moriokaense (organism)
9682006Fracture of scapula (disorder)
9707006Intestinal volvulus (disorder)
9713002Prostatitis (disorder)
9718006Polymerase chain reaction analysis (procedure)
9721008Phencyclidine (substance)
9726003Equal (qualifier value)
9740002Macroencephaly (disorder)
9748009Dyskinesia (finding)
9761009Chihuahua superbreed (organism)
9763007Expiratory wheezing (finding)
9775002Structure of left carotid sinus (body structure)
9794007Endolymphatic hydrops (disorder)
9799002Burn patient diet, high calorie, high protein (finding)
9826008Conjunctivitis (disorder)
9859006Acanthosis nigricans due to type 2 diabetes mellitus (disorder)
9861002Streptococcus pneumoniae (organism)
9875009Thymus gland structure (body structure)
9888007Excision of intracranial lesion (procedure)
9892000Campylobacter concisus (organism)
9901000Essential hypertension complicating AND/OR reason for care during puerperium (disorder)
9904008Congenital anomaly of cardiovascular system (disorder)
9908006Normal psychomotor development (finding)
9939008Mycobacterium fallax (organism)
9947008Natural father (person)
9953008Acute alcoholic liver disease (disorder)
9957009Urethral discharge (finding)
9964006Flexion, function (observable entity)
9991008Abdominal colic (finding)
10008004Ewe (ethnic group)
10017004Occlusal wear of teeth (disorder)
10029008Suicide precautions (procedure)
10040000Pomeranian dog (organism)
10050004Contusion of chest (disorder)
10085004Metatarsalgia (finding)
10117001Finns (ethnic group)
10119003Structure of deep volar arch of radial artery (body structure)
10132008Burns of multiple sites (disorder)
10136006Singapura cat (organism)
10139004Difficulty adjusting to work situation (finding)
10184002Recurrent cholangitis (disorder)
10197000Psychiatric interview and evaluation (procedure)
10200004Liver structure (body structure)
10209003Structure of parotid lymph node (body structure)
10217006Third degree perineal laceration (disorder)
10227000Herpetic infection of penis (disorder)
10247008Chrysoidine R stain (substance)
10249006Agar (substance)
10261003Belgium landrace pig (organism)
10262005Enterococcus malodoratus (organism)
10266008Insertion of bridge pontic (procedure)
10292001Guamians (ethnic group)
10293006Structure of iliac artery (body structure)
10326007Coronary artery bypass with autogenous graft, three grafts (procedure)
10337008Incompetence of any valvular structure (finding)
10345003Primary syphilis of tonsils (disorder)
10369004Briard dog (organism)
10376009Papillary carcinoma in situ (morphologic abnormality)
10380004Crushing injury of finger (disorder)
10383002Counseling for termination of pregnancy (procedure)
10396001Radiation diet (finding)
10406007Lesch-Nyhan syndrome (disorder)
10432001Onge (ethnic group)
10458001Evacuation of intracerebral hematoma (procedure)
10461000Nonvenomous insect bite with infection (disorder)
10509002Acute bronchitis (disorder)
10514003Norwalk virus (organism)
10517005External capsule of brain (body structure)
10528009Lupus vulgaris (disorder)
10531005Free-standing ambulatory surgery facility (environment)
10544000Smooth collie (organism)
10562009Malignant hypertension complicating AND/OR reason for care during childbirth (disorder)
1057200713q partial trisomy syndrome (disorder)
10586006Occupation-related stress disorder (disorder)
10598001Contact with hand tool (event)
10601006Pain in lower limb (finding)
10623005Fibrous dysplasia of bone (disorder)
10626002Multifocal premature ventricular complexes (disorder)
10629009Tetany (disorder)
10639003Solitary plasmacytoma of bone (morphologic abnormality)
10665004Mumps pancreatitis (disorder)
10701001Javanese cat (organism)
10712001Product containing glucagon (medicinal product)
10725009Benign hypertension (disorder)
10738001Yttrium-86 (substance)
10740006Sudan blue stain (substance)
10743008Irritable bowel syndrome (disorder)
10781003Sodium phosphate (32-P) (substance)
10783000Symptomatic pedophilia (disorder)
10828004Positive (qualifier value)
10842007Ibizan hound (organism)
10847001Bronchoscopy (procedure)
10849003Removal of foreign body (procedure)
10885003Premenstrual symptom (finding)
10888001Liquid diet (finding)
10893003Tuberculous adenitis (disorder)
10904000Orthostatic body position (finding)
10930001Congenital atresia of pulmonary artery (disorder)
10944007Taurine (substance)
10981006Severe mixed bipolar I disorder with psychotic features (disorder)
11000004Caudate nucleus structure (body structure)
11049006Cervical radiculitis (disorder)
11050006Closure of vesicouterine fistula with hysterectomy (procedure)
11069001Azure C stain (substance)
11070000Capsular (qualifier value)
11089000Structure of superior cerebellar peduncle (body structure)
11092001Sinus tachycardia (finding)
11101003Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (procedure)
11114002Sore gums (finding)
11136004Methoxyflurane (substance)
11157007Ventricular bigeminy (disorder)
11161001Dekalb hybrid pig line 77 (organism)
11196001Poisoning caused by opiate AND/OR related narcotic (disorder)
11201005Solochrome black 6B stain (substance)
11214006Reactive (qualifier value)
11223009Congenital anomaly of pharynx (disorder)
11226001Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis (disorder)
11251000Irradiation cystitis (disorder)
11256005Melanosis coli (disorder)
11279006Structure of circle of Willis (body structure)
11296007Stenosis of trachea (disorder)
11314008Polyp of corpus uteri (disorder)
11338007Syphilitic episcleritis (disorder)
11366004Singers' nodes (disorder)
11381005Acne vulgaris (disorder)
11385001Assault and battery (event)
11386000Open wound of ear (disorder)
11387009Psychoactive substance-induced organic mental disorder (disorder)
11397000Autotransfusion of whole blood (procedure)
11401008Dilation and curettage of uterus (procedure)
11403006Financially poor (finding)
11409005Left occipitoanterior position (finding)
11422002Combined form of senile cataract (disorder)
11424001Ambulance-based care (environment)
11428003Western equine encephalomyelitis virus (organism)
11429006Consultation (procedure)
11437003Contusion of back (disorder)
11441004Prostatism (disorder)
11458009Anticipatory anxiety, mild (finding)
11466000Cesarean section (procedure)
11477006Irish setter (organism)
11480007Idiopathic granulomatous interstitial nephropathy (disorder)
11496005Mercuric chloride (substance)
11512006Normal sexual function (finding)
11526002Aspartame (substance)
11530004Brittle diabetes mellitus (finding)
11538006Quadriplegia (disorder)
11543004Otosclerosis (disorder)
11554009Adduction, function (observable entity)
11584001Skin structure of anterior portion of neck (body structure)
11612004Chorioamnionitis (disorder)
11614003Congenital stenosis of pulmonary veins (disorder)
11618000Intra-amniotic infection of fetus (disorder)
11625007Torus mandibularis (disorder)
11628009Structure of telencephalon (body structure)
11645004Spirit soluble aniline blue stain (substance)
11654001Achilles tendinitis (disorder)
11671000Adenoid cystic carcinoma (morphologic abnormality)
11674008Parenteral nutrient (finding)
11687002Gestational diabetes mellitus (disorder)
11708003Hypogastric region structure (body structure)
11712009Structure of maxillary right lateral incisor tooth (body structure)
11713004Water (substance)
11723008Contact with (contextual qualifier) (qualifier value)
11727009Indophenol from naphthol stain (substance)
11736008Vibrio parahaemolyticus (organism)
11739001High residue diet (finding)
11740004Structure of prevesicular lymph node (body structure)
11746005Australian cattle dog (organism)
11776003Vibrio mimicus (organism)
11780008Durazol red stain (substance)
11791001Necrotizing vasculitis (disorder)
11794009Kenyans (ethnic group)
11805005Injury of groin (disorder)
11806006Separation anxiety disorder of childhood (disorder)
11816003Diet education (procedure)
11833005Dry cough (finding)
11836002Primary bacterial peritonitis (disorder)
11840006Traveler's diarrhea (disorder)
11851006Mitral valve disorder (disorder)
11868005Burn of multiple sites of trunk (disorder)
11882005Juvenile masturbation (finding)
11894001Clostridium botulinum toxin (substance)
11896004Intermediate (qualifier value)
11899006Structure of esophageal lymph node (body structure)
11906007Chronic gonococcal vulvovaginitis (disorder)
11934000Ptosis of eyelid (disorder)
11939005Acute arthritis (disorder)
11941006Panic disorder with agoraphobia, agoraphobic avoidance in full remission AND panic attacks in full remission (disorder)
11959009Product containing procainamide (medicinal product)
11967001Kerry Hill sheep (organism)
11980003Burn of foot (disorder)
11993008Male first cousin (person)
11999007Inactive tuberculosis (disorder)
12001002Thionine stain (substance)
12006007Ureaplasma urealyticum (organism)
12010005Osteodystrophy (disorder)
12026006Paroxysmal tachycardia (disorder)
12030009Sudan II stain (substance)
12052000Structure of ovarian artery (body structure)
12063002Rectal hemorrhage (disorder)
12091005Brittany spaniel (organism)
12119009Water soluble nigrosine stain (substance)
12123001Internal jugular vein structure (body structure)
12130007Intra-articular route (qualifier value)
12131006Miniature pinscher dog (organism)
12132004Langenbeck operation, cleft palate repair (procedure)
12136001Anal psychosexual phase (finding)
12169001Granular cell tumor (morphologic abnormality)
12184005Visual field defect (finding)
12188008Parainfluenza (disorder)
12196003Structure of subscapular axillary lymph node (body structure)
12204004Closed fracture of multiple ribs (disorder)
12220009Genus Coxiella (organism)
12232008Syphilitic aneurysm of aorta (disorder)
12239004Throat clearing (observable entity)
12261009Writing (observable entity)
12274003Acute peptic ulcer with hemorrhage (disorder)
12295008Bronchiectasis (disorder)
12309006Posterior nasal fricative, function (observable entity)
12312009Premature infancy (finding)
12335007Product containing amidotrizoate (medicinal product)
12337004Disorder of uterus (disorder)
12351004Crowding of teeth (disorder)
12360007Missouri fox trotting horse (organism)
12373006Chronic gonococcal bartholinitis (disorder)
12380008Sedative, hypnotic AND/OR anxiolytic-induced sexual dysfunction (finding)
12390000American pit bull terrier (organism)

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
System The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
Display The display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
Comments Additional notes about how to use the code


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