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ValueSet: SusceptibilityObservationMethodType


Defining URL:http://terminology.hl7.org/ValueSet/v3-SusceptibilityObservationMethodType
Status:Active as of 2014-03-26

**Description:**Test methods designed to determine a microorganism’s susceptibility to an antibiotic.

OID:2.16.840.1.113883.1.11.20423 (for OID based terminology systems)
Source Resource:XML / JSON / Turtle


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Logical Definition (CLD)



This value set contains 300 concepts

Expansion based on ObservationMethod v2.0.0 (CodeSystem)

All codes from system http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v3-ObservationMethod

0_DecisionObservationMethodDecisionObservationMethodProvides codes for decision methods, initially for assessing the causality of events.
1  ALGMalgorithmReaching a decision through the application of an algorithm designed to weigh the different factors involved.
2    BYCLbayesian calculationReaching a decision through the use of Bayesian statistical analysis.
1  GINTglobal introspectionReaching a decision by consideration of the totality of factors involved in order to reach a judgement.
0_GeneticObservationMethodGeneticObservationMethodA code that provides additional detail about the means or technique used to ascertain the genetic analysis. Example, PCR, Micro Array
1  PCRPCR**Description:** Polymerase Chain Reaction
0_ObservationMethodAggregateobservation method aggregateProvides additional detail about the aggregation methods used to compute the aggregated values for an observation. This is an abstract code.
1  AVERAGEaverageAverage of non-null values in the referenced set of values
1  COUNTcountCount of non-null values in the referenced set of values
1  MAXmaximaLargest of all non-null values in the referenced set of values.
1  MEDIANmedianThe median of all non-null values in the referenced set of values.
1  MINminimaSmallest of all non-null values in the referenced set of values.
1  MODEmodeThe most common value of all non-null values in the referenced set of values.
1  STDEV.Ppopulation standard deviationStandard Deviation of the values in the referenced set of values, computed over the population.
1  STDEV.Ssample standard deviationStandard Deviation of the values in the referenced set of values, computed over a sample of the population.
1  SUMsumSum of non-null values in the referenced set of values
1  VARIANCE.Ppopulation varianceVariance of the values in the referenced set of values, computed over the population.
1  VARIANCE.Ssample varianceVariance of the values in the referenced set of values, computed over a sample of the population.
1  VDOCdocument verificationVerification by means of document. *Example:* Fax, letter, attachment to e-mail.
1  VREGregistry verificationverification by means of a response to an electronic query *Example:* query message to a Covered Party registry application or Coverage Administrator.
1  VTOKENelectronic token verificationVerification by means of electronic token. *Example:* smartcard, magnetic swipe card, RFID device.
1  VVOICEvoice-based verificationVerification by means of voice. *Example:* By speaking with or calling the Coverage Administrator or Covered Party
00001Complement fixationComplement fixation
00002Computed axial tomographyComputed axial tomography
00003HLAR agar testSusceptibility, High Level Aminoglycoside Resistance agar test
00004Macroscopic observationVisual, Macroscopic observation
00005Magnetic resonanceComputed, Magnetic resonance
00006MorphometryComputed, Morphometry
00007Positron emission tomographyComputed, Positron emission tomography
00008SAMHSA confirmationSAMHSA drug assay confirmation
00009SAMHSA screeningSAMHSA drug assay screening
00010Serum NeutralizationSerum Neutralization
00013X-ray crystallographyX-ray crystallography
00015Buffered acidified plate agglutinationAgglutination, Buffered acidified plate
00016Card agglutinationAgglutination, Card
00017HemagglutinationAgglutination, Hemagglutination
00018Hemagglutination inhibitionAgglutination, Hemagglutination inhibition
00019Latex agglutinationAgglutination, Latex
00020Plate agglutinationAgglutination, Plate
00021Rapid agglutinationAgglutination, Rapid Plate
00022RBC agglutinationAgglutination, RBC
00023Rivanol agglutinationAgglutination, Rivanol
00024Tube agglutinationAgglutination, Tube
00026Animal InoculationBioassay, Animal Inoculation
00027CytotoxicityBioassay, Cytotoxicity
00028Embryo infective dose 50Bioassay, Embryo Infective Dose 50
00029Embryo lethal dose 50Bioassay, Embryo Lethal Dose 50
00030Mouse intercerebral inoculationBioassay, Mouse intercerebral inoculation
00031Bioassay, qualitativeBioassay, qualitative
00032Bioassay, quantitativeBioassay, quantitative
00033Chemical methodChemical
00034Differential light absorption chemical testChemical, Differential light absorption
00035DipstickChemical, Dipstick
00036Dipstick colorimetric laboratory testChemical, Dipstick colorimetric laboratory test
00037Test stripChemical, Test strip
00039Affinity chromatographyChromatography, Affinity
00040Gas liquid chromatographyChromatography, Gas liquid
00041High performance liquid chromatographyChromatography, High performance liquid
00042Liquid ChromatographyChromatography, Liquid
00043Protein A affinity chromatographyChromatography, Protein A affinity
00045Tilt tube coagulation timeCoagulation, Tilt tube
00046Tilt tube reptilase induced coagulationCoagulation, Tilt tube reptilase induced
00047Automated countCount, Automated
00048Manual cell countCount, Manual
00049Platelet count, Rees-EckerCount, Platelet, Rees-Ecker
00050Aerobic CultureCulture, Aerobic
00051Anaerobic CultureCulture, Anaerobic
00052Chicken embryo cultureCulture, Chicken Embryo
00053Delayed secondary enrichmentCulture, Delayed secondary enrichment
00054Microaerophilic CultureCulture, Microaerophilic
00055Quantitative microbial culture, cupCulture, Quantitative microbial, cup
00056Quantitative microbial culture, dropletCulture, Quantitative microbial, droplet
00057Quantitative microbial culture, filter paperCulture, Quantitative microbial, filter paper
00058Quantitative microbial culture, pad cultureCulture, Quantitative microbial, pad
00059Quantitative microbial culture, pour plateCulture, Quantitative microbial, pour plate
00060Quantitative microbial culture, surface streakCulture, Quantitative microbial, surface streak
00061Somatic Cell cultureCulture, Somatic Cell
00062Agar diffusionDiffusion, Agar
00063Agar Gel ImmunodiffusionDiffusion, Agar Gel Immunodiffusion
00065Agaorse gel electrophoresisElectrophoresis, Agaorse gel
00066Electrophoresis, citrate agarElectrophoresis, citrate agar
00067ImmunoelectrophoresisElectrophoresis, Immuno
00068Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresisElectrophoresis, Polyacrylamide gel
00069Starch gel electrophoresisElectrophoresis, Starch gel
00071ELISA, antigen captureELISA, antigen capture
00072ELISA, avidin biotin peroxidase complexELISA, avidin biotin peroxidase complex
00073Kinetic ELISAELISA, Kinetic
00074ELISA, peroxidase-antiperoxidaseELISA, peroxidase-antiperoxidase
00075API 20 StrepIdentification, API 20 Strep
00076API 20AIdentification, API 20A
00077API 20C AUXIdentification, API 20C AUX
00078API 20EIdentification, API 20E
00079API 20NEIdentification, API 20NE
00080API 50 CHIdentification, API 50 CH
00081API An-IDENTIdentification, API An-IDENT
00082API CoryneIdentification, API Coryne
00083API Rapid 20EIdentification, API Rapid 20E
00084API StaphIdentification, API Staph
00085API ZYMIdentification, API ZYM
00086Bacterial identificationIdentification, Bacterial
00087mini VIDASIdentification, mini VIDAS
00088Phage susceptibility typingIdentification, Phage susceptibility typing
00089Quad-FERM+Identification, Quad-FERM+
00090RAPIDEC StaphIdentification, RAPIDEC Staph
00091StaphaurexIdentification, Staphaurex
00092VIDASIdentification, VIDAS
00093VitekIdentification, Vitek
00094VITEK 2Identification, VITEK 2
00095Immune stainImmune stain
00096Immunofluorescent antibody, directImmune stain, Immunofluorescent antibody, direct
00097Immunofluorescent antibody, indirectImmune stain, Immunofluorescent antibody, indirect
00098Immunoperoxidase, Avidin-Biotin ComplexImmune stain, Immunoperoxidase, Avidin-Biotin Complex
00099Immunoperoxidase, Peroxidase anti-peroxidase complexImmune stain, Immunoperoxidase, Peroxidase anti-peroxidase complex
00100Immunoperoxidase, Protein A-peroxidase complexImmune stain, Immunoperoxidase, Protein A-peroxidase complex
00102Immunoassay, qualitative, multiple stepImmunoassay, qualitative, multiple step
00103Immunoassay, qualitative, single stepImmunoassay, qualitative, single step
00104RadioimmunoassayImmunoassay, Radioimmunoassay
00105Immunoassay, semi-quantitative, multiple stepImmunoassay, semi-quantitative, multiple step
00106Immunoassay, semi-quantitative, single stepImmunoassay, semi-quantitative, single step
00108Darkfield microscopyMicroscopy, Darkfield
00109Electron microscopyMicroscopy, Electron
00110Electron microscopy tomographyMicroscopy, Electron microscopy tomography
00111Electron microscopy, negative stainMicroscopy, Electron, negative stain
00112Electron microscopy, thick sectionMicroscopy, Electron, thick section transmission
00113Electron microscopy, thin sectionMicroscopy, Electron, thin section transmission
00114Microscopy, LightMicroscopy, Light
00115Polarizing light microscopyMicroscopy, Polarized light
00116Scanning electron microscopyMicroscopy, Scanning electron
00117Transmission electron microscopyMicroscopy, Transmission electron
00118Transparent tape direct examinationMicroscopy, Transparent tape direct examination
001193 Self-Sustaining Sequence ReplicationMolecular, 3 Self-Sustaining Sequence Replication
00120Branched Chain DNAMolecular, Branched Chain DNA
00121Hybridization Protection AssayMolecular, Hybridization Protection Assay
00122Immune blotMolecular, Immune blot
00123In-situ hybridizationMolecular, In-situ hybridization
00124Ligase Chain ReactionMolecular, Ligase Chain Reaction
00125Ligation Activated TranscriptionMolecular, Ligation Activated Transcription
00126Nucleic Acid ProbeMolecular, Nucleic Acid Probe
00128Nucleic acid probe with amplificationMolecular, Nucleic acid probe with amplification *Rationale:* Duplicate of code 0126. Use code 0126 instead.
00129Nucleic acid probe with target amplificationMolecular, Nucleic acid probe with target amplification
00130Nucleic acid reverse transcriptionMolecular, Nucleic acid reverse transcription
00131Nucleic Acid Sequence Based AnalysisMolecular, Nucleic Acid Sequence Based Analysis
00132Polymerase chain reactionMolecular, Polymerase chain reaction
00133Q-Beta Replicase or probe amplification category methodMolecular, Q-Beta Replicase or probe amplification category method
00134Restriction Fragment Length PolymorphismMolecular, Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
00135Southern BlotMolecular, Southern Blot
00136Strand Displacement AmplificationMolecular, Strand Displacement Amplification
00137Transcription Mediated AmplificationMolecular, Transcription Mediated Amplification
00138Western BlotMolecular, Western Blot
00139FlocculationPrecipitation, Flocculation
00140Immune precipitationPrecipitation, Immune precipitation
00141Milk ring testPrecipitation, Milk ring test
00142PrecipitinPrecipitation, Precipitin
00143Acid fast stainStain, Acid fast
00144Acid fast stain, fluorochromeStain, Acid fast, fluorochrome
00145Acid fast stain, Kinyoun's cold carbolfuchsinStain, Acid fast, Kinyoun's cold carbolfuchsin
00146Acid fast stain, Ziehl-NeelsenStain, Acid fast, Ziehl-Neelsen
00147Acid phosphatase stainStain, Acid phosphatase
00148Acridine orange stainStain, Acridine orange
00149Active brilliant orange KH stainStain, Active brilliant orange KH
00150Alazarin red S stainStain, Alazarin red S
00151Alcian blue stainStain, Alcian blue
00152Alcian blue with Periodic acid Schiff stainStain, Alcian blue with Periodic acid Schiff
00153Argentaffin stainStain, Argentaffin
00154Argentaffin silver stainStain, Argentaffin silver
00155Azure-eosin stainStain, Azure-eosin
00156Basic Fuschin stainStain, Basic Fuschin
00157Bennhold stainStain, Bennhold
00158Bennhold's Congo red stainStain, Bennhold's Congo red
00159Bielschowsky stainStain, Bielschowsky
00160Bielschowsky's silver stainStain, Bielschowsky's silver
00161Bleach stainStain, Bleach
00162Bodian stainStain, Bodian
00163Brown-Brenn stainStain, Brown-Brenn
00164Butyrate-esterase stainStain, Butyrate-esterase
00165Calcofluor white fluorescent stainStain, Calcofluor white fluorescent
00166Carbol-fuchsin stainStain, Carbol-fuchsin
00167Carmine stainStain, Carmine
00168Churukian-Schenk stainStain, Churukian-Schenk
00169Congo red stainStain, Congo red
00170Cresyl echt violet stainStain, Cresyl echt violet
00171Crystal violet stainStain, Crystal violet
00172De Galantha stainStain, De Galantha
00173Dieterle silver impregnation stainStain, Dieterle silver impregnation
00174Fite-Farco stainStain, Fite-Farco
00175Fontana-Masson silver stainStain, Fontana-Masson silver
00176Fouchet stainStain, Fouchet
00177Gomori stainStain, Gomori
00178Gomori methenamine silver stainStain, Gomori methenamine silver
00179Gomori-Wheatly trichrome stainStain, Gomori-Wheatly trichrome
00180Gridley stainStain, Gridley
00181Grimelius silver stainStain, Grimelius silver
00182Grocott stainStain, Grocott
00183Grocott methenamine silver stainStain, Grocott methenamine silver
00184Hale's colloidal ferric oxide stainStain, Hale's colloidal ferric oxide
00185Hale's colloidal iron stainStain, Hale's colloidal iron
00186Hansel stainStain, Hansel
00187Harris regressive hematoxylin and eosin stainStain, Harris regressive hematoxylin and eosin
00188Hematoxylin and eosin stainStain, Hematoxylin and eosin
00189Highman stainStain, Highman
00190Holzer stainStain, Holzer
00191Iron hematoxylin stainStain, Iron hematoxylin
00192Jones stainStain, Jones
00193Jones methenamine silver stainStain, Jones methenamine silver
00194Kossa stainStain, Kossa
00195Lawson-Van Gieson stainStain, Lawson-Van Gieson
00196Loeffler methylene blue stainStain, Loeffler methylene blue
00197Luxol fast blue with cresyl violet stainStain, Luxol fast blue with cresyl violet
00198Luxol fast blue with Periodic acid-Schiff stainStain, Luxol fast blue with Periodic acid-Schiff
00199MacNeal's tetrachrome blood stainStain, MacNeal's tetrachrome blood
00200Mallory-Heidenhain stainStain, Mallory-Heidenhain
00201Masson trichrome stainStain, Masson trichrome
00202Mayer mucicarmine stainStain, Mayer mucicarmine
00203Mayers progressive hematoxylin and eosin stainStain, Mayers progressive hematoxylin and eosin
00204May-Grunwald Giemsa stainStain, May-Grunwald Giemsa
00205Methyl green stainStain, Methyl green
00206Methyl green pyronin stainStain, Methyl green pyronin
00207Modified Gomori-Wheatly trichrome stainStain, Modified Gomori-Wheatly trichrome
00208Modified Masson trichrome stainStain, Modified Masson trichrome
00209Modified trichrome stainStain, Modified trichrome
00210Movat pentachrome stainStain, Movat pentachrome
00211Mucicarmine stainStain, Mucicarmine
00212Neutral red stainStain, Neutral red
00213Night blue stainStain, Night blue
00214Non-specific esterase stainStain, Non-specific esterase
00215Oil red-O stainStain, Oil red-O
00216Orcein stainStain, Orcein
00217Perls' stainStain, Perls'
00218Phosphotungstic acid-hematoxylin stainStain, Phosphotungstic acid-hematoxylin
00219Potassium ferrocyanide stainStain, Potassium ferrocyanide
00220Prussian blue stainStain, Prussian blue
00221Putchler modified Bennhold stainStain, Putchler modified Bennhold
00222Quinacrine fluorescent stainStain, Quinacrine fluorescent
00223Reticulin stainStain, Reticulin
00224Rhodamine stainStain, Rhodamine
00225Safranin stainStain, Safranin
00226Schmorl stainStain, Schmorl
00227Seiver-Munger stainStain, Seiver-Munger
00228Silver stainStain, Silver
00229Specific esterase stainStain, Specific esterase
00230Steiner silver stainStain, Steiner silver
00231Sudan III stainStain, Sudan III
00232Sudan IVI stainStain, Sudan IVI
00233Sulfated alcian blue stainStain, Sulfated alcian blue
00234Supravital stainStain, Supravital
00235Thioflavine-S stainStain, Thioflavine-S
00236Three micron Giemsa stainStain, Three micron Giemsa
00237Vassar-Culling stainStain, Vassar-Culling
00238Vital StainStain, Vital
00239von Kossa stainStain, von Kossa
00243Minimum bactericidal concentration test, macrodilutionSusceptibility, Minimum bactericidal concentration, macrodilution
00244Minimum bactericidal concentration test, microdilutionSusceptibility, Minimum bactericidal concentration, microdilution
00248RefractometricTurbidometric, Refractometric
00249Thin layer chromatography (TLC)Chromatography, Thin Layer
00250EMITImmunoassay, enzyme-multiplied technique (EMIT)
00251Flow cytometry (FC)Flow Cytometry
00252Radial immunodiffusion (RID)Radial Immunodiffusion
00253Fluorescence polarization immunoassay (FPIA)Immunoassay, Fluorescence Polarization
00254Immunofixation electrophoresis (IFE)Electrophoresis, Immunofixation
00255Equilibrium dialysisDialysis, Direct Equilibrium
00256Kleihauer-Betke acid elutionAcid Elution, Kleihauer-Betke Method
00257Anti-complement immunofluorescence (ACIF)Immunofluorescence, Anti-Complement
00258GC/MSGas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy
00259NephelometryLight Scatter, Nephelometry
00260IgE immunoassay antibodyImmunoassay, IgE Antibody Test
00261Lymphocyte Microcytotoxicity AssayLymphocyte Microcytotoxicity Assay
00263Atomic absorption spectrophotometry (AAS)Spectrophotometry, Atomic Absorption
00264Ion selective electrode (ISE)Electrochemical, Ion Selective Electrode
00265Gas chromatography (GC)Chromatography, Gas
00266Isoelectric focusing (IEF)Isoelectric Focusing
00267ImmunochemiluminescenceImmunoassay, Chemiluminescent
00268Microparticle enzyme immunoassay (MEIA)Immunoassay, Microparticle Enzyme
00269ICP/MSInductively-Coupled Plasma/Mass Spectrometry
00270Immunoradiometric assay (IRMA)Immunoassay, Immunoradiometric Assay
00271Photo optical clot detectionCoagulation, Photo Optical Clot Detection
00280Susceptibility TestingTest methods designed to determine a microorganismaTMs susceptibility to being killed by an antibiotic.
1  0240Antibiotic sensitivity, diskSusceptibility, Antibiotic sensitivity, disk
1  0241BACTEC susceptibility testSusceptibility, BACTEC susceptibility test
1  0242Disk dilutionSusceptibility, Disk dilution
1  0272Minimum Inhibitory ConcentrationTesting to measure the minimum concentration of the antibacterial agent in a given culture medium below which bacterial growth is not inhibited.
2    0245Minimum Inhibitory Concentration, macrodilutionSusceptibility, Minimum Inhibitory concentration, macrodilution
2    0246Minimum Inhibitory Concentration, microdilutionSusceptibility, Minimum Inhibitory concentration, microdilution
1  0273Viral Genotype Susceptibility
1  0274Viral Phenotype Susceptibility
1  0275Gradient Strip
1  0275aMinimum Lethal Concentration (MLC)
1  0276Slow Mycobacteria SusceptibilityTesting to measure the minimum concentration of the antibacterial agent in a given culture medium below which bacterial growth is not inhibited.
1  0277Serum bactericidal titer
1  0278Agar screen
1  0279Disk induction
0_AllergyTestObservationMethodallergy test observation**Description:**Provides additional methodology information not present in the associated AllergyTestCode term.
0_CommonClinicalObservationMethodcommon clinical observation**Description:**Used in a patient care message to value simple clinical (non-lab) observation methods, such as found in SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, plan) progress notes: subjective section (used for history from patient and other informants); objective section (used for physical exam, lab, and other common results), and assessment section (used for the clinicians assessment of the implications of subjective and objective sections).
00127Nucleic acid probeMolecular, Nucleic acid probe

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