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CodeSystem: bodyParts


Defining URL:http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v2-0550
Status:Active as of 2019-12-01

HL7-defined code system of concepts specifying the part of the body. Used in HL7 Version 2 messaging in the RXR segment.

Publisher:HL7, Inc
Committee:Orders and Observations

Copyright HL7. Licensed under creative commons public domain

Content:Complete: All the concepts defined by the code system are included in the code system resource
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.18.356 (for OID based terminology systems)
Value Set:http://terminology.hl7.org/ValueSet/v2-0550 ( is the value set for all codes in this code system)
Source Resource:XML / JSON / Turtle

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:


statushttp://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#statusStatus of the conceptcode
deprecatedhttp://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#v2-table-deprecatedVersion of HL7 in which the code was deprecatedcode

This code system http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v2-0550 defines the following codes:

JUGE Jugular, ExternalJugular, External
ADB AbdomenAbdomen
ACET AcetabulumAcetabulum
ACHIL AchillesAchilles
ADE AdenoidsAdenoids
ADR AdrenalAdrenal
AMN Amniotic fluidAmniotic fluid
AMS Amniotic SacAmniotic Sac
ANAL AnalAnal
ANKL AnkleAnkle
ANTEC AntecubitalAntecubital
ANTECF Antecubital FossaAntecubital Fossa
ANTR AntrumAntrum
ANUS AnusAnus
AORTA AortaAorta
AR Aortic RimAortic Rim
AV Aortic ValveAortic Valve
APDX AppendixAppendix
AREO AreolaAreola
ARM ArmArm
ARTE ArteryArtery
ASCIT AscitesAscites
ASCT Ascitic FluidAscitic Fluid
ATR AtriumAtrium
AURI AuricularAuricular
AXI AxillaAxilla
BACK BackBack
BARTD Bartholin DuctBartholin Duct
BARTG Bartholin GlandBartholin Gland
BRTGF Bartholin Gland FluidBartholin Gland Fluid
BPH BasophilsBasophils
BID Bile DuctBile Duct
BIFL Bile fluidBile fluid
BLAD BladderBladder
BLOOD BloodBlood
BLDA Blood, ArterialBlood, Arterial
BLDC Blood, CapillaryBlood, Capillary
BLDV Blood, VenousBlood, Venous
CBLD Blood, CordBlood, Cord
BLD Blood, WholeBlood, Whole
BDY Body, WholeBody, Whole
BON BoneBone
BMAR Bone marrowBone marrow
BOWEL BowelBowel
BOWLA Bowel, LargeBowel, Large
BOWSM Bowel, SmallBowel, Small
BRA BrachialBrachial
BRAIN BrainBrain
BCYS Brain Cyst FluidBrain Cyst Fluid
BRST BreastBreast
BRSTFL Breast fluidBreast fluid
BRO BronchialBronchial
BROCH Bronchiole/BronchiolarBronchiole/Bronchiolar
BRONC Bronchus/BronchialBronchus/Bronchial
BRV BroviacBroviac
BUCCA BuccalBuccal
BURSA BursaBursa
BURSF Bursa FluidBursa Fluid
BUTT ButtocksButtocks
CALF CalfCalf
CANAL CanalCanal
CANLI CanaliculisCanaliculis
CNL CannulaCannula
CANTH CanthusCanthus
CDM Cardiac MuscleCardiac Muscle
CARO CarotidCarotid
CARP CarpalCarpal
CAVIT CavityCavity
CHE Cavity, ChestCavity, Chest
CECUM Cecum/CecalCecum/Cecal
CSF Cerebral Spinal FluidCerebral Spinal Fluid
CVX CervixCervix
CERVUT Cervix/UterusCervix/Uterus
CHEEK CheekCheek
CHES ChestChest
CHEST Chest TubeChest Tube2.9
CHEST  Chest TubeChest Tube
CHIN ChinChin
CIRCU Circumcision SiteCircumcision Site
CLAVI Clavicle/ClavicularClavicle/Clavicular
CLITO ClitoralClitoral
CLIT ClitorisClitoris
COCCG CoccygealCoccygeal
COCCY CoccyxCoccyx
COLON ColonColon
COLOS ColostomyColostomy
COS Colostomy StomaColostomy Stoma
CDUCT Common DuctCommon Duct
CONJ ConjunctivaConjunctiva
CORAL CoralCoral
COR CordCord
CORD Cord BloodCord Blood
CORN CorneaCornea
CRANE Cranium, ethmoidCranium, ethmoid
CRANF Cranium, frontalCranium, frontal
CRANO Cranium, occipitalCranium, occipital
CRANP Cranium, parietalCranium, parietal
CRANS Cranium, sphenoidCranium, sphenoid
CRANT Cranium, temporalCranium, temporal
CUBIT CubitusCubitus
CUFF CuffCuff
CULD Cul De SacCul De Sac
CULDO CuldocentesisCuldocentesis
DELT DeltoidDeltoid
DENTA DentalDental
DEN Dental GingivaDental Gingiva
DIAF Dialysis FluidDialysis Fluid
DPH DiaphragmDiaphragm
DIGIT DigitDigit
DISC DiscDisc
DORS Dorsum/DorsalDorsum/Dorsal
DUFL Duodenal FluidDuodenal Fluid
DUODE Duodenum/DuodenalDuodenum/Duodenal
DUR DuraDura
EAR EarEar
EARBI Ear bone, incusEar bone, incus
EARBM Ear bone, malleusEar bone, malleus
EARBS Ear bone,stapesEar bone,stapes
EARLO Ear LobeEar Lobe
ELBOW ElbowElbow
ELBOWJ Elbow JointElbow Joint
ENDC EndocardiumEndocardium
EC EndocervicalEndocervical
EOLPH endolpthamitisendolpthamitis
ENDM EndometriumEndometrium
ET EndotrachealEndotracheal
EUR EndourethralEndourethral
EOS EosinophilsEosinophils
EPICA EpicardialEpicardial
EPICM EpicardiumEpicardium
EPD EpididymisEpididymis
EPIDU EpiduralEpidural
EPIGL EpiglottisEpiglottis
ESOPG EsophagealEsophageal
ESO EsophagusEsophagus
ETHMO EthmoidEthmoid
  External JugularExternal Jugular2.9
  External JugularExternal Jugular
EYE EyeEye
BROW EyebrowEyebrow
EYELI EyelidEyelid
FACE FaceFace
FBINC Facial bone, inferior nasal conchaFacial bone, inferior nasal concha
FBLAC Facial bone, lacrimalFacial bone, lacrimal
FBMAX Facial bone, maxillaFacial bone, maxilla
FBNAS Facial bone, nasalFacial bone, nasal
FBPAL Facial bone, palatineFacial bone, palatine
FBVOM Facial bone, vomerFacial bone, vomer
FBZYG Facial bone, zygomaticFacial bone, zygomatic
FALLT Fallopian TubeFallopian Tube
FEMOR FemoralFemoral
FMH Femoral HeadFemoral Head
FEMUR FemurFemur
FET FetusFetus
FIBU FibulaFibula
FING FingerFinger
FINGN Finger NailFinger Nail
FOL FollicleFollicle
FOOT FootFoot
FOREA ForearmForearm
FOREH ForeheadForehead
FORES ForeskinForeskin
FOURC FourchetteFourchette
GB Gall BladderGall Bladder
GEN GenitalGenital
GVU Genital - VulvaGenital - Vulva
GENC Genital CervixGenital Cervix
GL Genital LesionGenital Lesion
GENL Genital LochiaGenital Lochia
GLAND GlandGland
GLANS GlansGlans
GLUTE GlutealGluteal
GLUT GluteusGluteus
GLUTM Gluteus MediusGluteus Medius
GROIN GroinGroin
GUM GumGum
HAR HairHair
HAL HalluxHallux
HAND HandHand
HEAD HeadHead
HART HeartHeart
HV Heart ValveHeart Valve
HVB Heart Valve, BicuspidHeart Valve, Bicuspid
HVT Heart Valve, TricuspidHeart Valve, Tricuspid
HEEL HeelHeel
HEM HemorrhoidHemorrhoid
HIP HipHip
HIPJ Hip JointHip Joint
HUMER HumerusHumerus
HYMEN HymenHymen
ILC Ileal ConduitIleal Conduit
ILE Ileal LoopIleal Loop
ILEOS IleostomyIleostomy
ILEUM IleumIleum
ILIAC IliacIliac
ILCR Iliac CrestIliac Crest
ILCON Ilical ConduitIlical Conduit
INGUI InguinalInguinal
JUGI Jugular, InternalJugular, Internal
INT IntestineIntestine
ICX IntracervicalIntracervical
INASA IntranasalIntranasal
INTRU IntrauterineIntrauterine
INTRO IntroitusIntroitus
ISCHI IschiumIschium
JAW JawJaw
KIDN KidneyKidney2.9
KIDN  KidneyKidney
KNEE KneeKnee
KNEEF Knee FluidKnee Fluid
KNEEJ Knee JointKnee Joint
LABIA LabiaLabia
LABMA Labia MajoraLabia Majora
LABMI Labia MinoraLabia Minora
LACRI LacrimalLacrimal
LAM LamellaLamella
INSTL Intestine, LargeIntestine, Large
LARYN LarynxLarynx
LEG LegLeg
LENS LensLens
WBC LeukocytesLeukocytes
LING LingualLingual
LINGU LingulaLingula
LIP LipLip
STOOLL Liquid StoolLiquid Stool
LIVER LiverLiver
LOBE LobeLobe
LOCH LochiaLochia
ISH Loop, IshialLoop, Ishial
LUMBA LumbarLumbar
LMN LumenLumen
LUNG LungLung
LN Lymph NodeLymph Node
LNG Lymph Node, GroinLymph Node, Groin
LYM LymphocytesLymphocytes
MAC MacrophagesMacrophages
MALLE MalleolusMalleolus
MANDI Mandible/MandibularMandible/Mandibular
MAR MarrowMarrow
MAST MastoidMastoid
MAXIL Maxilla/MaxillaryMaxilla/Maxillary
MAXS Maxillary SinusMaxillary Sinus
MEATU MeatusMeatus
MEC MeconiumMeconium
MEDST MediastinumMediastinum
MEDU MedullaryMedullary
MOU MembraneMembrane
MPB MeningesMeninges
METAC MetacarpalMetacarpal
METAT MetatarsalMetatarsal
MILK Milk, BreastMilk, Breast
MITRL Mitral ValveMitral Valve
MOLAR MolarMolar
MP Mons PubisMons Pubis
MONSU Mons UreterisMons Ureteris
MONSV Mons Veneris(Mons Pubis)Mons Veneris(Mons Pubis)
MOUTH MouthMouth
MRSA2 Mrsa:Mrsa:
MYO MyocardiumMyocardium
NAIL NailNail
NAILB Nail BedNail Bed
NAILF Nail, FingerNail, Finger
NAILT Nail, ToeNail, Toe
NARES NaresNares
NASL NasalNasal
NSS Nasal SeptumNasal Septum
NLACR NasolacrimalNasolacrimal
NP Nasopharyngeal/NasopharynxNasopharyngeal/Nasopharynx
NTRAC NasotrachealNasotracheal
NAVEL NavelNavel
NECK NeckNeck
NERVE NerveNerve
NIPPL NippleNipple
NOS Nose (Nasal Passage)Nose (Nasal Passage)
NOSE Nose/Nose(outside)Nose/Nose(outside)
NOSTR NostrilNostril
OCCIP OccipitalOccipital
OLECR OlecranonOlecranon
OMEN OmentumOmentum
ORBIT Orbit/OrbitalOrbit/Orbital
ORO OropharynxOropharynx
OSCOX Os coxa (pelvic girdle)Os coxa (pelvic girdle)
OVARY OvaryOvary
PALAT PalatePalate
PLATH Palate, HardPalate, Hard
PLATS Palate, SoftPalate, Soft
PALM PalmPalm
PANCR PancreasPancreas
PAFL Pancreatic FluidPancreatic Fluid
PAS ParasternalParasternal
PARAT ParatrachealParatracheal
PARIE ParietalParietal
PARON ParonychiaParonychia
PAROT Parotid/Parotid GlandParotid/Parotid Gland
PATEL PatellaPatella
PELV PelvisPelvis
PENSH Penile ShaftPenile Shaft
PENIS PenisPenis
PANAL Perianal/PerirectalPerianal/Perirectal
PERI Pericardial FluidPericardial Fluid
PCARD PericardiumPericardium
PCLIT PericlitoralPericlitoral
PERIH PerihepaticPerihepatic
PNEAL PerinealPerineal
PERIN Perineal AbscessPerineal Abscess
PNEPH PerinephricPerinephric
PNM PerineumPerineum
PORBI PeriorbitalPeriorbital
PERRA PerirectalPerirectal
PERIS PerisplenicPerisplenic
PER PeritonealPeritoneal
PERT Peritoneal FluidPeritoneal Fluid
PERIT PeritoneumPeritoneum
PTONS PeritonsillarPeritonsillar
PERIU PeriurethalPeriurethal
PERIV PerivesicularPerivesicular
PHALA PhalanyxPhalanyx
PILO PilonidalPilonidal
PINNA PinnaPinna
PLC PlacentaPlacenta
PLACF Placenta (Fetal Side)Placenta (Fetal Side)
PLACM Placenta (Maternal Side)Placenta (Maternal Side)
PLANT PlantarPlantar
PLEUR PleuraPleura
PLEU Pleural FluidPleural Fluid
PLR Pleural Fluid (Thoracentesis Fld)Pleural Fluid (Thoracentesis Fld)
POPLI PoplitealPopliteal
PREAU PreauricularPreauricular
PRERE PrerenalPrerenal
PRST Prostate GlandProstate Gland
PROS Prostatic FluidProstatic Fluid
PUBIC PubicPubic
PUL Pulmonary ArteryPulmonary Artery
RADI RadialRadial
RADIUS RadiusRadius
RECTL RectalRectal
RECTU RectumRectum
RBC Red Blood CellsRed Blood Cells
RENL RenalRenal
RNP Renal PelvisRenal Pelvis
RPERI RetroperitonealRetroperitoneal
RIB RibRib
SACRA SacralSacral
SACRO SacrococcygealSacrococcygeal
SACIL SacroiliacSacroiliac
SACRU SacrumSacrum
SALGL Salivary GlandSalivary Gland
SCALP ScalpScalp
SCAPU Scapula/ScapularScapula/Scapular
SCLER ScleraSclera
SCROT Scrotum/ScrotalScrotum/Scrotal
SEMN SemenSemen
SEM Seminal FluidSeminal Fluid
SEPTU Septum/SeptalSeptum/Septal
SEROM SeromaSeroma
SHIN ShinShin
SHOLJ Sholder JointSholder Joint
SHOL ShoulderShoulder
SIGMO SigmoidSigmoid
SINUS SinusSinus
SKM Skeletal MuscleSkeletal Muscle
SKENE Skene's GlandSkene's Gland
SKULL SkullSkull
INSTS Intestine, SmallIntestine, Small
SOLE SoleSole
SPRM SpermatozoaSpermatozoa
SPHEN SphenoidSphenoid
SPCOR Spinal CordSpinal Cord
SPLN SpleenSpleen
STER Sternum/SternalSternum/Sternal
STOM StomaStoma
USTOM Stoma, UrinaryStoma, Urinary
STOMA StomachStomach
STUMP StumpStump
SCLV Sub ClavianSub Clavian
SDP SubdiaphramaticSubdiaphramatic
SUB SubduralSubdural
SUBD Subdural FluidSubdural Fluid
SGF Subgaleal FluidSubgaleal Fluid
SUBM SubmandibularSubmandibular
SUBX SubmaxillarySubmaxillary
SUBME SubmentalSubmental
SUBPH SubphrenicSubphrenic
SPX Supra CervicalSupra Cervical
SCLAV Supraclavicle/SupraclavicularSupraclavicle/Supraclavicular
SUPRA SuprapubicSuprapubic
SUPB Suprapubic SpecimenSuprapubic Specimen
SWT SweatSweat
SWTG Sweat GlandSweat Gland
SYNOL SynovialSynovial
SYN Synovial FluidSynovial Fluid
SYNOV SynoviumSynovium
TARS TarsalTarsal
TDUCT Tear DuctTear Duct
TEAR TearsTears
TEMPL TempleTemple
TEMPO TemporalTemporal
TML Temporal LobeTemporal Lobe
TESTI Testicle(Testis)Testicle(Testis)
THIGH ThighThigh
THORA Thorax/Thoracic/ThoracentesisThorax/Thoracic/Thoracentesis
THRB ThroatThroat
THUMB ThumbThumb
TNL ThumbnailThumbnail
THM ThymusThymus
THYRD ThyroidThyroid
TIBIA TibiaTibia
TOE ToeToe
TOEN Toe NailToe Nail
TONG TongueTongue
TONS TonsilTonsil
TOOTH ToothTooth
TSK Tooth SocketTooth Socket
TRCHE Trachea/TrachealTrachea/Tracheal
TBRON TransbronchialTransbronchial
TCN Transcarina AspTranscarina Asp
ULNA Ulna/UlnarUlna/Ulnar
UMB Umbilical BloodUmbilical Blood
UMBL Umbilicus/UmbilicalUmbilicus/Umbilical
URET UreterUreter
URTH UrethraUrethra
UTERI UterineUterine
SAC Uterine Cul/De/SacUterine Cul/De/Sac
UTER UterusUterus
VAGIN Vagina/VaginalVagina/Vaginal
VCUFF Vaginal CuffVaginal Cuff
VGV Vaginal VaultVaginal Vault
VAL ValveValve
VAS Vas DeferensVas Deferens
VASTL Vastus LateralisVastus Lateralis
VAULT VaultVault
VEIN VeinVein
VENTG VentraglutealVentragluteal
VCSF Ventricular CSFVentricular CSF
VERMI Vermis CerebelliVermis Cerebelli
VERTC Vertebra, cervicalVertebra, cervical
VERTL Vertebra, lumbarVertebra, lumbar
VERTT Vertebra, thoracicVertebra, thoracic
VESI VesicleVesicle
VESCL VesicularVesicular
VESFLD Vesicular FluidVesicular Fluid
VESTI Vestibule(Genital)Vestibule(Genital)
VITR Vitreous FluidVitreous Fluid
VOC Vocal CordVocal Cord
VULVA VulvaVulva
WRIST WristWrist


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