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Defining URL:http://terminology.hl7.org/ValueSet/v3-UnitsOfMeasureCaseSensitive

Description: All units of measure.

OID:2.16.840.1.113883.1.11.12839 (for OID based terminology systems)
Source Resource:XML / JSON / Turtle


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Expansion based on UCUM version 2.0.1

All codes from system http://unitsofmeasure.org

%/100{WBC}percent / 100 WBC
%{0to3Hours}percent 0to3Hours
%{Abnormal}percent Abnormal
%{Activity}percent Activity
%{BasalActivity}percent BasalActivity
%{Binding}percent Binding
%{Blockade}percent Blockade
%{Carboxyhemoglobin}percent Carboxyhemoglobin
%{Conversion}percent Conversion
%{Cound}percent Cound
%{EosSeen}percent EosSeen
%{Excretion}percent Excretion
%{Fat}percent Fat
%{FetalErythrocytes}percent FetalErythrocytes
%{Hemoglobin}percent Hemoglobin
%{HemoglobinA1C}percent HemoglobinA1C
%{HemoglobinSaturation}percent HemoglobinSaturation
%{Hemolysis}percent Hemolysis
%{HumanResponse}percent HumanResponse
%{Index}percent Index
%{Inhibition}percent Inhibition
%{Live}percent Live
%{Negative Control}percent Negative Control
%{Normal}percent Normal
%{NormalControl}percent NormalControl
%{NormalPooledPlasma}percent NormalPooledPlasma
%{ofAvailable}percent ofAvailable
%{ofBacteria}percent ofBacteria
%{OfLymphocytes}percent OfLymphocytes
%{OfWBCs}percent OfWBCs
%{Oxygen}percent Oxygen
%{Positive}percent Positive
%{Precipitate}percent Precipitate
%{Reactivity}percent Reactivity
%{response}percent response
%{risk}percent risk
%{SpermMotility}percent SpermMotility
%{Total}percent Total
%{TotalProtein}percent TotalProtein
%{Tot'Cholesterol}percent Tot'Cholesterol
%{Tot'Hgb}percent Tot'Hgb
%{Uptake}percent Uptake
%{WeightToWeight}percent WeightToWeight
/(12.h)per 12 * hour
/[arb'U]per arbitrary unit
/[HPF]per high power field
/[iU]per international unit
/[LPF]per low power field
/{Entity}per Entity
/[HPF]per hpf
/[LPF]per LPF
/{oif}per oif
/{Specimen}per Specimen
/{tot}per tot
/100per 100
/100{cells}per 100 cells
/100{neutrophils}per 100 neutrophils
/100{spermatozoa}per 100 spermatozoa
/a/ year
/cm[H2O]per centimeter of water
/dper day
/dLper deciliter
/gper gram
/g{creat}per gram creat
/g{hgb}per gram hgb
/g{tot'nit}per gram tot'nit
/g{tot'prot}per gram tot'prot
/g{wet'tis}per gram wet'tis
/hper hour
/kgper kilogram
/kg{body'wt}per kilogram body wt
/Lper liter
/m2per square meter
/mgper milligram
/minper minute
/mLper milliliter
/mm3per cubic millimeter
/mmolper millimole
/moper month
/sper second
/Uper enzyme unit
/ugper microgram
/uLper microliter
/wkper week
[APL'U]IgA anticardiolipin unit
[APL'U]/mLIgA anticardiolipin unit per milliliter
[arb'U]arbitrary unit
[arb'U]/Larbitary unit / liter
[arb'U]/mLarbitrary unit per milliliter
[AU]allergy unit
[BAU]bioequivalent allergen unit
[beth'U]Bethesda unit
[CFU]colony forming unit
[CFU]/Lcolony forming unit per liter
[CFU]/mLcolony forming unit per milliliter
[Ch]French (catheter gauge)
[cin_i]cubic inch
[degF]degree Fahrenheit
[dr_av]Dram (US and British)
[drp]/[HPF]drop / HPF
[drp]/hdrop / hour
[drp]/mindrop / minute
[drp]/mLdrop / milliliter
[drp]/sdrop / second
[fdr_us]fluid dram
[foz_br]fluid ounce
[foz_us]fluid ounce
[gal_us]Queen Anne's wine gallon
[GPL'U]IgG anticardiolipin unit
[in_i]inch (international)
[iU]international unit
[IU]/(2.h)international unit per 2 hour
[IU]/(24.h)international unit per 24 hour
[IU]/10*9{RBCs}international unit per billion red blood cells
[IU]/dinternational unit per day
[IU]/dLinternational unit per deciliter
[IU]/ginternational unit per gram
[IU]/g{Hb}international unit per gram of hemoglobin
[iU]/g{Hgb}international unit / gram Hgb
[IU]/hinternational unit per hour
[IU]/kginternational unit per kilogram
[IU]/kg/dinternational unit per kilogram per day
[IU]/Linternational unit per liter
[IU]/mininternational unit per minute
[IU]/mLinternational unit per milliliter
[lb_av]pound (US and British)
[mi_i]statute mile
[MPL'U]IgM anticardiolipin unit
[nmi_i]nautical mile
[oz_av]ounce (US and British)
[pi].rad/minthe number pi * radian / minute
[ppb]part per billion
[ppm]part per million
[ppm]{v/v}part per million in volume per volume
[pptr]part per trillion
[ppth]parts per thousand
[pptr]parts per trillion
[psi]pound per square inch
[sft_i]square foot (international)
[sin_i]square inch (international)
[ston_av]short ton U.S. ton
[syd_i]square yard
[tbs_us]tablespoon (US)
[tb'U]tuberculin unit
[todd'U]Todd unit
{# of calculi}# of calculi
{# of donor informative markers}# of donor informative markers
{# of fetuses}# of fetuses
{# of informative markers}# of informative markers
{2 or 3 times}/d2 or 3 times / day
{3 times}/d3 times / day
{4 times}/d4 times / day
{5 times}/d5 times / day
{Absorbance'U}/mLAbsorbance'U / milliliter
{APS'U}IgA antiphosphatidylserine unit
{Beats}/minBeats / minute
{Bowls}/dBowls / day
{Breaths}/minBreaths / minute
{CAE'U}complement activity enzyme unit
{Cans}/wkCans / week
{cells}/[HPF]cells per high power field
{Cells}/mLCells / milliliter
{cells}/uLcells per microliter
{cfu}/mLcfu / milliliter
{CH100'U}complement CH100 unit
{clock time}clock time
{copies}/mLcopies per milliliter
{copies}/ugcopies per microgram
{Copies}/uLCopies / microliter
{Counts}/minCounts / minute
{Disintegrations}/minDisintegrations / minute
{Drinks}/dDrinks / day
{Ehrlich'U}Ehrlich unit
{Ehrlich'U}/(2.h)Ehrlich unit per 2 hour
{Ehrlich'U}/100.gEhrlich unit per 100 gram
{Ehrlich'U}/dEhrlich unit per day
{Ehrlich'U}/dLEhrilich unit per deciliter
{Ehrlich'U}/mLEhrlich'U / milliliter
{EIAIndex}EIA index
{EIATiter}EIA titer
{EIA'U}EIA unit
{EIA'U}/UEIA unit per enzyme Unit
{Elisa'U}/mLElisa'U / milliliter
{ERY}/uLerythrocyte per microliter
U{G}G unit
{ImmuneComplex'U}immune complex unit
{InhaledTobaccoUsePacks}/dInhaledTobaccoUsePacks / day
{INR}international normalized ratio
{JDF'U}Juvenile Diabetes Foundation unit
{JDF'U}/LJuvenile Diabetes Foundation unit per liter
{KCT'U}kaolin clotting time
{KRONU'U}/LKronus unit per liter
{KRONU'U}/mLKronus unit per milliliter
{lgCopies}/mllgCopies / milliliter
{log_copies}/mLlog (base 10) copies per milliliter
{log_IU}/mLlog (base 10) international unit per milliliter
{M.o.M}multiple of the median
{Molecule}/{Platelet}Molecule / Platelet
{MPS'U}IgM antiphosphatidylserine unit
{MPS'U}/mLIgM antiphosphatidylserine unit per milliliter
{OD_unit}optical density unit
{Once}/dOnce / day
{P2Y12 Reaction Units}P2Y12 Reaction Units
{Packs}/dPacks / day
{Pouches}/wkPouches / week
{RBC}/uLred blood cell per microliter
{spermatozoa}/mLspermatozoa per milliliter
{Times}/wkTimes / week
{Volume}/{Vvolume}Volume / Vvolume
1/done per day
1/minone per minute
10*12/Ltrillion per liter
10*3.{RBC}Thousand Red Blood Cells
10*3.UThousand Per * Unit
10*3/LThousand Per Liter
10*3/mLThousand Per MilliLiter
10*3/uLThousands Per MicroLiter
10*3{Copies}/mLThousand Copies Per MilliLiter
10*-3{Polarization'U}(the number ten for arbitrary powers ^ -3) Polarization'U
10*6.U(the number ten for arbitrary powers ^ 6) * Unit
10*6/kgmillion per kilogram
10*6/Lmillion per liter
10*6/mLmillion per milliliter
10*6/mm3(the number ten for arbitrary powers ^ 6) / (millimeter ^ 3)
10*6/uLmillion per microliter
10*-6{Immunofluorescence'U}(the number ten for arbitrary powers ^ -6) Immunofluorescence'U
10*9/Lbillion per liter
10*9/mLbillion per milliliter
10*9/uLbillion per microliter
10.L/(min.m2)10 liter per minute per square meter
10.L/min10 liter per minute
10.uN.s/(cm.m2)10 * microNewton * second / centimeter * (meter ^ 2)
10.uN.s/cm10 * microNewton * second / centimeter
10.uN.s/cm210 * microNewton * second / (centimeter ^ 2)
A/mAmpère / meter
atttechnical atmosphere
Celdegree Celsius
cm[H2O]centimeter of water
cm[H2O]/(s.m)centimeter of water column / second * meter
cm[H2O]/L/scentimeter of water per liter per second
cm[Hg]centimeter of mercury
cm2square centimeter
cm2/ssquare centimeter per second
cm3cubic centimeter
deg/sdegree per second
dm2/s2square decimeter per square second
eq/Lequivalents / liter
eq/mLequivalents / milliliter
eq/mmolequivalents / millimole
eq/umolequivalents / micromole
fL/nLfemtoliter / nanoliter
fmol/gfemtomole per gram
fmol/Lfemtomole per liter
fmol/mgfemtomole / milligram
fmol/mLfemtomole / milliliter
g.mgram * meter
g.m/({hb}.m2)gram * meter / hb * (meter ^ 2)
g.m/{hb}gram * meter / hb
g/(100.g)gram per 100 gram
g/(12.h)gram per 12 hour
g/(24.h)gram per 24 hour
g/(3.d)gram per 3 days
g/(4.h)gram per 4 hour
g/(48.h)gram per 48 hour
g/(5.h)gram per 5 hour
g/(6.h)gram per 6 hour
g/(72.h)gram per 72 hour
g/(8.h)gram / 8 * hour
g/(8.kg.h)gram / 8 * kilogram * hour
g/(kg.h)gram / kilogram * hour
g/(kg.min)gram / kilogram * minute
g/{TotalWeight}gram / TotalWeight
g/dgram per day
g/dLgram per deciliter
g/ggram per gram
g/g{Cre}gram / gram Cre
g/g{creat}gram / gram creat
g/g{tissue}gram per gram of tissue
g/hgram per hour
g/h/m2gram per hour per square meter
g/kggram per kilogram
g/kg/dgram per kilogram per day
g/Lgram per liter
g/m2grams Per Square Meter
g/mggram per milligram
g/mingram per minute
g/mLgram per milliliter
g/mmolgram per millimole
g/mmol{creat}gram / millimole creat
g/molgram per mole
J/Ljoule per liter
K/WKelvin / Watt
k[IU]/Lkilo international unit per liter
k[IU]/mLkilo international unit per milliliter
kat/kgkatal / kilogram
kat/Lkatal / liter
kcal/(8.h)kilocalorie / 8 * hour
kcal/hkilocalorie per hour
kg.m/skilogram meter per second
kg/(s.m2)kilogram per second per square meter
kg/hkilogram per hour
kg/Lkilogram per liter
kg/m2kilogram / (meter ^ 2)
kg/m3kilogram / (meter ^ 3)
kg/minkilogram / minute
kg/molkilogram per mole
kg/skilogram / second
kU/gkiloenzyme Unit per gram
kU/hkiloUnit / hour
kU/Lkiloenzyme Unit per liter
kU/mLkilo enzyme unit per milliliter
L.s2/sliter * (second ^ 2) / second
L/(8.h)liter per 8 hour
L/(min.m2)liter per minute per square meter
L/dliter per day
L/hliter per hour
L/kgliter per kilogram
L/Lliter per liter
L/minliter per minute
L/sliter / second
lm/m2lumen / (meter ^ 2)
m/smeter per second
m/s2meter per square second
m[iU]milliinternational unit
m[IU]/Lmilli international unit per liter
m[IU]/mLmilli international unit per milliliter
m2square meter
m2/ssquare meter per second
m3/scubic meter per second
mbar.s/Lmillibar second per liter
meq/(12.h)milliequivalent per 12 hour
meq/(2.h)milliequivalent per 2 hour
meq/(24.h)milliequivalent per 24 hour
meq/(8.h)milliequivalent per 8 hour
meq/(8.h.kg)milliequivalents / 8 * hour * kilogram
meq/(kg.d)milliequivalents / kilogram * day
meq/{Specimen}milliequivalents / Specimen
meq/dmilliequivalent per day
meq/dLmilliequivalent per deciliter
meq/gmilliequivalent per gram
meq/g{Cre}milliequivalents / gram Cre
meq/hmilliequivalent per hour
meq/kgmilliequivalent per kilogram
meq/kg/hmilliequivalent per kilogram per hour
meq/kg/minmilliequivalents / kilogram / minute
meq/Lmilliequivalent per liter
meq/m2milliequivalent per square meter
meq/minmilliequivalent per minute
meq/mLmilliequivalent per milliliter
mg/(10.h)milligram per 10 hour
mg/(12.h)milligram per 12 hour
mg/(18.h)milligram per 18 hour
mg/(2.h)milligram per 2 hour
mg/(24.h)milligram per 24 hour
mg/(72.h)milligram per 72 hour
mg/(8.h)milligram per 8 hour
mg/(8.h.kg)milligram / 8 * hour * kilogram
mg/(kg.h)milligram / kilogram * hour
mg/{Hgb}/gmilligram / Hgb / gram
mg/{Specimen}milligram / Specimen
mg/{Tot'Volume}milligram / Tot'Volume
mg/{Volume}milligram / Volume
mg/dmilligram per day
mg/d/(173.10*-2.m2)milligram / day / 173 * (the number ten for arbitrary powers ^ -2) * (meter ^ 2)
mg/dLmilligram per deciliter
mg/gmilligram per gram
mg/g{Cre}milligram / gram Cre
mg/g{creat}milligram per gram of creatinine
mg/hmilligram per hour
mg/kgmilligram per kilogram
mg/kg/(24.h)milligram / kilogram / 24 * hour
mg/kg/dmilligram per kilogram per day
mg/kg/minmilligram per kilogram per minute
mg/Lmilligram per liter
mg/m2milligram per square meter
mg/m3milligram per cubic meter
mg/mgmilligram per milligram
mg/mg{cre}milligram / milligram cre
mg/minmilligram per minute
mg/mLmilligram per milliliter
mg/mmolmilligram per millimole
mg/mmol{Cre}milligram / millimole Cre
mg/mmol{creat}milligram per millimole of creatinine
mg/wkmilligram per week
mg{Phenylketones}/dLmilligram Phenylketones / deciliter
mL/({h'b}.m2)milliliter / h'b * (meter ^ 2)
mL/(10.h)milliliter per 10 hour
mL/(12.h)milliliter per 12 hour
mL/(2.h)milliliter per 2 hour
mL/(24.h)milliliter per 24 hour
mL/(4.h)milliliter per 4 hour
mL/(72.h)milliliter per 72 hour
mL/(8.h)milliliter per 8 hour
mL/(kg.min)milliliter / kilogram * minute
mL/[sin_i]milliliter per square inch (international)
mL/{h'b}MilliLitersPerHeartbeat [SI Volume Units]
mL/cm[H2O]milliliter / centimeter of water column
mL/dmilliliter per day
mL/dLmilliliter per deciliter
mL/hmilliliter per hour
mL/kgmilliliter per kilogram
mL/kg/(8.h)milliliter per kilogram per 8 hour
mL/kg/dmilliliter per kilogram per day
mL/kg/hmilliliter per kilogram per hour
mL/kg/minmilliliter per kilogram per minute
mL/Lmilliliter per liter
mL/m2milliliter per square meter
mL/mbarmilliliter per millibar
mL/minmilliliter per minute
mL/min/(173.10*-2.m2)milliliter / minute / 173 * (the number ten for arbitrary powers ^ -2) * (meter ^ 2)
mL/min/{1.73_m2}milliliter per minute per 1.73 square meter
mL/min/m2milliliter per minute per square meter
mL/mmmilliliter per millimeter
mL/smilliliter per second
mm/hmillimeter per hour
mm/minmillimeter per minute
mm[H2O]millimeter of water
mm[Hg]millimeter of mercury
mm2square millimeter
mm3cubic millimeter
mmol/(12.h)millimole per 12 hour
mmol/(18.h)millimole per 18 hour
mmol/(2.h)millimole per 2 hour
mmol/(24.h)millimole per 24 hour
mmol/(6.h)millimole per 6 hour
mmol/(8.h)millimole per 8 hour
mmol/(8.h.kg)millimole / 8 * hour * kilogram
mmol/{Tot'Volume}millimole / Tot'Volume
mmol/dmillimole per day
mmol/dLmillimole per deciliter
mmol/gmillimole per gram
mmol/g{creat}millimole per gram of creatinine
mmol/g{hemoglobin}millimole per gram of hemoglobin
mmol/hmillimole per hour
mmol/h/mg{Hb}millimole per hour per milligram of hemoglobin
mmol/h/mg{protein}millimole per hour per milligram of protein
mmol/kgmillimole per kilogram
mmol/kg/dmillimole per kilogram per day
mmol/kg/hmillimole per kilogram per hour
mmol/kg/minmillimole per kilogram per minute
mmol/kg{H2O}millimole per kilogram of water
mmol/Lmillimole per liter
mmol/L/smillimole per liter per second
mmol/mmillimole / meter
mmol/m2millimole per square meter
mmol/minmillimole per minute
mmol/mmolmillimole per millimole
mmol/molmillimole per mole
mmol/mol{creat}millimole per mole of creatinine
mmol/s/Lmillimole per second per liter
mol/dmole per day
mol/kgmole per kilogram
mol/kg/smole per kilogram per second
mol/Lmole per liter
mol/m3mole per cubic meter
mol/mLmole per milliliter
mol/molmole per mole
mol/mol{creat}mole / mole creat
mol/smole per second
mosm/kgmilliosmole per kilogram
mosm/Lmilliosmole per liter
mUmillienzyme Unit
mU/gmillienzyme Unit per gram
mU/g{Hgb}milliUnit / gram Hgb
mU/Lmillienzyme Unit per liter
mU/mgmilliUnit / milligram
mU/mg{Cre}milliUnit / milligram Cre
mU/minmilliUnit / minute
mU/mLmillienzyme Unit per milliliter
mU/mL/minmillienzyme Unit per milliliter per minute
mU/mmol{creatinine}millienzyme Unit per millimole of creatinine
mU/mmol{RBCs}millienzyme Unit per millimole of red blood cells
N.cmNewton centimeter
N.sNewton second
ng/(24.h)nanogram per 24 hour
ng/(8.h)nanogram per 8 hour
ng/(8.h.kg)nanogram / 8 * hour * kilogram
ng/(kg.d)nanogram / kilogram * day
ng/(kg.h)nanogram / kilogram * hour
ng/(kg.min)nanogram / kilogram * minute
ng/10*6nanogram per million
ng/dnanogram per day
ng/dLnanogram per deciliter
ng/dL/hnanogram / deciliter / hour
ng/gnanogram per gram
ng/g{Cre}nanogram / gram Cre
ng/g{creat}nanogram per gram of creatinine
ng/hnanogram per hour
ng/kgnanogram per kilogram
ng/kg/(8.h)nanogram per kilogram per 8 hour
ng/kg/hnanogram per kilogram per hour
ng/kg/minnanogram per kilogram per minute
ng/Lnanogram per liter
ng/m2nanogram per square meter
ng/mgnanogram per milligram
ng/mg/hnanogram per milligram per hour
ng/mg{Protein}nanogram / milligram Protein
ng/minnanogram per minute
ng/mLnanogram per millliiter
ng/mL/hnanogram per milliliter per hour
ng/mL{rbc}nanogram / milliliter rbc
ng/snanogram per second
nm/s/Lnanometer per second per liter
nmol/(24.h)nanomole per 24 hour
nmol/dnanomole per day
nmol/dLnanomole per deciliter
nmol/gnanomole per gram
nmol/g{Cre}nanomole / gram Cre
nmol/g{creat}nanomole per gram of creatinine
nmol/g{dry_wt}nanomole per gram of dry weight
nmol/h/Lnanomole per hour per liter
nmol/h/mg{protein}nanomole per hour per milligram of protein
nmol/h/mLnanomole per hour per milliliter
nmol/Lnanomole per liter
nmol/L/mmol{creat}nanomole per liter per millimole of creatinine
nmol/L/snanomole per liter per second
nmol/L{RBCs}nanomole per liter of red blood cells
nmol/m/mg{protein}nanomole per meter per milligram of protein
nmol/mgnanomole per milligram
nmol/mg/hnanomole per milligram per hour
nmol/min/mg{hemoglobin}nanomole per minute per milligram of hemoglobin
nmol/min/mg{protein}nanomole per minute per milligram of protein
nmol/min/mLnanomole per minute per milliliter
nmol/mLnanomole per milliliter
nmol/mL/hnanomole per milliliter per hour
nmol/mL/minnanomole per milliliter per minute
nmol/mmolnanomole per millimole
nmol/mmol{Cre}nanomole / millimole Cre
nmol/mmol{creat}nanomole per millimole of creatinine
nmol/molnanomole per mole
nmol/nmolnanomole per nanomole
nmol/snanomole per second
nmol/s/Lnanomole per second per liter
nmol/umol{creat}nanomole per micromole of creatinine
osm/kgosmole per kilogram
osm/Losmole per liter
pg/dLpicogram per deciliter
pg/Lpicogram per liter
pg/mgpicogram per milligram
pg/mLpicogram per milliliter
pg/mmpicogram per millimeter
pmol/dpicomole per day
pmol/dLpicomole per deciliter
pmol/gpicomole per gram
pmol/h/mg{protein}picomole per hour per milligram of protein
pmol/h/mLpicomole per hour per milliliter
pmol/Lpicomole per liter
pmol/mg{protein}picomole per milligram of protein
pmol/minpicomole per minute
pmol/min/mg{protein}picomole per minute per milligram of protein
pmol/mLpicomole per milliliter
pmol/mmolpicomole per millimole
pmol/mmol{creat}picomole per millimole of creatinine
pmol/molpicomole per mole
pmol/umolpicomole per micromole
pmol/umol{creat}picomole per micromole of creatinine
Uenzyme Unit
U/(1.h)enzyme Unit per 1 hour
U/(12.h)enzyme unit per 12 hour
U/(18.h)enzyme Unit per 18 hour
U/(2.h)enzyme unit per 2 hour
U/(24.h)enzyme unit per 24 hour
U/10*10{cells}enzyme unit per 10 billion cells
U/10*12enzyme unit per trillion
U/10*6enzyme unit per million
U/10*9enzyme unit per billion
U/denzyme unit per day
U/dLenzyme unit per deciliter
U/genzyme unit per gram
U/g{Cre}Unit / gram Cre
U/g{Hb}enzyme unit per gram of hemoglobin
U/g{hemoglobin}enzyme Unit per gram of hemoglobin
U/henzyme unit per hour
U/kg/hUnit / kilogram / hour
U/kg{Hb}enzyme unit per kilogram of hemoglobin
U/kg{hemoglobin}enzyme Unit per kilogram of hemoglobin
U/Lenzyme unit per liter
U/minenzyme unit per minute
U/mLenzyme unit per milliliter
U/mL{RBC}Unit / milliliter RBC
U/mL{RBCs}enzyme unit per milliliter of red blood cells
U/mmol{creat}enzyme unit per millimole of creatinine
U/molenzyme Unit per mole
U/senzyme unit per second
U/umolenzyme Unit per micromole
u[IU]micro international unit
u[IU]/Lmicrointernational unit per liter
u[IU]/mLmicro international unit per milliliter
ueq/Lmicroequivalent per liter
ueq/mLmicroequivalent per milliliter
ug/(24.h)microgram per 24 hour
ug/(8.h)microgram per 8 hour
ug/(kg.d)microgram / kilogram * day
ug/(kg.h)microgram / kilogram * hour
ug/{Specimen}microgram / Specimen
ug/dmicrogram per day
ug/dLmicrogram per deciliter
ug/dL{rbc}microgram / deciliter rbc
ug/gmicrogram per gram
ug/g{Cre}microgram / gram Cre
ug/g{creat}microgram per gram of creatinine
ug/g{DryWeight}microgram / gram DryWeight
ug/g{Hgb}microgram / gram Hgb
ug/g{Tissue}microgram / gram Tissue
ug/hmicrogram per hour
ug/kgmicrogram per kilogram
ug/kg/(8.h)microgram per kilogram per 8 hour
ug/kg/dmicrogram per kilogram per day
ug/kg/hmicrogram per kilogram per hour
ug/kg/minmicrogram per kilogram per minute
ug/Lmicrogram per liter
ug/L/(24.h)microgram per liter per 24 hour
ug/L{DDU}microgram / liter DDU
ug/m2microgram per square meter
ug/mgmicrogram per milligram
ug/mg{Cre}microgram / milligram Cre
ug/mg{creat}microgram per milligram of creatinine
ug/minmicrogram per minute
ug/mLmicrogram per milliliter
ug/mL{FEU}microgram / milliliter FEU
ug/mmolmicrogram per millimole
ug/ngmicrogram per nanogram
ug{T4}/dLmicrogram T4 / deciliter
uL/(2.h)microliter per 2 hour
uL/hmicroliter per hour
um/smicrometer per second
umol/(24.h)micromole per 24 hour
umol/dmicromole per day
umol/dLmicromole per deciliter
umol/gmicromole per gram
umol/g{Cre}micromole / gram Cre
umol/g{creat}micromole per gram of creatinine
umol/g{Hb}micromole per gram of hemoglobin
umol/g{hemoglobin}micromole per gram of hemoglobin
umol/g{Hgb}micromole / gram Hgb
umol/hmicromole per hour
umol/h/gmicromole / hour / gram
umol/h/Lmicromole per hour per liter
umol/h/mg{protein}micromole per hour per milligram of protein
umol/kgmicromole per kilogram
umol/Lmicromole per liter
umol/L/hmicromole per liter per hour
umol/L{rbc}micromole per liter of red blood cells
umol/mmicromole / meter
umol/mgmicromole per milligram
umol/mg{Cre}micromole / milligram Cre
umol/minmicromole per minute
umol/min/gmicromole per minute per gram
umol/min/g{prot}micromole / minute / gram prot
umol/min/g{protein}micromole per minute per gram of protein
umol/min/Lmicromole per minute per liter
umol/mLmicromole per milliliter
umol/mL/minmicromole per milliliter per minute
umol/mmolmicromole per millimole
umol/molmicromole per mole
umol/mol{Cre}micromole / mole Cre
umol/mol{creat}micromole per mole of creatinine
umol/mol{Hb}micromole per mole of hemoglobin
umol/umolmicromole per micromole
uU/gmicro enzyme unit per gram
uU/Lmicro enzyme unit per liter
uU/mLmicro enzyme unit per milliliter
10.uN.s/(cm5.m2)10 micronewton second per centimeter to the fifth power per square meter
10*4/uL10 thousand per microliter
24.h24 hour
{ARU}aspirin response unit
atmstandard atmosphere
ag/{cell}attogram per cell
{binding_index}binding index
[bdsk'U]Bodansky unit
{CAG_repeats}CAG trinucleotide repeats
cm[H2O]/s/mcentimeter of water per second per meter
{delta_OD}change in (delta) optical density
{CPM}counts per minute
{CPM}/10*3{cell}counts per minute per thousand cells
daL/mindekaliter per minute
daL/min/m2dekaliter per minute per square meter
dyn.s/cmdyne second per centimeter
dyn.s/(cm.m2)dyne second per centimeter per square meter
{EIA_index}EIA index
{EIA_titer}EIA titer
{EV}EIA value
U/10enzyme unit per 10
U/10*10enzyme unit per 10 billion
U/(10.g){feces}enzyme unit per 10 gram of feces
U/g{creat}enzyme unit per gram of creatinine
U/g{protein}enzyme unit per gram of protein
U{25Cel}/Lenzyme unit per liter at 25 deg Celsius
U{37Cel}/Lenzyme unit per liter at 37 deg Celsius
U/10*12{RBCs}enzyme unit per trillion red blood cells
fmol/mg{cytosol_protein}femtomole per milligram of cytosol protein
fmol/mg{protein}femtomole per milligram of protein
{FIU}fluorescent intensity unit
{GAA_repeats}GAA trinucleotide repeats
{genomes}/mLgenomes per milliliter
{Globules}/[HPF]globules (drops) per high power field
g.m/{beat}gram meter per heart beat
g{creat}gram of creatinine
g{Hb}gram of hemoglobin
g{total_nit}gram of total nitrogen
g{total_prot}gram of total protein
g{wet_tissue}gram of wet tissue
g/kg/(8.h)gram per kilogram per 8 hour
g/(8.h){shift}gram per 8 hour shift
g/cm3gram per cubic centimeter
g/g{globulin}gram per gram of globulin
g/kg/(8.h){shift}gram per kilogram per 8 hour shift
g/kg/hgram per kilogram per hour
g/kg/mingram per kilogram per minute
g/mol{creat}gram per mole of creatinine
g/{specimen}gram per specimen
g/{total_output}gram per total output
g/{total_weight}gram per total weight
{beats}/minheart beats per minute
[HPF]high power field
[GPL'U]/mLIgG anticardiolipin unit per milliliter**
{GPS'U}IgG antiphosphatidylserine unit
[MPL'U]/mLIgM anticardiolipin unit per milliliter**
{ISR}immune status ratio
{IFA_index}immunofluorescence assay index
{IFA_titer}Immunofluorescence assay titer
[in_i'H2O]inch (international) of water
{index_val}index value
{HA_titer}influenza hemagglutination titer
[IU]international unit
[IU]/L{37Cel}international unit per liter at 37 degrees Celsius
[IU]/mg{creat}international unit per milligram of creatinine
kUkilo enzyme unit
kU/L{class}kilo enzyme unit per liter class
kcal/dkilocalorie per day
kcal/kg/(24.h)kilocalorie per kilogram per 24 hour
kcal/[oz_av]kilocalorie per ounce (US & British)
[ka'U]King Armstrong unit
L/(24.h)liter per 24 hour
L/s/s2liter per second per square second
{Log_copies}/mLlog (base 10) copies per milliliter
{Log_IU}log (base 10) international unit
{Log_IU}/mLlog (base 10) international unit per milliliter
{Log}log base 10
[LPF]low power field
lm.m2lumen square meter
{Lyme_index_value}Lyme index value
[mclg'U]Mac Lagan unit
ug/g{feces}microgram per gram of feces
ug{FEU}/mLmicrogram fibrinogen equivalent unit per milliliter
ug/(100.g)microgram per 100 gram
ug/m3microgram per cubic meter
ug/dL{RBCs}microgram per deciliter of red blood cells
ug/g{dry_tissue}microgram per gram of dry tissue
ug/g{dry_wt}microgram per gram of dry weight
ug/g{hair}microgram per gram of hair
ug/g{Hb}microgram per gram of hemoglobin
ug/g{tissue}microgram per gram of tissue
ug/L{RBCs}microgram per liter of red blood cells
ug/mL{class}microgram per milliliter class
ug/mL{eqv}microgram per milliliter equivalent
ug/mmol{creat}microgram per millimole of creatinine
ug/{specimen}microgram per specimen
ug/[sft_i]microgram per square foot (international)
umol{BCE}/molmicromole bone collagen equivalent per mole
umol/(2.h)micromole per 2 hour
umol/(8.h)micromole per 8 hour
umol/dL{GF}micromole per deciliter of glomerular filtrate
umol/kg{feces}micromole per kilogram of feces
umol/L{RBCs}micromole per liter of red blood cells
umol/umol{creat}micromole per micromole of creatinine
umol/mg{creat}micromole per milligram of creatinine
umol/mmol{creat}micromole per millimole of creatinine
umol/min/g{mucosa}micromole per minute per gram of mucosa
mU/mmol{creat}milli enzyme unit per millimole of creatinine
mU/g{Hb}milli enzyme unit per gram of hemoglobin
mU/g{protein}milli enzyme unit per gram of protein

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
Source The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
Display The display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
Comments Additional notes about how to use the code


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