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Defining URL:http://terminology.hl7.org/ValueSet/v2-0488

Concepts to document procedures or processes by which a specimen may be collected. This is one of two code systems that are used instead of table 0070 (code system xxxx) which conflated specimen types and specimen collection methods. Used in Version 2 messaging in the SPM segment.

Publisher:HL7, Inc
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.21.328 (for OID based terminology systems)

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This value set is not used

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This value set contains 42 concepts

Expansion based on specimenCollectionMethod v2.1.0 (CodeSystem)

All codes from system http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v2-0488

FNAAspiration, Fine NeedleAspiration, Fine Needle
PNAArterial punctureArterial puncture
BCAEBlood Culture, Aerobic BottleBlood Culture, Aerobic Bottle
BCANBlood Culture, Anaerobic BottleBlood Culture, Anaerobic Bottle
BCPDBlood Culture, Pediatric BottleBlood Culture, Pediatric Bottle
CAPCapillary SpecimenCapillary Specimen
EPLAEnvironmental, PlateEnvironmental, Plate
ESWAEnvironmental, SwabEnvironmental, Swab
LNALine, ArterialLine, Arterial
LNVLine, VenousLine, Venous
MARTLMartin-Lewis AgarMartin-Lewis Agar
ML11Mod. Martin-Lewis AgarMod. Martin-Lewis Agar
PACEPace, Gen-ProbePace, Gen-Probe
PINPinworm PrepPinworm Prep
KOFFPPlate, CoughPlate, Cough
MLPPlate, Martin-LewisPlate, Martin-Lewis
NYPPlate, New York CityPlate, New York City
TMPPlate, Thayer-MartinPlate, Thayer-Martin
ANPPlates, AnaerobicPlates, Anaerobic
BAPPlates, Blood AgarPlates, Blood Agar
PRIMEPump PrimePump Prime
PUMPPump SpecimenPump Specimen
QC5Quality Control For MicroQuality Control For Micro
SCLPScalp, Fetal VeinScalp, Fetal Vein
SWDSwab, Dacron tippedSwab, Dacron tipped
WOODSwab, Wooden ShaftSwab, Wooden Shaft
TMOTTransport Media,Transport Media,
TMANTransport Media, AnaerobicTransport Media, Anaerobic
TMCHTransport Media, ChalamydiaTransport Media, Chalamydia
TMM4Transport Media, M4Transport Media, M4
TMMYTransport Media, MycoplasmaTransport Media, Mycoplasma
TMPVTransport Media, PVATransport Media, PVA
TMSCTransport Media, Stool CultureTransport Media, Stool Culture
TMUPTransport Media, UreaplasmaTransport Media, Ureaplasma
TMVITransport Media, ViralTransport Media, Viral

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