HL7 Unified Terminology


This is the main entry page for the new HL7 Terminology. This page is still under construction, and will change frequently.

PLEASE NOTE: This page is being used to develop and debug the UTG system and publication processes. The HL7 Terminology releases and downloadable/browsable content accessible through these pages are NOT HL7 releases, they are for illustrative and development purposes only!

General Information

HL7 is in the process of unifying the governance of the terminology artifacts used and referenced in its published standards. One goal of this effort is to provide a single entry point for the user community to access all of the HL7 terminology artifacts in a common browsing and downloadable format. The links on this page will direct you to the terminology content maintained and published by HL7.

Browsable Terminology

These are the pages listing the HL7 Code Systems and Value Sets. The links on these pages will access the same content pages as the canonical URIs of the terminology objects themselves. These reference the most recent release of the HL7 terminology.

Note that for the convenience of HL7 users, copies of a number of other organizations' terminology objects (code systems and value sets) are made available by HL7 by permission so that they may be browsed and downloaded from these pages along with the HL7 maintained terminology objects. Please be aware that HL7 makes no guarantee that these convenience copies are 100% up-to-date with the most recent releases from the external organiations maintaning and publishing them. To be assured of the most recent versions of these, please visit the web pages of the organizations publishing these terminology objects. For information on the official statements of permissions for redistribution, URLs for access, and how to request changes or updates to these objects, see the HTA External Terminologies page at External Terminologies Information.

Published Releases of HL7 Terminology

The table below provides a list of the releases of the HL7 Terminology that are available. It is organized by product family, with the entries up on top being the full set across all product families. The only link that has theterminology being developed for the initial releases of UTG is the "current"; the other links and pages are for demonstration purposes only.

Date Version Download Link Description
Current Versions
(current) (last commit of UTG updates) Download Current Development build (from last set of applied changes, not yet packaged as a labeled release, May change frequently), and may be used for reference context for new change proposals.
Sep 29, 2018 1.0 Download Current Official Released Full Set of all Terminology
Jan 11, 2019 1.0 Download Current Official Released Full Set of all Terminology
Version 3 Set (coremif)
Sep 29, 2018 1.0 Download Code Systems and Value Sets for the Version 3 product family. Includes released coremifs.
Version 2 Releases (tables and supporting terminology)
Sep 29, 2018 1.01 Download Code Systems, and Value Sets for the Version 2 product family. Includes human readable table rendering in the V2.x ballot Chapter 2C format.
FHIR Terminology (maintained outside of the FHIR ballot)
Sep 29, 2018 1.01 Download Code Systems and Value Sets used in the FHIR product family that are maintained in UTG rather than in FHIR.
CDA Implementation Guide Supporting Terminology
Sep 29, 2018 1.0 Download Subset of HL7 terminology referenced by the CDA Implamentation Guides that is maintaned, balloted, and published by HL7 with the UTG environment.
Releases of Unified Terminologies
Sep 29, 2018 1.0 Download Release of Terminology Content that has been Unified across all HL7 Product Lines
Other Releases for Special Purposes
Sep 29, 2018 1.0 Download Special release for testing and prototype generation